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VisionBedding.com Offers Custom Photo, Sports Bedding Options

December 23rd, 2007

Today I discovered a new site called VisionBedding.com that offers an interesting type of personalized gift service. The company specializes in making various kinds of bedding materials and then customizing them with your favorite photo images dyed into the fabric. This allows you to order specially designed bedding products such as photo blankets, photo pillows, photo duvets, and even photo dog beds. It is also possible to create your own digital images with programs such as PhotoShop and use these to make your own original bedding design.

Most of the bedding products are made from a combination of very soft micro-suede fabric and polar fleece. They can be cleaned with a regular washing machine and dryer; Vision Bedding recommends using a gentle cycle for washing and a low heat setting for drying. The colors of the dyes should not fade with washing any more than they would with normal clothing.

In addition to the customized photo options, you can also choose from several different pre-existing designs such as these from their Sports Bedding section:

sports-bedding-racing.jpg sports-bedding-basketball.jpg sports-bedding-soccer.jpg sports-bedding-surfing.jpg sports-bedding-motocross.jpg

Overall, there are over 500 different styles and themes to choose from. Vision Bedding can also create custom styles for you upon request.

The concept of customized bedding is an interesting one because I have never seen this kind of product offered in regular stores before. This gives VisionBedding.com an advantage over most other retail bedding outlets because they can offer a specialized service and create a unique product for each individual customer. Therefore, if you are in the market for bedding materials and would like to buy something special that no one else is likely to own, VisionBedding.com may be a good place to start.

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