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AdBux Releases Brief January Newsletter

January 8th, 2008

The original AdBux program released its newsletter for January today. It is fairly short content-wise, but it does contain some interesting tidbits about upcoming features. They are looking at adding a cash rebate shopping program to include in the already successful AdBux offers section that I reported on back in October. Also in the pipeline is support for AlertPay and MoneyBookers payment options; the program currently does payouts via PayPal.


Meanwhile, I can now confirm that the offers are crediting properly and being added to our earnings balances. I have had four such offers that have gone through the 32-day waiting period and have been successfully credited. I have also had two recent offers completed by referrals, which has added another 38 cents to my pending balance.

There never seems to be any shortage of available offers either. When I logged in this morning, there were 232 of them waiting. Not all of them were really feasible for me to do because they required credit cards or some type of hassle that would mean having to cancel memberships in order to avoid recurring billing, but there were still plenty of completely free offers there that were relatively quick and easy.

January 2008

Updates & Announcements

December was one of our biggest months, the payout is at over $40,000 with over 60,000 new registrations. The Cashback Shopping program is almost complete, we’re anticipating it will be ready by the end of this month. The AdBux team is diligently working on new methods of getting payouts on time for this year and we hope to introduce AlertPay and MoneyBookers soon. A lot of you have also asked about the status of the support ticket system and it’s slowly but surely coming. 2008 will be a great year for AdBux! Help us become the #1 “get-paid-to” site online!

December Jackpot Winners Announced

- First place goes to cootas who won 25% of the jackpot @ $199.00!
- Second place goes to pally
- Third place goes to maquessime

To find out the full list of prizes that each winner received, check out the jackpot page.

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