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How Can I Fix My Cell Phone - It Got Wet

January 13th, 2008

cell-phone-search-queries.jpgOver the past ten years or so, cell phones have become very popular communication devices because of their convenience and portability. However, along with this surge in popularity there have been many incidents of people accidentally dropping their cell phones into various bodies of water or other liquids. If this happens to you and your cell phone gets wet, you may think at first that it is damaged beyond repair and dread the cost and hassle of replacing it. But with some resourceful thinking, in many cases it is possible to save a wet cell phone if you take action quickly enough.

Once a cell phone gets wet, several methods are available for attempting to dry it out and revive it, but there a few things that you should always do first regardless of which method you choose. The most important of these is to immediately get the phone out of the water and remove the battery. This will disconnect the electrical power source, thus preventing any further possibility of short circuit damage and increasing your chances of a successful cell phone resurrection. If you have a SIM card, this should be removed also - you may be able to save your data.

The next step is to get as much water as you can out of the phone and dry off all visible liquid with a cloth or paper towel. If your cell phone has any other easily removable parts besides the sim card, these can be dried separately. Then your main task is to make sure that the internal parts of your phone are completely dry so that you do not cause a short circuit when you reconnect the phone’s power supply. This is the part that will require the most patience and thinking, as there are several methods that people have used to successfully dry out their cell phones. Here are a few that I have come across in my research:

1. Wait it out. Yes, it’s boring and will take a while, but this is probably the safest method overall. Just let the phone sit out in a dry place for at least three days while the water evaporates. A variation on this that might speed up the drying process slightly is to leave the phone on top of a low heat source such as a television or cable box.

2. Put the phone in a bowl of dry rice. Many people have had success with this one, and it makes sense because uncooked rice can absorb a lot of water. For most cell phone models, you won’t have to worry about the rice grains getting inside of the phone. The following video provides a demonstration of how this is done and is also an experiment where three different phones are tested. As you can see, it’s not a completely surefire method of recovery, but it still sometimes works.

3. Instead of the rice, you can use other desiccating materials such as silica sand or even cat litter. Although these things can dry quickly, they may contain granules that are small enough to get inside of the phone. In this case, you can use a covering such as a sock or pantyhose to prevent this.

4. Compressed air cans such as the kind that are useful for dusting off keyboards and other computer peripherals can be used for faster drying. Just make sure that you hold the can straight and not too close to the phone because these pressurized cans can release a very cold liquid that could potentially cause freezing damage.

5. Many people like to use a hair dryer, but it is important to use a low heat setting if possible. If the air is too hot, it could overheat some of the phone’s parts and wind up doing more harm than good.

6. Instead of heating it up, some people like to cool down their cell phones by putting them in the refrigerator. Although this seems counterintuitive, most refrigerators have a dehumidifying effect that will draw moisture out of the phone and speed up the drying process. However, it should not be placed in a freezer because this can damage the liquid crystal display.

7. If your cell phone gets wet while you are far from home but still have a vehicle nearby, you can place the phone on the dashboard and let the sun dry it out. By keeping the vehicle’s doors closed, the greenhouse effect can work in your favor. You might even think that global warming isn’t such a bad thing after all.

8. If your phone was dropped in something other than plain water, such as salt water or another liquid that contains mineral deposits, this can complicate matters because the residue left behind after drying will remain inside the phone and could cause problems later. In these cases, you can use a rinsing solution of distilled water or methyl alcohol to remove the contaminants first before completely drying.

All of these methods will require some patience, but after you’re sure that the phone is completely dry, you can try to activate it with a charger and see if it works. In many cases, you may find that the original battery will not work anymore, but the cost of replacing the battery should be much lower than replacing the whole phone.

If you still cannot fix your wet cell phone after drying it out for a week or more, chances are that it was submerged for too long and sustained too much damage. In these cases, it is possible to still salvage some money out of the deal by trading in your cell phone for recycling. Meanwhile, you can try to find a cell phone plan where you can get a new phone for free or for a relatively low cost and perhaps find a better rate on the basic service.

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177 Responses to “How Can I Fix My Cell Phone - It Got Wet”

  1. comment number 1 by: Free Cell Phone Repair

    My friends actually told me about #2 but I didn’t believe them because we were drunk at the time. I would have to put this to the test to find out for sure.

    GREAT post!

  2. comment number 2 by: KK

    These are great ideas but what if you are riding on a bike and you have no car and you don’t know it is wet so you don’t take it apart quickly!!!

  3. comment number 3 by: jim

    The best method to dry it out is to use a vacuum. Be patient and try to concentrate the vacuum sucking from every open space. Use your fingers to block the large opening of the vacuum hose end. Spend about 20-30 minutes doing this. This will pull any residual water out and pull air across all the circuit boards for good drying. Place the end of the vacuum right on the key pad and do this for 5 minutes. If you have a desk lamp, place the cell phone under it and place the desk lamp about 6″ above it. Make sure it does not get to hot, just warm. Turn it over a few times and do this for four hours or more. The low heat will help dry out any moisture the vacuum did not dry. Good luck

  4. comment number 4 by: Andrea

    I dropped mine in a pool and its fine just some of the buttons don’t work. What do I do because I dried it off they just don’t work!

  5. comment number 5 by: Anna

    i dropped my cell phone in the toilet. i though about it for like two seconds before getting it out but i did ha.ha. i shaked it, took out the battery,my microship i put it close to the air i used the vaccum of a car wash,the hair dryer,the sun,it worked when i decided to turn it on after i left it like 3 hours in the sun, but it turned off by itself im sad i want my phone to work again what else can i do?

  6. comment number 6 by: dabber

    You can use the oven method, just be sure you follow all the steps or you could have a fire.

  7. comment number 7 by: Delia

    An open bottle of children’s bubbles tipped over onto my cell phone. The LCD screen was fine for about an hour, then just disappeared. The dialing works fine….I just can’t be certain I’ve dialed the correct number. Called Verizon and the tech said to remove battery and sit the phone in the sun. I tried that for two days then put the battery in. Screen showed up, but only lasted for 20 minutes or so. Tried the hairdryer method with no luck. I will give the rice method a shot. Anyone else experience a bubble spill?

  8. comment number 8 by: Anonymous

    I dropped mine in the toilet right after a buddy of mine got into a lake with hers… I turned around, realized it, grabbed it out, dried it off and used a hair dryer for about an hour
    phone works fine oddly enough when I pulled it out of the toilet it was still on and working

    oh and it was brand

  9. comment number 9 by: cherelle

    well i just dropped my phone in juice and i took it out quick then tried to turn it off, so then i dried it off as much as i could then i took the battery out and now i have it under a lamp so hopeful i really hope it works….my screen is just all messed up so n e suggestions??? and NO i have no rice!!!! HELP ME PLEASE!!! I CANT LIVE W/O MY PHONE!!! and i cant afford to get a new one!!! some body please help!!

  10. comment number 10 by: Hazel

    My friend knocked a glass of water onto my phone yesterday. I dried it off and it seemed to work fine so I thought nothing of it. Now I can answer the phone but can’t hear the person on the other end. It keeps telling me there’s a headset plugged in, but there isn’t!!! Is there any way to save my phone?

  11. comment number 11 by: annabell alvarado

    just let your phone dry for at least 4 days it does work. use a blow dryer or use the vaccum from a car wash. i tried alot of things and my cell worked again in like 4 days.i tried the rice, i left it outside for the sun to dry it off then i went to the car wash then the blow dryer just wait at least for days.

  12. comment number 12 by: meandmyophone

    i drooped mine in the toilet an i went to take it out but it didnt work so i took it apart and when i came home from skool i tried again but still didnt wrk now its in rice so lets see if it wrks

  13. comment number 13 by: Bongani

    My girl friend got Samsung E250 in water now the buttons does not work what shal I do, please help me

  14. comment number 14 by: Nicole

    i dropped my phone in a sink full of water…i took it out took the battery out and dryed it off..but there was water droplets in my screen. it in the rice right now. i really hope the rice works. because i cant afford and new phone and i really need my phone!!i feel lost with out it!! thanks for the tips i really hope the rice works!!

  15. comment number 15 by: judy

    dropped mine in my cup of coffee.. black nothing in it… took it out quickly… dried it off,,, phone brand new lg shine.. ran the hair dryer on it.. took out the battery and chip and wiped it down.. when tried again.. can get calls.. cant look at my mail.. everything is messed up when pushing buttons to various places like compose mail, or address book, cant get to it.. so just took everything apart again and letting it sit for a while hoping it will work again.. :(….miss it..

