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Yet Another RoyalSurf Update

January 7th, 2008

Yes, they’re at it again. The Royal Surf owners have sent out several more updates since the last one that I posted here where I managed to win the free squire upgrade. I haven’t actually posted them all because I don’t want to overdo it with any single program, and there is always plenty of news on both the Internet marketing and Libertarian fronts that deserves coverage. But it’s hard to turn down the free content that conveniently arrives in my inbox, especially since my search engine checks reveal that no one else is publishing these updates so far (thus avoiding the duplication problem) and the RoyalSurf administrators themselves probably don’t mind the free advertising that they are receiving here.


This time there was apparently some sort of error that caused the cron job to run early, resulting in an accidental reset of the jousting quest stats for the current week. The program owners are compensating for this by increasing the bonus credits links and bronze coin awards that can be found during the quests. Meanwhile, the frequent updates and program tweaks seem to be working well for them in terms of increasing membership and delivering higher quality traffic. I should probably surf this exchange more frequently because the overall advertising potential here is on a definite upward trend, especially with all of the free upgrades and bonuses being awarded to active members.

Subject: RoyalSurf Joust game early reset: what happened?

Greetings Karl;

Many of you are noticing that our Joust tournament game has reset. This is resulting in your Strength being reset back to zero and all Quests being reset, just as if midnight Saturday had arrived.

Basically, somehow the cron job that executes the weekly run has been executed early. We aren’t sure how this occurred but we are investigating so that we can take steps to prevent it from happening again.

Other than the game resetting early, it functioned correctly and made correct and appropriate payouts in credits to our members. This in no way affects the game’s function and as far as play goes, it works 100% correctly still. The only thing that went wrong is that the file that resets everything has been run at the wrong time.

We apologize, but there is no way to return everything to the previous state. I know, for many of you who were in the middle of a quest this is frustrating, and believe me, it’s quite frustrating to us too.

To help make up for it, for the remainder of the day we are going to double the credits you receive on the bonus credits links that appear every 20 sites. And, the Bronze Coins have been doubled too.

Now on to more positive things…

I have some really great news that is just outstanding!

- We’ve passed 9,000 citizens and are well on our way to breaking 10k, maybe even before the end of January with your help!

- Traffic delivery and number of citizens surfing on a daily basis is at an all time high. Even with the recent surf limitations we imposed, our overall daily delivery of traffic consistently continues to grow well above where we were just 2 weeks ago.

What this means to you is that more people are viewing your sites and you need to keep up with assigning credits, because we are seriously moving traffic.

- Here’s yet another contest for you! If you love our new design, and our new splash pages and banners, you’ll love this contest too! The RoyalSurf design was created by Justin Ledvina of SharkStudio.com and our contest is for up to five professional graphics packages created exclusively by Justin, that he’s presently selling at the incredibly discounted price of $27 each.

It’s easy to qualify — Steps 1 - 2 - 3

1) Sign up for Justin’s F.REE graphics package from this link:


This will get you some cool graphics and you’ll be able to checkout the pro graphics package that Justin created himself.

2) Refer just 3 new RoyalSurf citizens starting from right now through 15 January.

3) When you get your 3 RoyalSurf referrals (they must be active meaning they have to have surfed at least 25 sites) email spt(at)royalsurf.com as follows:

a. Subject: Pro Graphics Contest
b. Include your RoyalSurf username
c. Include your referral ID for Justin’s free graphics package

We are still working on yet more contests and prizes for you so please keeping referring, surfing and playing. We have awesome things planned for you for the rest of this month, and we are making plans to keep things fun and exciting well beyond and throughout the year!

The focus of all of this is of course on bringing in more and more people, and increasing activity to ultimately deliver ever increasing results for our loyal citizens.

Along the lines of helping you achieve results we’d like to point you to Steve Ayling’s Residual Traffic System. It’s a complete traffic building systems for free.

