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Press Release Tip: Webwire.com

January 16th, 2008

webwire-press-release.gifYesterday I received a nice little email tip from one of my big marketer guys about a potential source of traffic that most of us are probably not using. It’s called Webwire.com, an online news service that distributes press releases to major Internet media outlets such as Google News, MSN News, and the like. I’ll let the email speak for itself because it does a pretty good job of summarizing the pros and cons. Meanwhile, if you decide to use this method but aren’t sure about how to write press releases, you can check out my previous article on this topic, 10 Tips for Writing Effective Press Releases.

Marketing Tip: http://www.webwire.com

Postives: Fast indexing (2 days), on par with ezinearticles, little competition, easy to use once familiar.

Negatives: Cost $19 (which to me is actually a positive because it will keep a lot of competition away)

-Results short lived. 1 to 2 weeks. (great to use for new product launches)

Summary: Webwire is a press/news release service. This means Google, Yahoo and MSN bots visit frequently. The price keeps out the riff raff that most free sites get…and I “theorize” that Google gives it special points because of this.

To stay “clean” you need to submit a press release, which is really easy guidelines are here:


I do notice though…that they are not very tough on the “guidelines”.

However…I would highly recommend that you follow them because

1. You won’t have to worry about getting your release pulled.

2. My experience with press releases is that they convert very well…because it is NEWS and not a pitch.

Webwire is a great little tool to keep in your arsenal.

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