  16. comment number 16 by: jessica

    my buttons dont work!!!! agggg!
    and i cant get a new phone. what do i do.
    i dropped it in the tooilet and imediantly grabbed it out?
    rice did not work

  17. comment number 17 by: afagag

    DUDE!! this website REALLY helped!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. comment number 18 by: mmc123

    THanx this website fixed my phone

  19. comment number 19 by: GOW2

    i dropped my Nokia 6220c in toilet yesterday, took it out straight away, removed battery cover, battery, sim card and memory card, dried it with a towel, left it in the airing cupboard for 20mins, used hairdrier on front and back, left it in airing cupboard over night and it works fine now, before my buttons didnt work but you just have to get the water out of the keypad, also it said that i had headphones in when i didn’t but now it works fine.

  20. comment number 20 by: Trey

    my phone was in the washing machine and it went through a whole cycle

    Is it too late to save my phone?

  21. comment number 21 by: my fone

    my phone fell in the tolilet at skool so wen i came home i took ma fone apart as in took out the sim and battery and now im leavin 2 dry unda the radiator and i am goin 2 use a vacum and put in rice afta buh i jus really hope it works agen..

  22. comment number 22 by: kathy

    Yeah my friend let me borrow her phone and i dropped it in the bath and it started vibrating!! it really wrorried me until i found this website. I am trying the fridge one.. hopefully it will work or i will have a a stropyyyyy mate !!!!!!!!!!!1

  23. comment number 23 by: sal

    i left my lg rumor in my pants while getting washed.i took the batteries out and took the vacum and blow dryer to it. i pluged the charger into it it it workked!!!!!! but the lcd is scwered up and when i put back in the battery it started vibrating so i hope it works

  24. comment number 24 by: Lauren

    ii had my phone in my jeans and my jeans went into the wash and now my phone has water all in the screen!!, i’m drying it out on the radiator, but if that doesn’t work i’ll try the rice thing.

  25. comment number 25 by: sal

    i found out if you dont have rice plain oatmeal works even better i did that to my lg rumor works like a charm again and if u do use oatmeal when u take it out of oatmeal vacum it good so u get out the oatmeal

  26. comment number 26 by: Crystal Roberts

    I just bought my byfriend a LG 160 for his birthday and after only having it for a few days dropped in the toilet i took it out right away and dryed it off after a few mins i relized i should have taken the battery out so i did and dryed it off it turns on but the screen has ” service required” on it and i can’t call anyone. virgin mobile who i got it from doesn’t know how to fix it and i don’t have the reciept anymore if anyone can help me please email me at crystalroberts@live.ca as i really can’t affored to buy a new phone for my boyfriend. thanks

  27. comment number 27 by: JENAY

    I Dropped my phone in the toilet. i dont know wat to do i have the SAMSUNG SGH-t429. its not working, and i dont wanna buy a new one. Can some one please help me. Email me at [ x1princessx@hotmail.com ] Thanks.

  28. comment number 28 by: sumwun

    umm I dropped ma fone in da toilet && it took me a while to take it out cuz it qot stuck in da hole. it was vibrating && after 3 minutesz,wen I took it out da screen was white. itsz a samsung messenger frm metropcs. I’m dryinq it rite now on top of da dryer. I need ma fone!! can sumone help me?? jennyc422@yahoo.com

  29. comment number 29 by: ghgjfgf

    the rice works but not fro my wet screen help me plzzzzz.

  30. comment number 30 by: shifty swifty

    Yup….Rice worked a treat but the screen is ruined, everything is dull and grey…HELPPPPPPP !!!

  31. comment number 31 by: shifty swifty

    Phone is only 7 days old also !!

  32. comment number 32 by: mamamia

    My phone got wet a few weeks ago, and the display is working and the phone will place calls, but there is a lot of static. Any chance that will go away w/time or is the phone shot?

  33. comment number 33 by: Chloe

    Well the city I live in had a flash flood and a few of my friends and I where boogie boarding the currents then I realised that my lg shine was in my pocket…. I took it out and it was still working so I just nwrapped it in a towel… when i got home I took the battery and sim card out and then dryed everything It is now sitting in a bowl of rice… I really can’t afford another one..:(

  34. comment number 34 by: shifty swifty

    Yes, bowl of dry rice done the trick, I put it in the airing cupboard and left it
    The important part is NOT TO RUSH IT AND DO NOT SWITCH ON until you are 100 % sure all of the water has gone

    The screen is fine now, but battery was knackered so it needed a new battery, thats all.

    phone in washing machine for an hour….took phone out….sim card took out, battery took out and memory card took out….put the lot in dry rice, after a week there was still water in screen….put lot back in some fresh dry rice….put in airing space (or somewhere nice and warm)…..another week later all water gone, new battery fitted and it now works a treat !

    Allow a FULL 2 weeks before trying

  35. comment number 35 by: missin my phone

    hey yesterday at school i dropped my phone in the toilet in gym it was in it for about 2 minutes till one of my brave friends got it out for me i got a towel and dried it off. when i took it home my dad took a hair dryer to it and it turned on and i could do things with it. but the screen was negative then on the bus this morning i was texting then my phone started to flash different things. so i took the battery out and tried to turn it back on but it wont. when i got home i put it under the hair dryer again and tried to turn it back on but it started to flash red on one of the side lights. its a sony Ericsson from at&t and i am going to a feild trip to miami saturday and i NEED my phone to keep in touch in case of emergency can any one help me im trying the rice trick hope it works please help me!!! :\

  36. comment number 36 by: shifty swifty


    You MUST NOT switch it on in ANY circumstances
    The rice trick WILL work but you need at least a week and a half, but I think that you may have damaged it by switching it on when it was still wet….It may seem dry to you but believe me it will still be wet….I think you may have shorted out the board.

    Now, take out the sim card, battery and memory stick and put them ALL back into the DRY rice and place the rice in a warm place to draw out ALL of the moisture

    You will be tempted to put it all back together and try it after a few days…DON’T !!!!

    Forget the field trip with it, it won’t be ready, after a week and a half to 2 weeks put it all back together and maybe, just maybe it might work after a charge

    Mine worked after a charge but it only works for a few seconds because the battery was ruined beyond repair, so I spent £6 on a new battery and everything is fine now….this was after it was put in a washing machine on full spin for an hour


  37. comment number 37 by: max

    i have a samsung t-429
    when out of the room my son stuck my phone in a cup of soda. i took it out in under a minute. i dried it off and let it stand, without the batt or sim, now it turns on but the buttons dont work…. WHAT DO I DO?
    IF YOU HAVE A GOOD FIX PLEASE SEND IT TO ME AT maxcorson@yahoo.com

  38. comment number 38 by: some1

    Pllllzzzzz help. my phone fell in the toilet yeasterday around 2p.m. i got it out in 2 seconds on falling in. i think i probably screwed it up worse b/c i kept turning it on to c if itd work. i had never dropped it in any water substance b4 so did not know the steps to make sure its completly dry. i took it out took out the battery and sim card and dried it off with a paper towel but and left it out to dry for a while but then put it bac together and turned it on. it wouldnt quit vibrating and my screen was blue. im leaving it in my pocket and hoping itll dry like that since we dont have any rice or litter and im afraid to try the other options. (the phone is an LG but its Very old. not on market anymore). plz any1 help. email me at elizabethcarr7@yahoo.com.

    have a facebook and myspace.

    please i really need my phone thanks.

  39. comment number 39 by: taylor

    i dropped my phone in a bowl of soup and it was too hot to take out so i left it in thwere for about 2minz when i took it out it was black i let it dry but all it does is say samsung and then go black again i am trying the rice trick hope it works please help!!!!! mai phone is the samsung rant

  40. comment number 40 by: 123

    my phone fell in water and everything is working except the screen has gotton a little darker cause of the water. i might use rice

  41. comment number 41 by: adam

    What if I did all of that with have a lid on the thing? I just got a bowl and covered the phone in rice..

    also, does wheat rice work too?

  42. comment number 42 by: kaytee LOVES tyler

    I was texting in the shower and my phone screeen got wet so i kept wiping it off and the keyboard got wet so i wiped that off to and then i worked fine until i blew on it with a hairdryer (might just be coincedence) and the 3 button stopped working but thwen it started working again and i was in the middle of texting my bf and it just turned off and i wont turn back on and i love my fone and i have evry1 i know on there and its like 100 contacts plz!!!!!! HELP ME!!! i have anxiety without my beloved fone!!! PS—my fone is the Nokia 5086 plz plz plz help me i would be VERY grateful!!!!!!

    my email is kaytee4bs@yahoo.com if u hav any suggestions…

  43. comment number 43 by: haley

    phone fell in water but not completely, it was still on and the screen entirely messed up. i took everything out and dried it and put it back in a few times. the screen is unreadable.

    its been on all day, and ive been making calls.
    i didnt know to leave it off, i cannot tell my mom
    i also cannot afford a new cell.


  44. comment number 44 by: corrie

    i dropped my phonee in the toilet and it worked agern but it wos abit damaged on the screan, today i went out in the rain and it got wet again noww it is saying it cant connect to my network i really need to text someone how can i get it working agen ?

