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BusinessBlogger.net Launches February Contest for Bloggers

February 6th, 2008

blogging-contest-prize.jpgOne of the ways in which a relatively new blog can generate some buzz and get a head start on building up traffic is to run some type of contest that will provide a natural incentive for other people to visit and link to the targeted website. It has become somewhat of a trend in the blogging world recently, and yesterday I just happened to run across such an event sponsored by BusinessBlogger.net. In fact, this post is supposed to serve as my entry into this contest according to the sponsor’s rules.

In addition to running the contest to promote their main blog, they are also launching a new directory site called Business+Directory that is accepting free submissions during February for people who are entering the contest. Currently, the directory does not seem to contain any sites, but the basic infrastructure and categories are there. Presumably it will be filled with approved sites from the contest participants after enough entries have been submitted.

Here is a summary of the contest rules as I understand them. Any readers who have their own blogs should perform the following steps in order to receive an entry:

1. Make a blog post and link to the BusinessBlogger.net contest page as I have in the first paragraph above.

2. Link to the Business+Directory site as I have in the second paragraph above.

3. Your post should be written in your own words (no duplicate content) and should be at least 250 words in length.

4. The contest will continue until the end of February 2008. At that time, two winners will be chosen at random and prizes will be awarded during March.

5. The grand prize is $500 cash paid via PayPal; the second place prize is a new BFG NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT OC 512MB PCIe with ThermoIntelligence Graphics Card, which will be shipped via USPS.

6. There is a fine print disclaimer which states that at least fifty total entries must be received in order for them to award the prizes. So far it looks like there are about 30 entries and we’re still near the beginning of the month, so we’ll probably reach the minimum threshold.

Overall, the contest looks like a pretty good idea. I probably won’t win either of the main prizes, but I will be able to get in a free directory submission, and with other webmasters linking to the directory page, the likelihood of my link eventually getting some juice from the search engines is significantly increased.

Of course, an even better idea would be to run a contest myself here at Karlonia.com. Even before I discovered BusinessBlogger.net, I have been thinking about having an essay contest where people could submit essays or articles and get free links back to their sites in addition to some small cash prizes for people who write good quality articles.

I’m not sure how much interest there would be for something like this, however - people may be too lazy to write the articles, and I could wind up either getting a lot of duplicate content stuff or not enough submissions. I might need to float the idea on a few forums or other venues and see if there are enough interested people out there to make this worth doing.

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