Be sure to signup today and get yourself a ton of traffic, and learn how you too can give it away and earn traffic and cash commissions at the same time.

Thanks for your time and thank you very much for helping us make RoyalSurf the success it is!

Michael Kelly

UPDATE 1/19/08: Both RoyalSurf Admins sent out another mail today. Here is the latest news:

Greetings Karl,

We have a lot of ground to cover. In fact, I am seriously thinking about sending this out in two parts. lol. I will see how long it is by the time I finish typing everything in my trusty little Notepad program, and go from there. We do not want it so long that the Royal Messenger server boots it out. :-)

Before we get started, you really might want to consider grabbing the beverage of your choice, and possibly even a snack. This mailing is gonna be even bigger that my normal “novelette” that I send you. ;-) The King has asked that I include some extra Royal Notes this week.

Are you all set? Got that seat in a comfortable position? Let’s dance, RoyalSurf Style, then.

First things first: The Random Daily Drawings for this past week.

[seven user IDs with various prizes were listed here]

Congratulations to all of you. Your Royal Prizes have been added to your accounts.

Next up, the Brave Knights who successfully completed Quests each day and won Cash for their efforts:

[seven members’ user IDs listed here; amounts of cash ranged from $2 to $9]

Congratulations to all of you. I have added your Cash to your accounts. :-)

A new Contest for the Most New Referrals began on 17 January, and will run until 20 January. The prize for that one is $20. And the final Mini-Referral Contest begins on 25 January and runs until 29 January, with a nice little Cash prize of $25.

Keep in mind that the BIG Jackpot of $50 will go to the member with the most referrals overall for the period from 21 December to 31 January, inclusive. Second place will receive $20, Third will get $10, Fourth through Tenth Referrers will receive $5 each, and Referrers 11 to 20 will each receive $1. Here are the current statistics:

[1st through 20th place referrers were shown here]

There are 12 days left for this contest so it’s still open for all. Get those referral URL’s out there, and encourage folks to join us. Here is your referral URL: http://royalsurf.com/?rid=2857, or you can login to your account and grab the URL for some of those absolutely awesome splashes and banners that the King has so graciously provided for us under “Promote Us”.

We have enrolled 864 new members, at the time of this Royal Message, since 21 December 2007 - and we are averaging about 30 new members daily. This is good, but the King and I would really love to see our Royal Citizenry break the 10,000 mark. We are at 9300+ right now, so this means we need a little less than 700 more members between now and the end of the month. This means roughly 50 new members need to join each day. That seems daunting, but it is doable. ;-)

Now, here’s just a little more Royal Frosting for that Referral Cake:

Beginning 18 January, the King will be giving away 10 T-shirts from Ye Olde Royal Shoppe:


And there are some really kewl things about to happen for those members who win one, and submit a photo online wearing it out in public. :-) We will have a place set up to show the member’s picture, the link of the member’s choice and a short testimonial and contact info for the member. And we also plan to rotate photos of our members wearing their shirts, in an effort to help our members brand themselves online.

But that’s not all, anyone who sends in photos of themselves wearing Royal Apparel in public, will also be eligible for some special bargains and awards every month. One month it might be a special discount on credits, one month it might be extra Royal Coins on your purchases, one month it might just be an outright gift of credits or Royal Coins, etc. Every month we’ll do something special just for you for wearing Royal Apparel. These specials won’t be available to anyone else.

Okay, now how do you get one of these very valuable cool T-shirts? That’s the easy part.

The king wanted to make sure every Citizen has a chance to win so we are keeping it very easy and simple.

For EACH referral you successfully refer to RoyalSurf between right NOW and 31 January, you get ONE entry toward winning 1 of 10 of these cool t-shirts. For example: If you refer one new citizen you get one entry. Refer three new citizens get three entries. Refer five new citizens get five entries. And so on. There is no need for you to contact the King or I about this. We will keep up with the numbers, and the King himself will handle the drawing and distribution of the T-shirts.