  45. comment number 45 by: AndrewLeong

    I was at a amusment park and then i had my phone in my backpack and i had it there for like an 20 before i noticed my backpack was wet. So i tried turning it on but it didnt work and then the screen had watr inside it. after like 2 hours later my phone vibrated for like 30 seconds and i take out the battery and sim. But it didnt work and it was like that for like 8 hours and i didnt have any of these around? What do i do??

  46. comment number 46 by: BIG-B

    I recently went fishing and i had it on the rocks when i wasnt looking it had fell into the water about 1 metre down onto another rock lucky i could see it i grabbed it but i didnt wash it off with fresh water, i am now trying the rice in a container method hopefull it works out….by the way my phone was not even one month old and it was $600 outright….BLOODY HELL…i would be over the moon if worked…[: it is a hiptop Q700 plz email me if anyone no’s how to fix it at cgk_graf_kreww@hotmail.com

  47. comment number 47 by: JAMES HIRST

    I was drunk last year and jumped in the sea with my nokia n95.
    Will the rice method fix my phone despite the 1 year wait?

    thanks, please email me at james.hirst.92@hotmail.com

  48. comment number 48 by: Blaze

    also dry it with blow dryer and put in frezer for 10 min. !!!!!!!!!!

  49. comment number 49 by: justine

    i had my phone in my board shorts pocket and went swimming because i forgot it was with me! so i swam back to my boat and tried to get as much water out of it as possible. i let it sit in the sun and now there is water in my screen! im trying the rice thing now does anyone know how long it could take possibly around less than 10-12 hours?

  50. comment number 50 by: brandon

    i have a smasung alias. i dropped it in the pool but they used some type of salt water thing it is weird. i tried to turn it on about ten times i have it rice over night. it seems like its getting better. it acts like its turning on like norrmal then goes black and then repeats again and again. i need my fone. if u can help email me at


  51. comment number 51 by: Jesse

    Well i dropped mine in the toilet about a year and a half ago And it hant worked since— it is a nokia 6670 and need to know how to fix it!!!

  52. comment number 52 by: Debbie

    I accidentally flushed my Samsung Blackjack 2. We had to call a plumber to retrieve it. It was in the water for about 6 hours! We took it apart, dried it as best as we could, then put it in a bowl of rice for 24 hours. It actually still works! Had to use the battery and charger together to get it to come on, but everything is working. Still some water in the camera. Sim card is fine! WOW!

  53. comment number 53 by: Debbie

    update: june 28th - phone is now completely back to normal, charges fine and camera works perfectly.

  54. comment number 54 by: Sammie

    I have a Venus phone from Verizon and I was texting some of my friends when I got out of the shower and I didn’t think anything was gonna happen cause I would always do that, but then later on my phone shut down completely. So I dried it out for about two days now and I tried turning my phone back on every now and then today and it worked for a little bit and i could see all of my stuff. Then finally it turned on again on its own and it says “Service Required” i have no idea what i can do to fix it! I told my mom and she didn’t know either and i dont have money for a new phone or battery. All my files are deleted my contacts, videos, pictures everything! I anyone know’s how to fix this problem let me know just email me at samantha_scholting@yahoo.com
    Thank you

  55. comment number 55 by: LaLa

    This helped so much!!!
    i dropped my phone in my dog’s water dish on accident. (its an lg chocolate). I immediately took the battery out, and dried it off. I put it in oatmeal for about an hour and a half, then used the vacuum cleaner. after i left it sitting under my desk lamp, i put the battery back in, and it worked the same as ever! I was worried because I had turned it on without it being dry in between the vacuum cleaner and the lamp. but it still worked. =) and its only been a few hours, not a few days.
    but thanks so much to all the tips here!

  56. comment number 56 by: carlos herrera

    i was going swiming and i forgot to empty out my pokets so my samsung messanger got wet can you please help me i only lasted a week with it the screen got white nothing would show bu a bunch of white i took out the battery and then when i turned it on the got all white and nothing will show

  57. comment number 57 by: Anonymous

    I turned it on right after it was wet -_-
    blame it on the a-a-a-a-lcohol.

  58. comment number 58 by: Sam

    Hey. I did something very stupid with my phone. Well, there is a river by my house and it was very hot so me and some friends went down there. Loads of us were swimming, and some of the guys were going to throw me in so to preserve my dignity I got in myself, and spent about ten minutes diving around. Only then did I realise my phone was in my pocket, and had been totally submerged the entire time. I threw my phone up to shore. Try as we might, we couldn’t make it work again. We turned it on and off many times,which was also stupid. But now, it is working. It was Thursday when this happened. It has been friday, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thurday, friday, and now saturday. On saturday my dad used high-preassured air to suck water out. It worked until about tuesday. Then it stopped. And NOW, after leaving it to dry for like four days, EUREKA! IT WORKS!
    I just wrote this to give people hope. YOUR PHONE STILL HAS A CHANCE!

  59. comment number 59 by: Daniela

    Hi:) first of all i have reallyyyy bad luck with phones, i lost two phones in the same mall and when i got my thrid my mom told me it was my last chance and if that i lost this one i wasnt goin to get it anymore. so i take very good care of it, but me and my friend decided to go to this store and try clothes on, then since the line was huge to try on things we went to the bathroom, the first thing she said was ewwww which scared me and my phone went flying in the air and fell in the unflushed toilet of the bathroom. i took me about a good minute to take it out since i the pee wasnt even mine,since that my phone has gone blank and when ever i put the battery or connect it vibrates and doesnt stop. HOW CAN I MAKE IT STOPPP!! i need help, this is my last phone and i dnt want to get my crappy old one. i put it in rice and am waiting to c if it will hopefully work. HELP!

  60. comment number 60 by: Jessica

    I decided to wrap my phone up in my towl, in efforts of it not getting stolen as I went wading in Wekiva Springs, fl. Well, I decided to grab my towel and open it by the waters edge. Stupid dedicion. Took a second for me to realize it was my phone, as I went diving in after it. It only submerged for maybe 3 or 4 seconds. I would not try the idea of putting it in the oven as the smalls wires connecting alot of your main components to the mother board, are covered by a thin strip of plastic, that isint heat resistant to the heat from an oven. It would be a complete catastrophe. WAIT IT OUT!!!!!!! IT SUCKS IF YOUR ADDICTED AND IT’S YOUR LIFELINE….BUT, WAIT 2 DAYS, OR WAIT 2 MONTHS TILL YOU CAN AFFORD ANOTHER ONE…….BE PATIENT……..DO NOT PLACE IT ON TOP OF YOUR TV OR CABLE BOX, THAT IS THE DUMBEST THING YOU CAN DO, BESIDES THE OVEN IDEA!!!! It causes a tri-effect with the tv, any other components attactched to your tv, and your cell phone. It just like putting 2 house phones next to each other and listen to them scream. Or a magnet on top of your tv, as your screen begins to ingulf it’s self in the color red……JUST WAIT IT OUT!!!!!!! THE SUN CAN CAUSE DAMAGE TO YOUR SCREEN BECAUSE OF THE UV RAYS…………

  61. comment number 61 by: justin samms

    can anyone tell me how to fix my phone i had it in my pocket as i went swimming in the ocean for about 30 minutes when i realized it was there jumped out of the water and took the battery out now it is a day later and when i turns it on the screen stays blank. please help me!!!!

  62. comment number 62 by: Robert

    My cell phone, a Panatec, got wet for a short time when I forgot it in my pocket. It froze and started to buzz. I used the rice method and think its pretty dry, but when I attach the battery, it will not go on but it sez “upload ready”? Can’t turn on the phone, but saw my home page briefly before the message above came on. Have any suggestions? I have insurance but do not know if that covers this. The phone does not show a color change…it is white, not red, so it does not look like its been damaged. apopreciate any suggestions. Thans.

  63. comment number 63 by: Lauren

    My cell went through the laundry. After I realised it went through, I quickly tried it off with a paper towel, then, took my hair-dryer and set it to: Warm and low. I dried it off a bit. And now… I’m letting it sit. But it has turned on. Most phones do not survive, but luckily, mine did. I’m trying the rice thing!! Great ideas!!

  64. comment number 64 by: kyra

    my phone got wet while i was playin in the pool so i used method #3 nd it took awile maybe 2 or 3 days nd its working just fine now

  65. comment number 65 by: CWWJ

    I have joined the apparently thousands of folks who have dropped their cell phone in the toilet. I retrieved it immediately, took out the battery, dried the phone and battery with a soft cloth, and left both overnight under a very warm table lamp. I did not remove the SIM card. Next morning the phone was working perfectly and has ever since.

  66. comment number 66 by: Sean

    Had not long had my phone out the box and was having my first play and dropped the thing in my pint of beer…..fortunately the beer was ok. But I think my phone is knackered, it’s in a bag of rice now - I aint too hopeful though!

