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Bettercaring.com Provides Information on Elderly Care Options

January 6th, 2008

bettercaring-logo.gifOne of the side effects of relatively high life expectancies found in most developed countries is that there are a greater number of people who may require some form of home care assistance as they reach the end of their natural life spans. If you or an elderly relative should find yourself in such a situation, Bettercaring.com can provide information on various assisted living options ranging from home care services at your current residence to locating suitable nursing homes should the need arise. The site also provides factsheets and links to advice on relevant funding options and financial assistance issues.

From a functional standpoint, the site is fairly simple and easy to navigate. There are three convenient text buttons (labeled with a T) in the upper right corner of the home page that allow you to increase the font size of the text for better readability. The top navigation bar is color-coded and links to the main areas of the site, including care information, the search function, and a discussion section. There is also a sitewide footer bar that leads to the more business-oriented pages of the site such as the contact page, privacy policy, and a link for Bedvacs customers that resolves to bettercaring.co.uk.

Directly under the top navigation bar, there is a quick search area on the home page that will allow you to locate available care homes within a certain radius of any UK town or postcode. For a more detailed search, you can use the “care search” section to define specific criteria such as the type of care provided, weekly fee limits, and the presence of a variety of features such as gardens, lifts, or easy access to public transportation. Meanwhile, the discussion section includes a community forum, news briefs, editorial comments, and personal stories from readers.

Overall, Bettercaring.com is a good resource of information on elderly care issues. The site is poised to become more interesting and informative over time as the community forum and blog sections continue to grow and accumulate more content. The only real disadvantage that I see with the site is that the search function and much of the discussion assumes that you are interested in care home options only within the UK (this includes England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland). If you are looking for elderly care options outside of the UK, the site can still serve as a decent resource hub, but you will probably need to look elsewhere for information on specific locations of elderly care homes in your area.

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