At end of contest, your referral(s) must be active and have surfed a minimum of 50 sites in order for you to qualify for the drawing.

Whew! Is your head spinning yet? I think I am running out of notepad space with all of this. ;-)

And we’re not done yet. Need a break? Go ahead. I promise not to leave before you get back. :-D

Are you back? Cool. Let’s move right along.

We have one winner of the graphics package that the King offered to you. The contest for that ended on 15 January. The sole member who contacted me was:

Userid 467

Congratulations, Su. The King will contact you with the details on that package. :-)

Now, here is a little something from your Sorceress:

I recently ran across an absolutely awesome report that helped me to speed up and optimize my two-year-old computer. Since I receive a lot of contact requests for help with computer problems, I want to share this with you. Many of you are having problems with popups and programs trying to download junk to your computers. Well, this report that I found helps to stop a lot of that. The reports and results that I have gotten from implementing the steps that this report reveals just absolutely blew my mind! I thought I had the very best of protections in place, and that I was fully safe from the stuff out there on the Internet. Imagine my surprise when I found out that I was still vulnerable! I followed the steps in this report, and my computer now operates as well as it did the first day I took it out of the box and hooked it up!


This is NOT a giveaway report. But it is worth a whole lot more than the $9.97 that you will pay for it. Plus, if you are very new to the world of computers, there are videos available for purchase that will help walk you through the report. This is something that I very highly recommend to everyone who owns a computer that is getting a little older. The results are absolutely phenomenal! And the steps that the author walks you through are completely safe. As long as you follow the instructions, you will not need to worry about harming your computer. So be sure to grab your copy right now, and make your machine work like new again! Even if you are a “veteran” online, this report can make a world of difference in your computer’s performance. You can potentially save yourself a lot of costly computer repairs, or even the necessity of having to replace your computer!

Just a little more, and I think we will have covered everything for this update. :-)

To date, the King has given away a shipload of prizes, gifts and Cash. I believe that the amount in monetary value is in excess of $1300 at this point. The smallest prize given has been $1 Royal Coins, the largest has been 6 months as a Royal Knight - valued at a retail of $107.82. And he is not through yet. We look to give away a few hundred dollars more in cash and prizes between now and the end of this month. And we are working on more ideas and plans to keep RoyalSurf dynamic for you. Our goal is to provide you with the very best service that we can, and to help you with your advertising efforts so that you can be more successful in online business. We truly hope that we are well on our way to accomplishing this. :-)

Here are a couple of notes to help you with your RoyalSurf account:

1) Surf the maximum of pages daily for your membership level, and you can earn up to $1 per day. The system is set up to provide you with two links daily on the surfbar that, when clicked, will automatically add $.50 to your cash account. Those will appear at page views 401 and 802. So watch for them and grab your cash!

2) If you have a new member join under you, and that member surfs 200 pages within his or her first 24 hours - and emails me so that I can verify this - not only does he or she get $1 cash added to his or her account, but for the duration of the current Referral Contest campaign, you get $1 on your own cash balance for each of your downline members who accomplish this!

3) If you have cash, and have reached the $15 minimum payout requirement, you can request that the King issue a payout to you. Once you have reached the minimum, you should be able to click on the link at the top of the “Convert Credits” page to request that. :-)

You can login to RoyalSurf via this link: http://royalsurf.com/

So take a few moments to check your URL’s for the sites, banners and text links. The menu on the lefthand side of the screen, after you login, will help you navigate. If you are a new member, please go ahead and explore those links to familiarize yourself with RoyalSurf. There are a lot of awesome tools available for you to use in your promotional efforts. :-)

As always, the King and I are simply a contact request or email away. If you need assistance, want to make a suggestion, or just want to say “Hello”, we welcome your contact.

Best Regards,
Catherine “Sorceress Cat” Heiter, Admin
Michael “King Michael” Kelly, Owner/Admin

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