  67. comment number 67 by: ep.xx

    i left my phone on in my school bag for the weekend and then i noticed my floor had a stain on it, i then opened my bag and my blackcurrant juice had spilled all over it, i havee tried the hairdrier method and i can’t put it in the sun coz there isn’t any. the screen comes on but it just shines blue and nothing else.
    i don’t know if anything else will work coz it was on in the juice for a whole weekend…
    any suggestions

  68. comment number 68 by: johny

    so my phone got wet…i took the battery out..i turned it on.. and it worked for like a month but now my screen went completely black, i can get calls and hear music but the screen doesn’t work!! i dnt know what to do! help !!

  69. comment number 69 by: Samantha

    After work one day I went over to my mother’s house and she asked me to move the water hose for her. The water was still on, and my work uniform includes an apron. My phone was still in the front pocket of it and my whole leg got splashed with the hose. I realized it immediately and took the phone out and wiped it off. The screen was completely blank. I tried turning it on several times (yea I know by now that was the stupidest thing to do) and the screen would just flash ‘Motorola’ repeatedly. I’ve had it sitting in rice for the past couple hours, but now it won’t turn on at all. It previously had problems with holding a charge, so I’m thinking the battery’s done for?

  70. comment number 70 by: carmen

    i have a samsung behold and yesterday morning it fell face down in a small amount of water in my bathroom, i wiped it off bc like i said it was only a small amount. I turned it on and it worked perfectly fine. When i got off work around 3 it started acting all weird and then when i got home i took it apart and let it sit for about 5 hours but now it wont turn on. what should i do?

  71. comment number 71 by: nicki

    last sunday i was washing thee dishes and my samsung metro pcs fell in the dishes the screen is white but the fone still works and i cannt see anything my fone still vibrates when ppl snd mhe messages and i can recieve calls what do i do to see thee screen again???? i really need my fone badd HELP PLEZ

  72. comment number 72 by: Amanda

    Alright, so I accidentally got my phone wet because I answered it while I was in the shower… it really didn’t get all that wet, it seemed, but the buttons on it were being really weird and either would not work or did something they shouldn’t have. Then I took the battery out and dried it off, as well as the SIM card, and turned it back on (stupid, yeah). Nothing changed. I left it on my oventop (we have a gas oven, so I thought the pilot light would heat it and get the water out). I tried this about three times, checking every now and again to see if it would work. Finally, it did, but a few minutes later, it randomly shut itself off (it went through the shutdown process and everything). I have it on the oven again (I put the battery and SIM card on a separate spot), but I was wondering if anybody could give me better advice?

    please email: vivalanutcase@yahoo.com

  73. comment number 73 by: jordan

    Just dropped mine in the toilet about two hours ago. Took the battery out immediately, dried it with a towel the best I could, put it in a bowl of rice on top of my heater (set to low) for about 20 minutes, then vaccuumed each port/keypad/inside of the battery port for about 3-4 minutes each. Works good as new.

  74. comment number 74 by: Brianna

    I am so screwed! I turned on my G1 after I dropped it in the toilet!

  75. comment number 75 by: Katie

    Hey guys!! i just dropped my phone in the toilet :( it is not sitting in rice. hopes it works :). for those of you who cant get it working and are in verizon go on their website, and you will notice some fones that are REALLY cheap if u buy online. one tht I liked was the razzke. well I hoped I helped :)

  76. comment number 76 by: manda

    i have a excaim samsung … i was eatin/and drinking , wearing a snuggie,textin, and watching t.v. and my g2 wasnt closed all the way and it made a puddly around my phone in my snuggie i hurried go up and took the battery out and blow dried it ,i tried turning it on but it just had a white screen and vibrated i told my dad and he told me to let it sit out i was been like 14 hrs and i put it in the fridge … i love my phone and cant aford another … any advice??? to i have any hope???? so please help me ????

  77. comment number 77 by: OH nooo!

    Ugh my phone is an lg dare ( a good touchscreen phone) it went through the washer in my sheets poor things sittin in rice now.

  78. comment number 78 by: manda

    oh man i just fixed my phon… i spelt juice on it and thought all hope was lost .. but i did give up .. it didnt work for two days … so i rall hot .. thinking what could it hurtt. so after i did that i put oatmeall and burried my fone … i let it dry out for like 5hr then took it out and vacuumed it and then let it dry out with out turnin it on … IT WORKED … i turned it on in the morning and it was like it never got wet …. try it

  79. comment number 79 by: Adriiiiiii

    i just dropped my fone in the toilet last night and im rlly upset. ive tried the blow dryer and now im letting it air dry under a lamp. i hope it at least works so i can save all my stuff (if its still on there)!!! and its a blackjack II, the most amazing fone in the world. im goin crazy without it!!

  80. comment number 80 by: rachel

    I just washed and dried my boyfriends pants, along with our other clothers to be nice while we stay at my parents house for Thanksgiving weekend. I even checked his pockets, yet somehow I missed his phone which he lives on and not only did I wash it, I dried it as well. I’ve been reading all the different comments and will pray that I am one of the lucky ones out there that can get this phone to work again. I FEEL horrible about it!! Thanks for the rice idea, I’m giving it a shot before I even try to turn it on and assess the damage.

  81. comment number 81 by: hph

    In the process of drying out the roomie’s brand new LG Chocolate Touch.
    Another toilet story, but thankfully, it didn’t touch chocolate! Gotta have humor here. I immediately took the battery out and dried it best as could, then grabbed a can of compressed air (computer cleaner kind) and blew out everything and all orifices. (the phone, not mine!) let it air dry overnite then powered it up. works ok, but suspect more moisture. now submerged in rice, and will let it stay that way for at least another 24 or more hours.

    But while doing that, I’m humored by some other stories here. Texting in the shower? You are WAY too addicted and need a life, not a cell phone. I suggest 2 tin cans and some string as at least that can get wet. Another is trying rice after your phone was in salt water a year ago? Dude, the rice will wick up inherent moisture, not salt residue a year old. Can you say corrosion? You must have been stoned in science class. And had to wait for the soup to cool before you fished it out? Geez, what about the SPOON you planned to eat your soup with? Throwing your phone in the freezer? A freezer water = ICE!!! The tip is RICE, not ICE. Electronics like to be cool, not frozen. And when the ICE thaws, guess what? You’ve got water again. Tell the rest of us, thou that sits in Darwin’s classroom, are you in the same row as Mr. Year Old Salt Water and Miss My Soups’ Too Hot? At least tell her to put the soup in your freezer for a couple minutes, then all of you can have lunch and a nice nap.

    Best hints of the stories- quickly power down the phone, take out battery and any other components that you can, and gently dry your toy out. Perhaps try the canned air, a hair dryer on low or rice rice baby!
    Then wait it out for 2-4 days. Be patient. Water gets into some mighty small places, and only time will help you.

    Finally, if it was anything other than fresh water, you are probably out of luck. Salt water is corrosive and deadly to electronics. Juices have sugar, which when dry will leave a sticky residue and make buttons not function. Do not use med/high heat. low heat or no heat settings. Oven min temp is usually 140 farenheit. way too hot. dry it best you can, and be patient for a few days, you may be rewarded with luck, or you may be out several hundred dollars. ALSO BOYS AND GIRLS, DONT TEXT IN THE SHOWER!

  82. comment number 82 by: rachel

    UPDATE FROM NOV 28- phone and battery are fully functioning after a full wash and dry, screen and all! I threw it in a box of oats for three days. WORKS! It’s a Samsung Gravity.

  83. comment number 83 by: Ed

    Some of you tards should stop playing with your phone, go back to school, and learn how to spell.

  84. comment number 84 by: steph

    i just dropeed my phone in the sink today, im so angry. its my moms birthday and alomst xmas! HELP ME!

  85. comment number 85 by: larry

    i dropped my phone in the toilet and took it out asap and let it dry out for like 3 weeks and then it worked but now it shuts off when i text sometimes what can i do to fix this problem could there still be water or something in the phone?

  86. comment number 86 by: jen

    alright. i dropped my phone in the toilette. ugh. ive had it in rice for about 3 days and it turns on now but the screen stays black. :/ i really have no idea why it turns on but wont light up the screen. i have important numbers and messages on my phone that i would like to retrieve but i cant do that if the screen aint workin! please help. i suppose ill leave it in rice for a few more days but idk wat else to do….email me if you have any advice. and please no spam

  87. comment number 87 by: priscilla morlaes

    wen i was about to go in the shower i had my phone under my towel and then when i put the towel down it fell in the toilet i took it very fast but the phone wasnt that wet. so it still wrked . 2 hrs . later it turned off i guess cause the water absorbed into the phne. but then the phne wrked but not the si card so i put it in front the heater to dryt as long as with the phone the phne still wrk but not the phone its been 2 dyas what do i do? please i ned help?

