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Stupid in America: More Funny Videos

December 29th, 2007

After looking through my search query stats earlier today, I noticed that some of you are finally managing to find my post from July titled “Are Americans Stupid?“. It included some funny videos that highlighted the stunning ignorance of many Americans about subjects such as basic geography and current events. While looking through some of the search results pages from related keywords, I ran across some other humorous videos featuring various displays of stupidity or ignorance. After having a few hours of good laughs while auditioning several clips, I have selected a few of the better ones to share with you here.

This first video is somewhat of a continuation of the ones in my previous post, and was actually produced by the same “CNNNN” parody network. In this episode, an Australian reporter manages to convince some Americans that several well-known landmarks from around the world are actually located in Australia, and even has them making vacation plans to visit all of the “real” landmarks that are secretly in Australia as opposed to the “replicas” located elsewhere.

Next we have a collage of short clips compiled from other websites that feature people engaged in apparent acts of stupidity. Not all of these are things that I would necessarily put into the “stupidity” category - a few of them look more like unfortunate accidents or cases of people getting a little feisty during sporting events. However, most of them would probably still qualify because many of these stunts are unnecessarily dangerous and often involve poor judgement on the part of the actors.

This next little zinger is probably the funniest of the lot, or at least it was for me. It is an excerpt from a game show called “Are you smarter than a fifth grader?” and features a mind-numbing combination of geographical ignorance, redneck accents, and somewhat sexist commentary that will probably serve as an embarrassment to most well-educated Americans. The video seems to have become popular with the various social bookmarking sites and now has a whopping 13,000+ comments on YouTube.

As one of the commentators mentioned, what is really scary about this is the thought of people like our “dumb blonde” contestant here actually voting or having any kind of significant influence in our political process. While I would normally oppose educational testing requirements for voting as being overly elitist, people like this seem to make a pretty good case for the establishment of some type of minimum knowledge threshold for political participation.

Finally, here is another one for the “stereotypical dumb blonde” category. Frankly, with people like this coming out of our educational system, I’m surprised that it’s only 20 percent of Americans who cannot even locate their own country on a world map!

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