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MySurvey.com January 2008 Newsletter

February 1st, 2008

One of my favorite paid survey companies MySurvey.com released its first newsletter of the new year yesterday. The company is in the process of restocking rewards merchandise after experiencing a higher than expected number of redemptions by survey participants in the last quarter of 2007. In addition to including a few testimonials, MySurvey has also released the results of the most recent member survey regarding New Year’s resolutions.

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Reward News

As promised, we have begun restocking our merchandise shelves! Many of you are aware that we ran into some logistical problems at the end of 2007 with our Reward Point Redemption options. Members were redeeming faster than we could keep up, and unfortunately many merchandise options were temporarily removed. Most of our usual redemption options are now available and more are coming in every day. To view our current selection, login to MySurvey.com and click Rewards on the top menu.

Remember, each day you log into MySurvey.com you earn an entry into our Rewards Extravaganza Daily GiveAway. A new winner is selected every day to receive 10,000 MySurvey.com Reward points (cash equivalent $100). Take a look at what a recent winner had to say:

January 14, 2008 Rewards Extravaganza Give-Away Winner:

“I joined MySurvey.com because I want to have my opinion heard! Winning and rewards add to the great appeal of this site.”
Lakeesha B., Chicago, IL

You’ll also get an entry into the MySurvey.com Sweepstakes each day you login. One lucky winner receives $10,000 every other month. Here’s a recent winner:

September/October 2007 MySurvey.com Sweepstakes Winner:

“I was amazed and shocked that I had won anything! This is my first ever sweepstakes win. I am so happy to be associated with MySurvey.com. I love giving my opinion as a consumer and being involved in products and services that we use every day.”
Judith F., Tustin, CA

Each time you complete a survey you’ll be entered into our Survey Completion Bonus Sweepstakes. Each month we offer a different prize. This month 4 winners will receive $500 each! This winner received a $500 gift card:

October/November Survey Completion Bonus Sweepstakes Winner:

“Just a small amount of time has just made a very large impact on my finances. Thank you, MySurvey.com!”
Mark C., Port Charlotte, FL

Congratulations to all our winners!

Survey Results - New Year’s Resolutions

Recently we asked some of our members which New Year’s resolutions they made, and kept, for the previous year (2007). Lose weight/eat better was the most common resolution, 19.2%, followed by exercising more, 13.9% and rounding out the top three - saving money, 11.8%. But, over 48% of the respondents didn’’t make any resolutions for 2007.

For the respondents who couldn’t keep any resolutions - here’s how long they lasted:

Length of Time Percent
Until 12:01 AM January 1
A couple days
A few weeks
About a month
A few months
About half the year
More than half the year

Send Us Your Feedback - Tell Us About Your Hobbies

Hopefully the New Year is going well for you and your family. A few weeks ago we sent a New Year’s Greetings to all our members. The photo in the greeting featured a landmark bridge in Toledo, Ohio (headquarters of MySurvey.com). The photo was taken by a MySurvey.com colleague, Janelle Lorenzen. Some of you may remember Janelle from a few years ago when she answered member phone calls and email contacts. Janelle has taken on a new role at MySurvey.com, she now works behind the scenes by setting up surveys and sending email invitations to our members.

Like Janelle, photography is a hobby for many people. Hobbies are shown to relieve stress and provide opportunities for learning, creativity, self expression. Now, we’d like to hear from you, our members, about your hobbies. Send an email to mycomments(at)mysurvey.com and tell us about your favorite hobbies. Next month we’ll publish some member feedback.

2 Responses to “MySurvey.com January 2008 Newsletter”

  1. comment number 1 by: Hope

    Okay…this blog is pretty good…I think…marketing and internet have a way of freaking me out a little…lol–on the other hand, I am curious about errhaps turning my writing into more than a hobby. People keep telling me I should…hmmm. I’ll be back.

  2. comment number 2 by: Pam

    I have been a member for years, and suddenly I quit receiving emails for surveys. I contacted “mysurvey” and they responded with emails telling me to check spam filter etc. There is NO problem with my spam filter. I have now found that when logging into Mysurveys website, I am no longer a member since my account is inactive! I have sent numerous emails, I have used the phone on the 1-800 number and left messages with no one calling back. Long story short- I have lost all my points which reached the 100 dollar mark, and I cannnot get anyone to respond. This way, they get to keep the money I have earned. What a rip off company. I have heard they are listed with the Better Business Bureau which I am going to contact and find out more information. I am not going to let this go, simply because of the hours it took to take the surveys that at one time were offered to me. I have heard that Mysurvey merged with another compnay and since that merge mysurvery.com has gone to hell, and many people are being ripped off. So, BEWARE of Mysurvey.com It is a SCAM! MYSURVEY.COM is a SCAM. Dont get caught up with them. My membership was over ten years old, and they dumped me like a rock as soon as they determined I was costing them money with the so called reward points. BEWARE: Mysurvey.com IS A SCAM.

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