  88. comment number 88 by: George

    I had a few yukks with the tales of woe, and was surprised at the lack of Penthouse Forum stuff - bodily fluids could do a job on most vibrating devices except those made especially for the job!

    Toilet troubles seem to be linked to poor spelling?!?

    Our story - a phone (Virgin Kyocera XTC) was dropped in one foot of snow and retrieved 7 days later after torrential rain. The phone seems to have been dragged by the plow, as it’s scuffed up. I couldn’t taste any salt on the phone, so the rain probably flushed it all out.

    The phone had been turned off when it was dropped - good news I guess. I dried it off and now have it in rice. It has a keyboard that has to dry out, so I’ll leave it for a week.


    Its new years eve and I just dropped my brand new LG rumour in the tolite and it flushed, around 10 seconds later i took it. I tried to turn in on about 3 times then called my dad, he told me to take out the battery. As i did i proceeded to put it underneath the hair drier for 10/15 minutes. Realizing this might not work, I ran to my room and tried turning it on. The phone turned on with a blank screen for a moment then started vibrating and dialing *4*4*4*4*4 and calling. Then for a few seconds it was normal the screen went back and i accauly read a message from my friend, though the creeping ringing/dialing/vibrating parade started again shortly after. It has been around 4 hours since the accident and i decided to let it rest in a tupperware continer filled with dry rice…is there any hope for my new phone?

  90. comment number 90 by: littlefoot

    I dropped my phone in the tolite a few days ago. I let it dry in rice. Everything seems to be working but the keypad. I cannot access my phone as there is a security or “unlock” code on it and with the keypad not working I cannot use the phone. The phone was missing one screw and now there are 2 screws missing so it is a little lose. Holding it together doesn’t seem to help. Please help!!!

  91. comment number 91 by: jenna loohoo

    i droped my phone in the toilet while i was drunk, so it took a few miniuts to realize what it was that i had just done. so about 10 miniuts later i took it out and tried to dry it off. i took it all apart and dyed it peice by peice. after that i put every peice in a bucket of rice for a day. after that it ended up working and i havent had problems since

  92. comment number 92 by: keehan

    :(( my 5530 nokia (touchscreen mobile) :((
    Help it fell on our sink a while ago and i turned it on and it still works but i still removed the battery the sim card and MMC and even the stylus i blow dryed it with our blower and put it on my bed for a while
    i searched on the internet and looked for solutions then i found a website that told me to put it in a bowl of rice when i was about to put it in the bowl of rice i saw that there was water in the screen :(( will it still work? it’s already in the bowl of rice for 30 mins now.
    I prayed to God that it will still work :(( i just bought that mobile with my savings on my birthday which was 3 months ago :((

  93. comment number 93 by: alysha

    i have a samsung BEHOLD. it fell on the drive way for at least 3 min and it was raining hard. now there is a watter bubble on my screen , i can see everything but i cant touch. please tell me wat to do. i just put it in a bowl of rice.anything to do? this is my 5 phone in a year, i need help.

  94. comment number 94 by: brandy

    okay so i droppped my phone in the toliet..its and lg rhythm. i put in a bowl of rice but i dont think i kept it in long enough. i tried to see if it would work and it almost did but then it shut off. now if i try to turn it on it just stays on the white us cellular screen. does anyone have any suggestion?? this happened sunday nite and today is tuesday..i would SO appreciate it!!

  95. comment number 95 by: maize

    i left my phone in the pocket of my jeans and it went half way through the cycle. did the soap ruin my phone? i dried it out with a fan for 5 hours. can someone pleas help me!!!???

  96. comment number 96 by: Allie

    I just sat my phone on my sink as I was getting ready and apparently there was water on my sink and I realised my phone had shut off and I know it was fully charged so it couldn’t of died… Then realised it had gotten a little wet so I took the back off, took the charger out dried it off with a dry rag.. Then blow dried the phone without the battery in it and blow dried the battery and put it back together. I tried several times to turn it on without it shutting back off and It wasn’t working, Then all the sudden It started working and thank god has been for a few days.. I’m just hoping it stays working because I can’t afford a new phone :( But my best advice is to hold it upside down blow drying it and wiping it off with a DRY towel.. obviously.. Getting your cell wet sucks!!

  97. comment number 97 by: brit

    ugh i just got a gravity about 2 days ago yesterday i came home and droped it in the toilet it still works perfectly fine but i have water in my screen will it eventualy go away or is there any way i can get it out????

  98. comment number 98 by: Adele

    Please help me! My samsung e250 fell in water a long time ago. I have tried it several times with the blowdryer and it worked but now the phones buttons dont work. I cant afford another phone. I think something must have got burnt while blowdrying. Please help me!

  99. comment number 99 by: Anonymous

    I have dropped my phone down the toilet 3 times and face first on a plate of beans on toast and it works fine :)

  100. comment number 100 by: Colin

    I dropped my phone once.

  101. comment number 101 by: AutumnWOOT

    Ah, I have a keybored straighttalk fone. its amazing. i love it. but then recently an hour ago i dropped it while i was doing dished. =( sad. i know right? i took everything out…im not sure if it was immediatly idk. dont remember. and dried it all out. i put it all back in after i was done with the dishes. and then i turned it on. it worked, tbut the screen had some water stains. =( and they key bored wont work…but ahhh. right now its sitting on my window sill with the sun on it. im bout to use the hair dryer in minute if not, ima use oatmeal. =\ oh well.

  102. comment number 102 by: Little_Luscious_Lolita

    I have an LG rumor, and i dropped it in the toilet 45 minutes ago by accident and it was only in there for a few seconds. I took it out, dried it off, tried to shake the water out, and then turned it on and it worked. But the keypad was being crazy and I couldn’t access the menu, and after a few minutes it died out anyways. It flashed white for a while, but I seriously think I’m screwed. Right now I’m trying the rice trick with a lamp over it, but I don’t know how to take the battery out of my phone ’cause only the sim card comes out. Please help!

  103. comment number 103 by: StephanieLynn


  104. comment number 104 by: kate

    i dropped my phone in the sink about 2 months ago and i put in in oatmeal and hairdried the battery and it worked fine. then about a week ago i dropped it in the toilet! (im so un-cordinated)so i tried the rice and fridge… EVERYTHING! but the screen is black, it wont turn on even with the charger! im really scared it has been gone for too long i cant fix it. but i really need it to work! i dont want to lose all my contacts, ringtones, and pictures. (and telling my parents will be a whole nother story! NEED ADVISE!!!!!!!!!

  105. comment number 105 by: Dana

    Hi there. Yesterday when I got out of the shower, my phone rang. It was an important call and I had to answer it. I threw on a towel and picked up the phone. Although, I forgot to dry my hand before picking up my phone. Once the call was done, I left it on a table. The phone was still on. I still used it occasionally for the next 30 minutes, but it was working very slow. & it would freeze on a page a few times. I took out the battery, counted to 30, then tried putting it back into my phone and turning it on. Nothing. I kept trying. Then, I tried that rice trick. Left it in there for 5 minutes, took it out. Nothing. I now have the SIM card in another phone, but I have some things that are on that phone and not my SIM card. I need that phone back. Last night, around 11.33pm I put my phone and battery back into the rice and left it next to a window all night. Woke up around 8.44am. Tried it again, nothing. Please help. I need this phone back pronto. By the way, the phone is a Nokia 5610 XpressMusic Phone. PLEASE HELP ME.
    e.mail: iquitelikedinosaurs@yahoo.com

  106. comment number 106 by: jay grover

    hey i dropped mine in the tolit what should i do give me some a

  107. comment number 107 by: Karen

    I dropped my HTC TouchPro2 in pedicure bath that had salts in it. I pulled it out right away, and dried it off as best I could. I tried to power it down, but it kept turning itself back on. The battery was almost dead so I let it die out. I left it in my car on a sunny day to dry it out. I couldn’t get the back case open to pull out the battery. Now it’s sitting in a bowl of rice. I was able to get someone to open it up and pull the battery out. I haven’t tried turning it on yet. I have no idea if this will work. I read that I should submerge it in distilled water if it fell in salt water, isn’t it too late now. Does anyone have any suggestions. I’m on a 3yr contact and have only had my phone for 5 months. Please anyone who might have suggestions…..email me…..kkd1973@hotmail.com. Thank you.

  108. comment number 108 by: Aaron j

    I was at a ammusement park. I left to go ride a couple if rides when I came back I realized that my phone was wet. Now the only thang that it will do is show sanding. My phone is the sprint instinct

  109. comment number 109 by: wings

    So if the rice and hair dryer/vacuum are not appropriate, can someone like Nokia repair a fluid damaged phone for sensible money -or not.
    A job to see a simple answer to such a simple question

  110. comment number 110 by: Tygress01

    I went camping, long story short the tent flooded and my Verizon Samsung Alias 2 was swimming next to me. I dried it off what I could see, took the battery out, I forgot about the SIM card till I got home 3 hours later. I opened all the ports, put a hair dryer to it on the lowest setting pressing all the buttons, then put the phone and battery in socks and buried them in kitty litter for the longest day of my life. The next day, I put everything back together, pressed the reset button, hooked it up to the charger and it worked like a champ. Then I immediately downloaded the Backup Assistant from the Get It Now apps to back up my contact list. Next time my phone and I are sleeping in the car.

