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Robert G. Allen Author Review

January 21st, 2008

robert-g-allen-book.gifToday I managed to procure a well-written article by Melissa Gover that discusses the money-making advice of Robert G. Allen, a notable author who has published some interesting books about real estate and financial investments. Overall, Melissa’s article agrees with what I have read on other websites - the strategies that Robert Allen lays out in his books are theoretically lucrative, but in practice are difficult for someone who is not experienced in the real estate field to implement successfully.

If you’re looking for advice on how to expand your wealth, look no further than Robert G. Allen. His bestselling book Nothing Down helped establish Robert Allen as one of the most important investment advisors of our time. In addition to this financial book, Allen has carved out his own niche by giving the world advice on how to grow and invest their money. A frequent guest on many television and radio shows, Allen has become a staple in the world of financial publicity claiming to grow a million dollar empire from a tiny investment in no time at all.

Although some claim that Allen has helped them achieve financial independence, it is more likely that he suckered them into a bad investment. This is why it’s so important that before you invest any money you do all the research for yourself. Making claims is easy, but any successful businessperson will tell you that making money doesn’t happen overnight. For example, his nothing down techniques encourage investors to purchase distressed properties, which are those near foreclosure or from estate auctions. Ideally these properties will be much cheaper because of the exigent circumstances, but while Allen encourages purchasing these properties he offers no advice on how to find them. A common complaint from many “students” of this technique is that by the time you find these properties you’re paying too much for them.

If you are inexperienced in real estate, be extra careful before you make the decision to invest in a technique such as this. The financial teachings of Robert G. Allen are risky at best but can be borderline illegal for the inexperienced guru in the making. Many of Allen’s teachings require you to withhold information from the lending facility or mislead them altogether. Furthermore, the nothing down system taught by Robert G. Allen is not right for inexperienced investors, and experienced investors will be able to spot the problems with his teachings immediately.

When you look for business opportunities to expand your wealth, avoid all programs that require huge investments but don’t provide you with enough details to be successful. This is the way “entrepreneurs” like Robert G. Allen make their money. Wannabe businessmen and women are lured in with the promise of huge profits in a short amount of time, but the specifics for so-called programs are lacking. You would not invest in a car before finding out mileage, accident history, and insurance rates, so why invest in a business opportunity without all the details?

Although Robert G. Allen has appeared on many reputable television and radio shows, his methods are sketchy at best. Promises of substantial wealth in a short time with almost no investment should automatically send warning signals to your brain that this is a bad idea. If that doesn’t do it however, you should consider the fact that many of these systems require taking advantage of unsuspecting sellers and often involve other issues that skirt the law. If increasing your income is something that truly interests you, find a way to make money with something you already know about or can at least research on your own and avoid get rich quick schemes like those presented by Robert G. Allen.

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  1. comment number 1 by: peterahon

    hope to see you soon at QASSIA!

  2. comment number 2 by: Karlonia


    I’ll probably join Qassia a little later on after I build up more of a readership here and am able to bring in some referrals.

    I noticed that they award extra “Qassia dollars” for getting referrals within the first 24 hours or so after registration. That is not much time - if I’m going to join and try to do well there, I want to have all of my metaphorical ducks in a row first!

    Meanwhile, I have already bookmarked the site so that I can go back to it later when I’m ready.

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