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Karlonia Adds Full Feeds, More Readability for Mobile Phone Users

February 10th, 2008

wordpress-plugin.jpg After replying to comments from Entrecard members and advertisers earlier today, I finally got around to uploading and activating two WordPress plugins that I had downloaded a few days ago. The new features will primarily affect people who are using RSS feeds or cell phones to access the content on this site.

The first plugin removes the problem of WordPress truncating post content in feeds whenever I use the “more” tag to break up longer articles. The “more” tag is useful not only for avoiding duplicate content issues, but it also allows me to place things like videos or large images “below the fold” where they will not add to the file size of my home page and slow down loading times. However, I have read on other sites that there are some people who will refuse to subscribe to blogs that do not publish full feeds, so in order to accommodate these folks I have installed the Full Feed plugin. This should allow everyone to read the entire content of my articles in their RSS readers without it interfering with my ability to split up long posts when the need arises.

The second plugin is called WordPress Mobile Edition and affects (surprise!) users of mobile phones. It is supposed to automatically detect mobile browsers and create an appropriate interface that will allow better readability of the site through this particular medium. It was developed by Alex King of AlexKing.org as a way for WordPress bloggers to increase the functionality of their sites and improve the overall user experience.

Hopefully these two new additions will improve the ability of a more diverse group of readers to access the information available here so that we can all improve our knowledge base and increase our personal and economic freedom. Meanwhile, if you have any suggestions for plugins that you think would improve your experience here at Karlonia.com, please feel free to mention these in the comment section below.

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