  111. comment number 111 by: jill

    I have gotten my phone wet by dropping it in the toilet. what I did to dry it is took out the battery and threw it in the dryer with a load of clothes for the whole cycle. It worked fine after that. Just recently I accidently washed my sons cell phone so I did the same thing. It took a two dryer cycles but it is as good as new. you should always put dry clothes in the dryer before you put your phone in so it doesn’t get damaged.

  112. comment number 112 by: Monicca

    hi,i drop my nokia x3 in the bowl of water about 2 second.. i dried it’s battery(using handkerchief), dried the phone with my shirt then turn it on, it still works when i turn it on but the 0,# and * keys wont work, so i take out the battery dried it using the rice method an hour later i turn it on again and the result was, all of the keypad were not functioning, only the on off button, why was it? now i’m dryng it with my super fan and dry it under the sun, still wont work, its been only a day since it had fall.. can you help me? and thank you so much.. may god bless you..*0*

  113. comment number 113 by: merredith

    for starters u have to be able to put it in the rice immediately also it depends how wet it got and how long it got wet, also like said if u dont have rice u can use oatmeal or in a sock in mashed potato flakes or even baby cereal or cream of wheat basically anything that can absorb moisture. the process yes does take days! oh heat helps but not too much as it can also fry your phone! good luck and take care and god bless!i only had my phone two days when my youngest put it in the toilet lmao!

  114. comment number 114 by: monica

    my phone went through the washer and dryer and i did not even know till i got the cloths out to fold lol and it had no probluems at all it just got realy clean lol

  115. comment number 115 by: Tristan Cowley

    Hi:) A day ago I dropped my phone in the toilet.I took it out and it worked for a little while but it thought it was charging and it made no noise at all.I took the battery out dried the inside and it worked fine until the battery died.I plugged it up but it would not turn back on and when I tried to the samsung symbol flashed then went black.I left it “charging” over night .today I woke up and alas! It would not turn on.I went on to vbs and got back took it to sprint who reccomended the rice trick.The little man is now submerged in rice and I need advice on what to do if it doesn’t work.thanx:)

  116. comment number 116 by: hector

    I put my lg rumor 2 phone in a bag with my monster and next thing I knew, it was floating in monster! It seemed fine at first and then it started to do all sorts of crazy things. Then I took the battery out, put it back in and nothing would work. Left it in the sun in my window, vaccuumed it, and put it in the fridge, all totaling to only an hour. Now it works like it did when i bought it!!! :) Thanks!!!!!

  117. comment number 117 by: Doris

    okay well i was walking home and it started POURING ! and my blackberry was in my pocket and it got soaked ! and when i got home i realized it still works but the keyboard doesnt. None of the buttons work although i could still recieve messages, calls, and my trackball still works. i blow dried it, waited for two days, and it is now sitting in a bag of rice. CAN ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE ?! i wont be able to get a new phone.

  118. comment number 118 by: Jus

    Hi, i dropped my Samsung F480 in the toilet, and my phone turns on but the buttons i press wont work, I have really really important texts i need to get from there, is there any data cable or anything i can download so i can get the msgs on to my computer?? PLease help, not to worried if i dont get the phone working again i just need these msgs that are stored on my phone.

  119. comment number 119 by: Tiffany

    I have a Black LG Comsom from verison and i dropped it in a muddy puddle after i got out of the pool i rushed to get it out of the water and dried it with a towel then tried using the rice and the hair drier method and now my power/end button doesnt work…i cant turn it on…please please please help me willing to try any thing exept the oven kinda scared of that little trick.So get in contact with me anyone please!!
    JUST HELP ME!!!please

    My Email address is T_BAB_4LIFE@YAHOO.COM please send me somthing that can help my on/off switch on my phone right now its off
    HELP ME i need this more than anything. Contact me at the email above please and Thank you

  120. comment number 120 by: Taylor

    So at about 1:00 earlier today, I had walked into the bathroom with my retainer case and my phone, which is the lg chocolate touch. I set my phone down on a towel on the side of the sink and started to rinse off my retainer and the case. When i went to dry off the case, my phone slipped off the towel right into the sink full of water. I quickly grabbed it out and put it in the towel it was just sitting on. Then i took it apart and started drying all the parts separately. It looked pretty dry so i put it back together and turned it on. The touch screen worked for a minute and then stopped. All the buttons still worked along with the sound, but the screen didn’t. I turned it off, took out the battery, put in back in and turned it back on many times and it still did not work. I used a hair drier, put it out in the sun, under a lamp and in front of a fan. Now it is outside in the sun sitting in rice in an air tight container. I really really hope this will work because i have only had this phone for a little over six months and my contract is two years and i dont have insurance! Thanks for the tips, wish me luck!

  121. comment number 121 by: Heather

    I need help. I have a samsung gravity. I dropped it in the toliet took it out, blow dried it on high heat (I took out the battery) cause I was going out in 10 mins and it need to be dry. But when I turned it on the screen kept going all fuzy then I kept turning it on and off I got it to work for awhile like 2 hours but the keys did not really work. Then I turned it off cause the keys totally stopped working so I took the battery out and when I put the battery back in but did not turn it on the keys kepted lighting up. so I took out the battery stuck it in my purse and when I got home I put it in a bowl of rice but it still does not work. I might have messed it up cause I kept turning it on cause I need it for tommorow. But the keys do not work. HELP I REALLY NEED MY PHONE I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT IT!!!!! my email is princess1146@gmail.com PLEASE HELP!!!!

  122. comment number 122 by: gannon

    I need help. I jumped in my pool for about 2 minutes and quickly realized that my phone was in my pocket. i hurried up and threw the phone onto the grass. When i went to go to it, the red light was turned on. the touch screen had water in it. And now i have it sitting in rice. Im willing to try anything to get it to work.

  123. comment number 123 by: Emma

    About a week ago i left my phone outside and it got dewy it works exept for thr 1 2 3 and the 2 buttons above the D-pad and suggetions email meh

  124. comment number 124 by: Sarah

    I dropped my phone in a pond got it out within 15 seconds took the battery out as soon as i got it out of the water. Everything works but the keypad i think there is water in it how do i dry it out. Please help me i really need my phone again.

  125. comment number 125 by: cassandra

    i dropped my phone n da toilet also used rice n its workn fine after i didnt even use da rice till da day after…now i just cant take pica now my charger actn up… so i think i need a new battery… but i didnt kno u coulnt turn it on so dats proly wats happen but i think imma still end up gettn a whole new phone tho but yea da rice do wrk long as u leave n long enough

  126. comment number 126 by: Lacey

    So a little while ago , i dropped my phone in a cup that had about an inch of root beer in it, i dried it off and it worked fine cause i didn’t think anything got inside. Well about ten mins later the screedn froze, everything worked i just couldnt touch it to read messages or unlock it. ( i have a Samsung impression.) So i took it about and left it alone for about an hour, i turned it back on and it worked perfectly. till ten mins later the screeen froze AGAIN. So no i took everything apart and it’s under a light right now!! WHAT SHOULD I DO!!! It’s a borrowed phone and it can’t be BROKE!!! PLease Help!!

  127. comment number 127 by: Tori

    I dropped my phone in the toilet. Got it out immediately took the case the back the and the battery out immediately after. i put it in a bag of rice and kept in it overnight and all today. now the light works, it didnt before the rice but the touchscreen doesn’t work at all WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW????????? IT’S A SAMSUNG INTERCEPT.

  128. comment number 128 by: Sheldon

    if you need repair; send your blackberry to blackberryplace.com

    great site for anyone that is experiencing water damage, lcd screen crack, trackball and keyboard damage.

    I definitely recommend them!

    -Sheldow W.

  129. comment number 129 by: natural gas dryers

    Well if a mobile phone is fallen accidentally in water the first thing you must do is to remove the battery before it get damage. Second if you are a mobile freak or a mechanic type person try to open the mobile phone cover As well as detach all the removal parts carefully if you can. Then if you have a hair dryer at your home then dry each; every parts of the mobile phone with the dryer. After that leave the parts as it is for some times & make sure that all the parts are perfectly dried. Then if you make sure that you are done then connect all the parts as it is and it will start….note that if the water gets into speaker or any complicated parts then i recommend to give your mobile phone to a qualified technician…

  130. comment number 130 by: Anonymous


    I got pushed into a lake by my friend, and sadly my cellphone was in MY pocket. It only get wet for a few seconds, i got the battery out and let it dry for 2 days. It suddenly worked like a charm. Now ever since yesturday my cellphone HAS not been charging at all.. I put the whole thing in rice for a day now..do you think it’ll charge like normal? I REALLY need my cellphone and im HOPING that this will do everything possible to fix it. What else can I do to make it work normal, and actually charge!?!

