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RoyalSurf Overhauls Site Design, Provides Better Incentives

December 20th, 2007

The medieval-themed traffic exchange Royal Surf has recently made major changes to the design of its site. The program owners have also added various surfing and referring incentives in order to make membership here a little more interesting. Six weeks ago, the program revamped its jousting game to make it more like a mini-RPG (role playing game), complete with strength bonuses and boss monsters.


The new design changes make the site look a little more “medievalish” than before, but what seems more enticing are the additional rewards. There is now a small cash bonus for surfing 1000 or more sites in a day as well as cash bonuses for direct referrals. There are also many more opportunities for winning awards from random drawings, even for members who do not surf large numbers of pages or win many of the regular quests. The actual details of the recent changes are spelled out below:

Season’s Greetings Karl,

The King and I want to take just a few moments to wish you and your family the very best of Holidays Wishes and thoughts! We thank you for being a loyal member of RoyalSurf, and look forward to a very prosperous New Year for all of us!

We also want to let you know about the new and exciting happenings at RoyalSurf. So here goes:

1) The King has arranged for a whole new site design for RoyalSurf. We hope you like it and we welcome your comments. There are also new banners available for promotion, which you will find by clicking the Promote Us button in our members area.

2) We are about to launch a major new advertising campaign, with some awesome options and rewards for our members. First and foremost is the massive Referral Contest that begins on 21 December and runs through 31 January 2008. First Place Referrer will receive $50, Second Place will receive $20, Third Place will receive $10, Fourth through Tenth Places will receive $5 and Eleventh through Twentieth Places will receive $1 each.

Plus, when a new member joins your direct downline and surfs 200 pages within the first 24 hours after joining, he or she will receive $1 cash in his or her RoyalSurf account, and you will receive $0.50 in your account! Your new member must email spt@royalsurf.com to claim this within the 24 hour window. It should be noted that this is a limited time offer good only during this special one-time event.

3) All Citizens, upgraded or not, can earn $0.50 daily by surfing 1,000 pages in a single day.

4) The King has decreed that there will be a daily drawing from amongst those who successfully complete a Quest each day. One person will be drawn, at random, to receive from $2 to $10 added to your RoyalSurf account! Once your Quest is complete, you need to email me so I can check that and put your name in the drawing for the day. spt(at)royalsurf.com

5) The King has also decreed that there will be a daily drawing for those Citizens who surf on the day of the drawing. So be sure to login and surf a few pages daily so you qualify for that! Prizes will be chosen randomly. You could receive an upgrade, Royal Coins, a credit package or CASH!

6) For all Citizens, upgraded or not, you will find that you can now earn Cash Incentives for the purchases and upgrades made by your direct downline members.

7) All Citizens will continue to earn additional credits for downline members’ surfing activity… five levels deep!

8) Our Site of the Week is available for $40 per week. You can book those through the member’s area under the link “Buy Credits”. :-)

9) Our King has arranged it so that no site will be in rotation unless the Citizen has the correct percentage of auto-assignment ratio in place on his or her account, and the site still must have credits assigned to it. This will mean that there will be a better traffic flow and delivery and there will be a larger variety of sites for you to view and consider for action on your part. :-) It also means that you need to ensure that your auto-assign ratio is correct for your membership level and you need to make sure you have credits assigned to your site(s) in order for them to be seen.

Also make sure that you have assigned banner and text link impressions. You know, those can be an excellent way to advertise. I do hear from Citizens referencing those links. So they ARE important to your efforts. :-)

10) Sometimes, like right now, His Majesty will raise the values of the Bronze Coins in the Quests. For instance, presently, he has doubled the normal value from 5 credits to 10 credits each. And it is rumored that the king has even made arrangements to include more magical items that can be found on all of your Quests!

Holiday Presents: There will be a random drawing for Christmas Day (25 December). Ten active members will be chosen to receive a gift of either an upgrade, Royal Coins, credit packages or Cash! Another drawing will occur for New Years Day (01 January 2008) for five active members to receive the same kinds of gifts! So make sure that you have actively surfed on or about those two days, especially, to qualify for those gifts. This is just another way that the King and I are thanking you for being a loyal and supportive RoyalSurfer!

Whew! I think I covered everything here.

Just one more thing: expect to receive updates from us a couple of times a week to let you know who won in the daily drawings, to tell you about other fun happenings, and to give you statistics about the referral contest. Make sure that you login, check your sites/banners/text links and be certain to assign credits and impressions to all of them. We’ve had an influx of new members as it is, and we expect to have even more with these new features and options that the King has provided!

If you are going to be traveling this Holiday Season, the King and I would like to remind you to buckle up. Enjoy your celebrations and come back to us safely!

Again, our warmest regards for this Holiday Season. And, as always, we are available to help you should you require it. We also welcome feedback, suggestions, and testimonials. Just use the Contact Request form onsite and one of use will get back to as quickly as we can.

Other than the drawings that will occur for 25 December, I will be taking that Tuesday and Wednesday - the 26th - off to celebrate with my family. I will check for any emergencies that may arise, but I will not handle other contact requests or issues those two days. So please keep that in mind, when contacting us those two days.

Best Wishes,
Catherine “Lady Cat” Heiter, Admin

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