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Constant Content Makes Improvements, Adds Premium Articles

February 20th, 2008

constant-content-logo.jpgToday I received a rare email from Constant Content notifying us of recently implemented site improvements. These include enhanced ability to make private requests to authors, a better messaging system for communications between authors and customers, and the addition of a new “Premium Articles” section that allows the site to showcase articles of exceptionally good quality.

Constant Content has been an excellent source of articles that have helped to alleviate the writing chores inherent in maintaining an information-based site such as this one. What I really like about them is that you can quickly purchase pre-written articles “on the fly” without having to go through the process of contracting with a freelance writer, negotiating prices, setting bids, or worrying about receiving useless garbage content. The site’s editors do a good job of screening all author submissions and making sure that any articles that are accepted for potential sale are well-written, free of obvious English usage errors, and adhere to standard format guidelines for web publication.

Back in the “dark ages” before I discovered blogging or realized the advantages of having my own site, I was fortunate enough to discover Constant Content while the site was still in its early stages and readily accepting article submissions so that they could attract regular customers and traffic. At that time, I was considering the idea of making a career out of freelance writing, so upon discovering that there was a new market which would allow me to sell articles directly and relatively quickly, I submitted a few of my previously written but then-unpublished essays. After the site approved them, I was able to sell several copies and eventually racked up about $130 in earnings. Even though I have not written any new pieces for them recently due to my current webmaster duties, my articles are still available on my author profile page.

If you want to sign up as an author and make money from selling your writing, you can do so here. After you have registered as an author, you can also earn affiliate commissions by referring other authors to Constant Content. Specifically, you can earn 5% of any sales made by authors who have been referred to the site through your affiliate link. Meanwhile, you can read the latest CC email update below:

We have made some recent improvements to Constant Content and would like to invite you to check them out!

Private Request System Improvements

Because our Private Request service is so popular, we have updated it to give you better results. No longer will content submitted for your Private Requests be visible to all purchasers. Instead, content submitted to you will only be able to be purchased by you. No other buyer will be able to touch this content unless you have decided not to purchase it.

Request System Improvements

As for the Request system overall, you will now have the ability to upload files for author rewrite or correction, view your most recent messages from writers, view messages in a more organized manner with messages from the same author grouped together, and generally communicate with authors with greater ease. This means better turn-around time and smoother transactions.

Premium Content

In addition, we have added a Premium Articles section which showcases the best articles our writers have to offer. These articles offer in-depth coverage of topics and display writers\’ exceptional writing skills. Browse these articles for immediate purchase, or find an article that you like and commission that writer to develop content according to your specific needs!

Don’t forget about all of the other great services and features Constant Content has to offer. Constant Content:

  1. Maintains a community of over 10,000 writers with different styles and expertise
  2. Checks all articles for grammar, spelling, and quality
  3. Checks all articles for originality and plagiarism
  4. Does not allow articles posted on Constant Content to be indexed by search engines (to ensure originality)
  5. Uses Private and Public Request systems that allows you to communicate directly with the entire community of writers or with specific writers of your choosing
  6. Offers different license options depending upon your needs

Never sort through bids, writing samples, or resumes. Simply send a request for content and writers will produce articles according to your specifications. You can specify subject, word count, budget, keywords to be included, or particular slants you would like taken on a subject.

Writers typically respond to requests within a very short amount of time, and you will be able to start selecting articles from the submitted content within a matter of days - after editors have examined them for quality and originality.

To browse our ever-growing database of exceptional content, or to put in a request for content, visit www.constant-content.com.

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