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BT.com Offers IT, Computer Repair Services

February 14th, 2008

bt-logo.gifToday I have the opportunity to review one of the most popular IT sites on the Internet, BT.com. BT stands for British Telecommunications, a UK-based company entirely owned by BT Group, a PLC (Public Limited Company) that is traded on both the London and New York stock exchanges. The company’s activities primarily encompass the fields of IT (Information Technology) networks, broadband Internet access, and worldwide telecommunications services that include operations in some 170 countries.

After looking deeper into their site, however, I discovered that in addition to servicing large corporations and small business, BT.com also offers various pc help solutions for individual home users as well. According to their Home IT Support page, they offer technical support over the telephone for issues related to computers and some peripheral devices such as printers, webcams, or iPods. This service can be purchased on a subscription basis for a 3-month period for less than £10 per month (approximately 20 USD at current exchange rates), or you can save a little by subscribing for 12 months at a rate of £8.99 per month. For those who do not want to be locked into recurring payments, there is also an option to pay a one-time fee of £25 if you just need to get help for one particular problem.

In addition to phone support, BT now offers home visits for the technically challenged. In this scenario, one of their IT engineers can come to your residence and perform various computer repair and setup services such as installing new operating systems or software, setting up wireless Internet access, or performing a “health check” on your PC to detect and remove viruses, spyware, adware, and other assorted nasties. Prices for these services normally range from £90-120, but from now until March 31, 2008 they are offering a discount of £30 for all categories. Interested customers can make an appointment with one of the BT technicians through their simple online ordering process.

Overall, BT.com has a well-designed site that is devoid of unnecessary clutter, loads very quickly, and is streamlined for e-commerce and rapid communication. It also has an impressive PageRank of 8 and two-letter domain name, features that are surely the envy of every webmaster out there who hopes to turn their website into a lucrative business. I haven’t even bothered to check the number of backlinks yet, as it would only remind me of how far this site has to go in order to catch up with the big guys. But if you happen to live in the UK, or live elsewhere but desperately need help with an IT-related issue, you can always tap into BT.com’s ample resources to alleviate your technically induced headaches.

2 Responses to “BT.com Offers IT, Computer Repair Services”

  1. comment number 1 by: Laice

    Well done on this review, have been a BT customer for years, they are way out there on the innovation front.

  2. comment number 2 by: Karlonia


    Wow, that’s nice - it’s always good to have some feedback from actual customers out there who can share with us their experiences with these companies and let us know about their services.

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