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Healthy Snacks Your Kids Will Love

January 30th, 2008

healthy-snack-foods.jpgIn contrast to the earlier article about party food appetizers, this list of “little eats” compiled by Kristie Leong gives us some suggestions for healthier alternatives to typical “junk food” kinds of snacks. The list is primarily targeted toward school-age children, but adults who need something to serve as a light snack between meals might like some of these ideas as well.

We all know that childhood obesity is becoming more and more of a problem in this country. If your kids come home from school ravenous for an after school snack, you can satisfy their hunger by giving them a variety of healthy snack options that won’t pack on the pounds. Plus, these snacks taste so delicious, your kids will never know that it’s actually good for them.

Here are some quick and healthy snack ideas for your hungry crew:

1. Make a healthy snack mix.

Try mixing some dried fruit with several varieties of nuts to create a healthy and tasty snack mix that’s perfect for the kid on the go. You can even add some low sugar cereal to the snack mix to make it more interesting. Kids love the variety of different tastes in this homemade snack mix.

2. Add a touch of peanut butter to a fresh apple.

We all know kids need to eat more fruits and vegetables. To make a high protein, healthy snack, serve sliced fresh apples with a thin layer of peanut butter. This snack is filling and will earn rave reviews from your kids.

3. Kids love to dip.

Make a low calorie dip using low fat cream cheese or sour cream. Add a bit of sugar free fruit jelly to make it sweet and delicious. Serve with whole grain crackers for a low calorie, heart healthy snack.

4. Another great way to turn fruit into a treat.

Take fresh bananas and roll them in low fat chocolate syrup and nuts. Freeze them for several hours and you have a delicious natural popsicle that’s sure to be popular among the younger set (and even the adults in your house for that matter).

5. Serve cake that’s calorie friendly.

Instead of serving your child high calorie, high fat cake, give them a slice of angel food cake with some chocolate sprinkles and low fat whipped cream. Angel cake has less than half the calories and fat of most traditional cakes and tastes light and delicious.

6. Make your own popsicles.

Making your own healthy popsicles at home is quick and easy. You can purchase a popsicle mold at many department stores, grocery stores, and online. Instead of filling them with unhealthy, high fat ingredients, try pureeing some fruit in your blender and freeze them in your popsicle molds. Your kids won’t realize these tasty, frozen creations are actually good for them.

7. Put it on a stick.

Get some wooden sticks at your local grocery store and use them as skewers to create fruit kabobs. You have a variety of tasty choices including fresh pineapple, chunks of banana, apple, and melons for your kabobs. You can even add a few small cubes of low fat cheese for interest. These are sure to be a hit with the hungry kids around your house.

8. Serve hot cocoa as the perfect snack for cooler days.

As the days get cooler, serve your kids a delicious sugar free hot chocolate with a small touch of low fat whipped cream for a warm and filling treat. You can buy sugar free cocoa mix in individualized packets at your grocery store. On hot days, you can serve iced chocolate drinks. Need I remind you that kids love chocolate and it’s also good for their hearts.

When it’s time for an after school snack, don’t settle for giving your child an unhealthy meal. They’ll never miss the unwanted calories and fat in your healthy snack substitutes.

5 Responses to “Healthy Snacks Your Kids Will Love”

  1. comment number 1 by: William Thomas

    This post is really helpful! Great Job!

  2. comment number 2 by: Milander

    This is why kids are such poor eaters, you are essentially disguising the food or disguising the taste and textures of a natural product. While I would agree with you that it is important children eat fruit and veg it is far more important that they get used to the natural flavours and textures which this advice fails on.

    It comes down to the parents to provide, a) an example, and b)the parenting ability to not bow down to a kids demands of which most are simply reactionary boundary testing. If the Kid is hungry he/she will eat, no child will ever starve itself and once they get used to eating fruit regularly there will be no more tantrums or hissy fits.

  3. comment number 3 by: A real mom

    Come on, really? Packaged and processed chemicals as healthy snack material? Dumping cereal in a baggie of nuts is home made? Who’s running this blog, Kraft foods? Low fat whipped cream? I can imagine all the nutritional value in that.

  4. comment number 4 by: Grammy

    These are very good suggestions. It seems obvious that some of the commentors live in a perfect world - I don’t. The suggestions are particularly helpful to full-time (outside the home) working moms. Daily constraints do not always allow for adequate time to do all we’d like to do or know we should do. “Quick and easy” often overshadows our better judgment. These ideas are certainly better than what I have seen most kids eating today. I know there are healthier snacks for children - parents decide what their children eat at home. However, whatever snacks you choose, the article also gives ideas on fun ways to present healthy food to make them more appealing (put it on a stick).

    Great article and ideas - look forward to more!

  5. comment number 5 by: Mama B

    Found this old article via Stumble Upon

    While I have given my kids things like whole grain cereal for snacks (not whole grain as in those sugary ones that claim to be healthy), I cannot fathom giving them artificial sweeteners for a snack. Sugar free hot chocolate mix? Seriously? If you’re going to give them hot chocolate, isn’t it a treat anyway? Why not just make it with sugar and let them enjoy it once in a while? Why give them chemicals?

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