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Basic SEO Video Tutorials: On Page and Link Building Factors

December 31st, 2007

As a continuation of my last post featuring SEO beginners tips videos, this next production by Aaron Wall gets into a little more detail about on-page factors. These include things happening on your web pages that you can actually control, unlike off-page factors which involve things that happen outside of your website and therefore cannot control directly. Video length is 7 minutes.

Meanwhile, this next video by James Harrison is about ten minutes long and provides some good tips for off-page SEO factors, specifically link building and how to find sites that would be useful for obtaining quality backlinks. He begins with Google’s webmaster guidelines and uses a combination of these and other tools such as FireFox plugins to create an efficient strategy for locating the right sites and getting relevant links back to your site that can significantly increase your traffic potential from Google and the other search engines.

For additional tips on getting more backlinks, you can also read my post on how to get free text links.

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