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Savebuckets.co.uk Launches Useful Price Comparison Site

January 22nd, 2008

price-comparison.JPGIf you are the kind of person who likes to shop around for the best deal before committing yourself to a potentially expensive purchase, websites such as Savebuckets.co.uk can help you save lots of money during your online shopping adventures. Savebuckets does not actually sell any items directly; rather, they function as a convenient price comparison guide that lets you compare prices of products across a wide range of online retail outlets.

After discovering the site earlier today, I decided to try it out by testing the main search engine for “PC games”, a category from which I actually buy products occasionally. The search returned 167 results. Interestingly, the top result was not an actual PC game but was instead a Logitech joystick, while the fourth result was a full PC system designed for gaming enthusiasts. Most of the other top results displayed some type of PC game software, however, and upon clicking on one of the product images, I noticed a convenient menu on the left side of the screen that listed most of the major categories and genres of games.

This led me to what I was actually looking for - after clicking “Strategy”, I was able to browse through an ample selection of interesting titles, some of which were being offered for surprisingly low prices from UK shops. Unfortunately, many of the lower-priced titles were out of stock, but I still found some good ones that were available through Amazon or other major retailers.

Overall, Savebuckets has a simple but quick-loading and functional design that allows for speedy browsing of products without the hassle of heavy on-site graphics or annoying advertisements. The site is designed primarily for shoppers located in the UK, and all prices are denoted in British pounds. This is perhaps the site’s most significant drawback; if you happen to live outside of the UK, you may need to convert currencies or search for shops that are closer to your local area. Otherwise, Savebuckets is a good, all-around price comparison site that can help you find a good deal on most popular items, and may also allow you to discover lesser-known retailers offering products that you could not find elsewhere.

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