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Ron Paul Continues Fundraising Success, Picks Up Media Coverage

December 22nd, 2007

ron-paul-campaign.jpgEven after the Tea Party ‘07 event, Ron Paul’s fundraising success has continued, surpassing $18.5 million this weekend for the fourth quarter of 2007 according to the official campaign website. Interestingly, after almost completely ignoring Ron Paul for most of the campaign season leading up to the primaries, the mainstream media is beginning to take notice.

A few days ago, CNN published a front page article on Ron Paul’s fundraising efforts and campaign progress. It was relatively unbiased and surprisingly devoid of the condescending tone that I have become accustomed to reading in most media mentions of him. The only potential downside to the article was actually addressed in its content by the candidate himself; he mentioned that unfortunately, the media seemed to be focusing so much of their attention on the campaign’s monetary intake rather than the importance of its message. Frankly, I couldn’t agree more, but for a mainstream media outlet, this still represents encouraging progress.

Meanwhile, Andrew Sullivan of The Atlantic magazine has written an article in which he endorses Ron Paul for the Republican nomination. He correctly points out that Paul is the only candidate in the field who not only understands the principles of smaller government and less interventionism but also consistently supports them.

Finally, John Derbyshire over at National Review Online has also come around and endorsed Paul, albeit not without some initial support for Giuliani. When reading the article, you may want to skim through the first half of it until you get down to the little line of asterisks; prior to this point, the author tends to ramble on about other subjects involving Vice Presidential duties and perks, but eventually manages to get back to the topic and tie in the previous points with the Ron Paul campaign. He ultimately makes a good case for supporting Paul not so much on the individual issue positions, but based on the fact that his honesty and sincerity would enable him to avoid corruption and implement policies that would encourage a more open and accountable federal government.

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