  131. comment number 131 by: Patrick

    I got really drunk the other night, walked into the bathroom and for some odd reason standing over the toilet decided to read a txt that i didnt even get :p i dropped it in the toilet but i grabbed it b4 it even reached the bottom. i couldnt honestly tell you if i tried to turn it on after because i know it shut off but when i woke up the next morning i had the battery out and the phone and battery were on the floor. its been 2 days almost and it still isn’t working. i tried rice for a day and now im blow drying it on warm heat on low about a foot away from the phone. i hope this works because i cant get an upgrade for another 2 months and i need my phone for work :(. if anyone has advise i would appreciate it. its a Motorola Adventure.

  132. comment number 132 by: Brittany

    I was in my room, and I was painting nails. when I messed up I reached fr the nail polish remover and it poured all over my Samsung Intensity. the keys are now working all by themselves and every button I press, it does something else…. Do you think it’s too late to save my phone?

  133. comment number 133 by: Niyah

    Omg…… I drooped my phone in the toliet and I’m trying the rice bhut if that doesn’t wrk so whut shuld I do I kant leave without mii fone I dropped the otha one now this one wtf bhut I’m parying plz help. I have a facebook and miispace samsung verizon email toniyahw@yahoo.com plzs help meh

  134. comment number 134 by: Sarah

    Phone in sink. Has no battery to remove!! It was on, then turned off. Then the screen flashed and went off again. I think I may have completely buggered it by connecting to charger =(. Is my phone still salvageable? It’s currently in the rice and will give this a go for a couple of days. x

  135. comment number 135 by: A

    Myn fell in the sink . I freaked out; It was sitting like that for like an hour. Some of the buttons are all mest up now ): How can i fix it. I cant type like anything. ):

  136. comment number 136 by: Jennifer

    I dropped my phone in the toilet around 4:30 today.
    I tried texting my boyfriend after words but it wouldnt send.
    my phone is in rice now, im gonna take it out tomorrow morning at hopefully it works!!

  137. comment number 137 by: Sxeescorp79

    I was freaking out when my daughter helped my bb storm 2 take a swim in a sink full of water. I tried the combination of rice n the drive thing. Next morning phone was workin. I love the Internet!!

    Oops. I meant fridge not drive

  138. comment number 138 by: Elizabeth

    I had my phone soaked in v8 juice. (samsung gravity) (nice choice right?) during my stay home day. Me being as dumb as I could.. tried the camera, to see if it worked.. at that point my phone froze.. I immediately turned it off (good choice) bad choice was me..trying fruitlessly to put the battery back in, and turn it on. Upon reading suggestions.. both the battery and the phone are submerged in oatmeal (but I heard rice works well too. I just don’t have rice) I waited thirty minutes. (im impatient) and took out both and plugged in the charger.. hoping for results.. the front screen where it says (Gravity) came up..and that’s about it… its a step up from no response. so I put them back in..and we’ll see what happens.

  139. comment number 139 by: Sarah D

    I dropped my phone (Samsung Intensity 2) outside my car onto the pavement after it had snowed. I got lucky and the particular spot was clear, but the pavement was damp and the air in general was damp, so my phone was wet, not buried in snow, but wet. It was out there for about 3 hours before I found it, and when I turned it back on after towel drying it (tried it first, broke the rules…oops) it turned on, but was hitting several different buttons when I pushed one button, so I searched for rice but didn’t have any. I had oatmeal though, separated the three pieces (phone, batter and cover) and left it in the oatmeal overnight, about 16 hours, just turned it on, and it works beautifully! Oatmeal is magic if you don’t have rice!

  140. comment number 140 by: Baby Sitters Nightmare

    So, I was baby sitting my little sister(5months). Soon after I had gotten out of the shower, I put a bath robe on and stuck my phone in the robes pocket and went to feed her, I then realized a funny smell.

    I picked her up and noticed I had baby poop all over both of us. I quickly went to clean her, I took off my robe and dropped it in the dirty laundry basket. About an hour later, my godmother decided to do the laundry(I thought nothing of it) UNTIL!

    Hmmmm 20min into the wash, I literally started freaking out! Where the hell is my phone? After back tracking my steps, I ran towards the washing machine like some rabid squirrel and scooped everything out(with soap and all) I searched and searched for my phone.

    I was thinking to myself “No, it’s not possible. Could I have really forgotten it in the stupid robe?!” Not to long after, my search had come to an end. There underneath a soaking sock was my precious phone, good lord how did I let this happen?

    Grabbing my phone and shaking it dry into a towel, I pulled out my trusty hairdryer(cause I heard that’s what you do at times like this)

    I took out my SIM & battery, stood there drying my phone for a good 10min. I became hopeless, I went to my room and let my ceiling fan spin on full blast. 3 hours later I checked up on my cell, there was still water in the screen.

    Put it back, and fast forward to ohh 4 hours later. I became frantic telling myself lies “Your phone looks dry, the screen isn’t, but hey you might be lucky and it could work!” I stuck the battery in and nothing, I tried again but the phone was DEAD(Well it looked dead to me, all black & lifeless)

    My last hope was googling “I washed my phone” & it brought me hear. Now, I have all these tips and stories of bringing the dead back to LIFE!

    Lets just say I currently have two Ziplock baggies full of dry rice, one holding my battery and the other contains my phone. With all the stupid mistakes I’ve done I can only hope that this wont be another addition to my graveyard of R.I.P. cell phones.

    Comments? Concerns? Follow Up? Email me at Retro_Me@hotmail.com
    Thanks for listening -The Baby Sitter

  141. comment number 141 by: Gabrielle

    Hi this morning I was getting ready for school. I had my phone in my back pocket. I went to sit on the toilet, and my new LG Cosmos fell in, making a loud ploping sound. I didnt know it had fallen in, so I looked around the toilet-nothing. So I reached my hand in the toilet and tryed to get my phone, but it got stuck in the hole. I got the plunger and plunged it out. :/ Right now its soaking in a bowl of rice. I tryed to turn it on, but it wont do anything. Please help me!!!

  142. comment number 142 by: ang

    well i dropped my phone in my soup but only one part got wet my soup was hot but i took it out as soon as it fell i didnt think to take the battery out or anything i was just tryin to get it dried and turn it off well after like 2 mins it went off and just aint sure what can be done i heard on the rice thing somebody said to take my phone apart and let it stay in the rice overnight but i aint sure what i take apart

  143. comment number 143 by: school_gurl

    well yesterday i washed my phone :( i called it three timez ann the third time it went straight ta voicemail so i looked in the washer ann there it was… water started getting in the screen imiediatly ann it started sayin that it needed the battery??? we took out everythin ann blow dryed it for a few then i put it under my fan… ive only got a little bit of rice so i covered it as much as i could and put it in a bag… im praying it works i cant afford another:(

  144. comment number 144 by: joshua austin

    uhm me and my freind were outside and we left my phone out side all night as it pured rain my luck and i did not do nothing to it after i brought it in but now my new phone broke and i cant aford to fix it so is there any way i can fix the phone that got pured on this is like a year latter so plz help me i am so desparate my phone is my life

  145. comment number 145 by: Punk Rock Girl

    Ugh! Can totally relate! My Motorola Pebble finally kicked it two weeks ago, and my partner spent his Fido Dollars buying me a Samsung Gravity.. all was well until today, when I got on break at work, went to use the bathroom and heard my phone, falling out of my back pocket, hit the water in the toilet! I immediately swung around and plucked it out, grabbed paper towel and dried it as best I could.. I opened up the key board and shook as much water as I could out, drying with the towels as I went.. told me to turn off the phone and submerge it in dry rice.. I did that for a few hours, but I forgot to open the phone up! It’s currently apart, battery, SIM card, etc, with the key board out.. fyi, with this type of phone, I had to shake out a couple of pieces of rice… sitting 1 1/2 feet from a heater on low. Hopefully I will have my phone back!

    Good luck everybody! If things work out, I will post! Cheers!

  146. comment number 146 by: amelia

    I accidently washed my sons cell phone with a load of laundry. I am trying the rice method, should I put the battery in the rice as well?

  147. comment number 147 by: sid

    what about a bulb on screen , & haven’t feel in water !

  148. comment number 148 by: Brandon

    i dropped my phone in the toliet at school tryint to text lol, an i dryed it in there an then dryed it at home but mu button on my phone are all jumbled up how come i even opened it up an dryed it all out?

  149. comment number 149 by: Treadmill Traci

    I always use the bowl of rice trick, It seems to work the best for me! It’s never failed!

