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RoyalSurf Awards Random Upgrades

December 28th, 2007

Although I wasn’t really planning on doing another program update, it seems that I have received an unexpected random upgrade award from Royal Surf today, so I might as well take the opportunity to celebrate and let you catch up on the latest news:

Greetings Karl,

Before we get started, you might want to grab something to drink…and maybe even a snack. This is gonna be a long one. Go ahead, I’ll still be here when you get back. :-)

All set with beverage and yummies? Didja grab some leftover turkey or ham? Ok. Let’s get started!


The first thing I want to give you is the recipients of the Christmas Day gifts:

User ID Gift
234 6 months as a Royal Squire
304 3 months as a Royal Squire
6007 3 months as a Royal Knight
79 6 months as a Royal Knight
2459 $15 Cash added to your RoyalSurf account
2469 $10 Cash added to your RoyalSurf account
8331 5000 Credits added to your account
471 2500 Credits added to your account
537 15 Royal Coins
467 10 Royal Coins

Thank you all for being loyal members of RoyalSurf. The King and I hope that these little gifts will show our appreciation to you. Your gifts have been added to your accounts. :-)

Next up on the list - The daily awards given randomly to those members who successfully completed a Quest:

Date Winner Prize (in Cash)
20 Dec. 2809 $10
21 Dec. 4583 4
22 Dec. 4302 3
23 Dec. 8081 4
24 Dec. 2717 7
25 Dec. 3015 4
26 Dec. 467 5
27 Dec. 4351 8

Congratulations to each of you. I have added your cash winnings to your accounts. Keep on successfully completing those Quests and letting me know, so that I can confirm and enter you in the daily drawings.

And last, but by no means least - the winners of the daily drawings this past week:

Date Winner
21 Dec. 2857 9 Months Upgrade to Royal Squire (Award Tripled, at your Sorceress’ discretion - with the King’s blessings, of course)
22 Dec. 5942 $2 Cash
23 Dec. 7504 2000 Credits
24 Dec. 2846 4 Royal Coins
25 Dec. 8487 $4 Cash
26 Dec. 6777 1000 Credits
27 Dec. 4620 4 Royal Coins

Congratulations. Your winnings have been added to your accounts. These names are drawn from those members who surf each day. So keep on logging in and surfing to ensure your name is entered into the drawing. All daily active members qualify for the drawing, simply by surfing each day. :-)

Thus far, we have given away over $600 in gifts and prizes…and this is just the first week. And that figure does not include what I have given to the new members who surfed 200 pages within their first 24 hours as members, nor what I have given their upline sponsors! I do enjoy adding that cash to members’ accounts. :-D

So keep encouraging new folks to join us, and remind them to let me know when they have surfed that 200 within the first 24 hours. There is a note in the Member’s Area to tell them, as well. Check your cash in your member’s area to see if I have added anything for YOU! I’m up-to-date on all awards and prizes through yesterday. :-)

Ok. Now, just a quick note about the member’s area and some of the functions there. I’ve gotten a report from one of our Loyal Members (thank you, Su) that there are some things out of whack. I have checked and, sure enough, our Royal Coins are not currently showing. I understand that there are some other problems, as well. I will report these to the King so he can have the Royal Programmer fix them as quickly as possible. Please bear with us, as His Majesty and the Royal Family are going to be on the road this weekend returning to their Castle from their Holiday. It may take until early next week to get these issues resolved.

Just a reminder: surf 1000 pages in one day, watch for the special link that comes up and have $.50 added to your account for you when you click on that link. :-)

And don’t forget that the King has put in some new promotional tools for us to use to invite others to join us. Check those out under “Promote Us” in our member’s area.

Ok. I will wrap this up and send it out. Please take a few moments to check your sites, banners and text links when you login. Make certain you have credits and impressions assigned to those, as needed, to keep them in rotation. And if you need any assistance, as always, the King and I are just a contact request or email away.

Happy New Year,
Catherine “Lady Cat” Heiter, Admin

At first, I did not know that I had won anything until I got down to the “daily drawings” section and saw a user number that looked vaguely familiar. After I looked at my referral link I realized that this user number was mine. Apparently I won nine months of a Royal Squire upgrade, and after logging into my account, I confirmed that I had indeed been upgraded. I’m not sure what the “award tripled” part was about, but I’ll take it- nine months is long enough to build up a pretty favorable traffic credit ratio, and I even got 600 free credits upon logging in earlier today.

The funny thing about this is that I haven’t been surfing at this program very much lately, so I really wasn’t expecting to win anything. I should probably be a little more consistently active here now that I have the upgrade, however. This will give me the chance to build up some serious traffic potential over time, and if I can manage to win another upgrade and get to the next level (Royal Knight), I could receive random referrals in addition to the credit and ratio bonuses.

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