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SEO Videos: Beginner Tips

December 30th, 2007

After having fun looking through some of the more humorous video clips on YouTube yesterday, I figured that I could also search this increasingly popular and rather addictive media channel for videos on more serious topics like search engine optimization. Although I have already written several articles about SEO on this blog (if you want to see them, just look for the “Categories” heading on the sidebar and click on “SEO Strategies”), I know that some of you don’t want to spend the time to read through a long article and seem to prefer the video format instead.

To that end, here is a nice little beginner’s overview of SEO in the form of a four minute television interview segment. The main speaker is Stephanie Leffler, the senior vice president of Network Solutions, and she does a pretty good job of discussing the basics of SEO, why it is important, and provides a few suggestions for beginners who want to increase the presence of their website in the search engines.

For a different perspective on SEO tips for beginners, Josh Spaulding uses one of his first websites as an example of some common mistakes that are made by people who do not know anything about SEO. If you happen to have a website with some of the “features” described in the following video, this will give you the opportunity to make the necessary corrections and perhaps improve your rankings.

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