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AdBux Program Returns, Moves Toward Recession

February 5th, 2008

The popular pay per click program AdBux released its February newsletter yesterday, signaling a commitment to longevity and new features while also showing signs of economic recession for the next few months.


At the end of last month, many members became concerned about the future of the program when the site was inaccessible for a few days after the owners decided to switch servers and hosting companies. The site itself has made a full recovery, but there are still significant problems on the financial side.

Around the same time as AdBux was making the server move, PayPal began limiting its accounts along with those of many similar PPC programs due to multiple chargebacks and problems with too many fraudulent transactions. Although the program has now implemented AlertPay for processing payouts and Google Checkout for handling incoming advertising purchases, many members who were expecting PayPal payments are left in temporary limbo until they can get set up with AlertPay.

Meanwhile, AdBux seems to have underestimated the expected income from running its own sponsored ads (and paying members for the clicks) through last December, causing all new payouts to be delayed until June while they catch up with the current backlog. However, the AdBux offers section is still alive and well, and there are plans to add more earning possibilities over the next few months. Such features include options for paid games and shopping rebates, similar to what other paid-for-offer sites like SendEarnings are already doing.

Finally, AdBux has temporarily relaunched the Autoline service and opened it up to the next 100 subscribers. Due to excessive bandwidth usage and too much “bashing”, they have removed the discussion forum but have started both a blog and wiki section to answer common questions, make announcements, and handle customer support issues. In fact, you can read the actual text of the latest newsletter here at http://www.adbuxsupport.com/blog.

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