  150. comment number 150 by: Ryne

    i dried my phone in rice for a day and now it works exept for my memory chip my phone doesnt say its in but it is and all of my stuff is on it and idk why it wont read it

  151. comment number 151 by: brittany

    i dropped my fone in the toilet, i imediatly took it out and put it in rice. do you vaccum first? or put it in rice first?

  152. comment number 152 by: seever

    i have a 5610nokia and i dropped it in the sink so immediately i put it in a bowl of rise and after 3 hours i picket off it worked i was happy but after 3 days the red button (that hang up) doesn’t work so and i cant get a new one so please help me

  153. comment number 153 by: Mikey

    Hi I jumped into a CHLORINATED POOL with my phone in my pocket (YIKES!!!) so i immediatly realized it and took my battery out while i was still in the pool and just threw my phone (only choice to get it out of the water and into rice quickly) my dads friend took it and did that. so after a couple hours of sitting in the rice they told me to see if it worked. I turned it on the verizon logo came up on both screens (LG env3) and then im like come on come on and it just powered off and then started to just vibrate when the battery was in it. so i left it in the rice then when i got home i left it in what ever sun was left and then took it in and put it in a plastic bag with rice and then the next day i tried it and it still only vibrated. so i put it out in the sun and like an hour later i vaccumed it and still nothing and then i left it in the sun more it stopped vibrating but still didn’t work right. so i left it out again and then out it in rice for a little while and what do u know it turns on. the problem was that the keys didnt work and my front screen wasnt working all i saw was white and water. so i left it out in the sun again (off) and the water started to evaporate and then when i dodnt see anymore water i tried turning i on…. BOTH SCREENS WORKED. the buttons were still a little wierd on the outside but on the inside they worked perfect!!!! so i left it in the sun until the sun went down and then put it in rice i check it everyday to see how much water is left in it and each day less and less water is in it. but as of now the only button that doesnt work is my end key on the outside it only works to turn it on but once it’s on it doesn’t work it is extremely wierd. so i am going to wait for the water to completely go away and hope it works again. but lucky for me my upgrade is in July so i dont have to wait to long.

  154. comment number 154 by: anthony

    what do i do when i dropped my phone in a cup of hot chocolate? it was like 5 hours ago and it still won’t work.

  155. comment number 155 by: Tiara

    what happens if you think you shorted the circuit?? are you just screwed??

  156. comment number 156 by: emma

    i was in the pool and was useing my phone and my hands where wet and my phone just keeps glitching and wont turn on or charge and i dont know what to do .. what should i do ???

  157. comment number 157 by: asia

    i hope this works how long to keep it in the rice pleaze tell me cuz i am goin somewhere at 6 and i need my phone

  158. comment number 158 by: geo

    Took a load of laundry out of the washer and put it in the dryer - threw another load of jeans in the washer and went back to watching a movie. Two hours later realized I’d left my cell in my pants pocket - retrieved it from the washer & it was dead - didn’t have any rice but had a single serving box of Lucky Charms Cereal - removed the battery $ sims card, put it in a tupper ware container, poured the Cereal on top, sealed it & set it in the window sill, (85 degree day). About 5 hours later went to get it but it was gone. Walked in the front room & my wife was sitting on the couch eating a bowl of Cereal!

  159. comment number 159 by: geo

    Just kidding! Removed the phone, blew it out, wiped it off, reassembled it, and to my surprise IT WORKS GREAT!!! Now I can eat the Cereal.

  160. comment number 160 by: stopinusial

    i was at a party yesterday and got caught up in the moment and i jumped in there pool with my phone in my pocket. i got right out and got a bowl of rice and stuck it in there. when i got home i put it in rice and let it sit there until i woke up. when i woke up i tunred it on and it seemed to work but it spazzed out so im thinking about keeping it in rice and putting it under a lamp! thanks

  161. comment number 161 by: becky

    i was in the shower and my phone started ringing so i wiped my ears and my hands and then i answered and now the keyboard is being really dodgy and i left it on the radiator for like 3 hours and it worked a little bit just now the key board :/

  162. comment number 162 by: Alexandra 22

    i doped my verizon lg slide phone in the pool the buttons work but the screen is black and when i slide it to text it turns off i tried all the suggestions and none of them work im so sad i cant live without my phone as a teen

  163. comment number 163 by: megan 9797

    i was at a foam party and i brought my phone in with me, stupid.. i know! i left my phone and didn’t take the battery out till about 5 hours later, the phone was roasting but i took the battery out, put it back in and tried turning it on but it tried turning on for about half an hour.. i then took out the battery, sim card and sd card thyen tried hair dryer making phone hot again.. its now in an airing cupboard,any tips?? Ps, my phone is an android touch phone.. htc wildfire! :(

  164. comment number 164 by: Anonymous

    I dropped my phone in the sea Friday and I don’t know how to dry it

  165. comment number 165 by: hhsdcbwud

    i have an HTC Surround Windows from AT&T and i dropped in the toilet. im going out of town this weekend and i need a quick way to fix it. it will turn on and make noise when i hit the home button but the screen is just blank. helppp

  166. comment number 166 by: hababababjakd

    i didn’t realize i dropped my phone in toilet so walked away realized i forgot so i went back and it was in for like 10 minutes it was a touch screen i took it out put it in rice and everything works except the screen doesn’t show up.

  167. comment number 167 by: Save Wet Cell Phone Screen

    Another easy and good option is to take a bowl full of grains and immerse the phone into it, this will help in draining of the left over moisture.

  168. comment number 168 by: Jason Pyktel

    Let a small plug in heater the ones with coils blow on it on low heat.

    Just worked excellent for me. Disregard other complex and many other steps can do this is easy and more do-able.

    If minimum wise wet let blow 10-20 minutes our what ever makes you feel more confident and better.

    If really wet let blow for a hour nothing less and If wish to do more again so feel confident and better that would be more than fine just as long as not for hours and definitely not all day.

    Peace:) Sincerely: Jason Pyktel

  169. comment number 169 by: Anonymous

    my son dropped his phone in a fryer at work any suggestions on how to fix that??? Its melted and wont turn on!

  170. comment number 170 by: nancy

    i have a samsung illsuion smartphone and my phone dropped in a little water and it was still working and i whipped my phone off and als where the battery is at and it has a little white thing on the battery and right beside the battery but it is saying no bettery and at times it shows to be charging it would fliker off and on and it would work and then don’t work what do i do to fix my phone i got it from verizon

  171. comment number 171 by: Anonymous

    so i droped my phone in the toilet and i grabed it out right away and i cleaned it off and took out the battery as soon as i got home i put my phone in rice i waited 2-3 days and i tired to put it on and it vibrated once and thats it and never came on ? what should i do

  172. comment number 172 by: alex

    i went to the beach the other day with my shorts on and had my phone in it i went in the ocean for a sec to wash off sand from my legs and two waves hit me and knocked me down. i completely forgot about my phone until a few minutes later and realized what happened. i went home took it apart n put it in rice for a day and a half but when i trued turning it on the touch screen lights just flicker. what can i do to fix it? or is it just helplessly gone? pls email me if u have any suggestions angeldust3512@gmail.com

  173. comment number 173 by: Anonymous

    I had my phone on a ziplock baggy while i was showering and it got wet from the inside and the bag as no holes but I’ll try the rice hope is works

  174. comment number 174 by: Dawn M.

    I was at a science museum this past weekend & my Droid Bionic phone wriggled out of my pocket & fell into a tub of liquid bubble solution. :( It was in there for 3-4 seconds, maybe (?), completely submerged. We took it out & quickly took it apart, dried it, etc, and as soon as we could get it in rice (maybe an hour or so later) we put it in & had it sit there for a day. Tried to turn it on after 24 hrs in the rice & it powered on about 1 min or two after I hit the button & started to activate, but then just went black & stopped responding. I can see a soapy/shimmery section on the bottom half of the phone’s screen, which I assume is the soapy residue. Not sure how to clear that out without re-wetting the phone. After that happened, I put it back in a ziploc bag of dry rice & after another 12 hrs, checked it again. Same thing happened — got about 1/2 way thru powering on, then went black again. It’s back in rice again & will stay there for another day, but at this point, I think it’s a lost cause.

    I’ve found a few people online that say bubble solution spilt in/on their phones… if this happened to you, what was the final outcome?

  175. comment number 175 by: keekee

    i did that an it still doesnt work is there any other thing i can do to get it to work after its now dry please help…

  176. comment number 176 by: Criss Cross

    I dropped my phone in mashed potatoes, and the only part of it that got in was my speakers (it’s an iPhone btw). I tried to clean it out with a toothpick, it helped, but the sound coming out of it sounds a little weird, any help??

  177. comment number 177 by: Vee Louie

    My friend spilled soda on my husband’s Lg k7 cell, hope Jasmine rice works cuz he had to walk a long hallway before he pulled it apart. Help

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