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MySurvey.com Newsletter for February 2008

February 27th, 2008

With February coming to a close, MySurvey.com has released their monthly edition of Opinion Matters, a newsletter that reviews the latest happenings in their corner of the survey world. For this month, they have announced the winners of several recent sweepstakes and giveaways, a few of whom asked that their names be withheld or have apparently forfeited their prizes, perhaps by not responding to the notifications in time.

Also included are a few examples of merchandise that can be redeemed for with our reward points, followed by the usual monthly survey results. This time members were surveyed about what they thought was important when dealing with the customer support departments of their favorite companies.

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Recent MySurvey.com Sweepstakes and GiveAway Winners

MySurvey.com $10,000 Sweepstakes

Grand Prize - $10,000:

July/August - Lola O, Houston, TX
September/October - Judith F, Tustin, CA
November/December - *, Halethorpe, MD

First Chance Survey Sweepstakes

Grand Prize - 50,000 Reward Points:

September - Melissa B, Huntsville, AL
October - *, Geneva, IL
November - *, Pittsburgh, PA

MySurvey Messenger Sweepstakes

Grand Prize - 50,000 Reward Points:

September - Pavel K, Trumbull, CT
October - Forfeited
November - Forfeited

December Rewards Extravaganza Daily GiveAway

Grand Prize – 10,000 Reward Points:

12/01 Sharon F, Airville, PA
12/02 *, Porthill, ID
12/03 *, Maple Heights, OH
12/04 Georgianne B, North Collins, NY
12/05 Rich M, Raleigh, NC
12/06 *, Houston, TX
12/07 *, Clinton Township, MI
12/08 Meghann C, Saugerties, NY
12/09 *, Prince Frederick, MD
12/10 Laura G, Longmont, CO
12/11 Laura V, Little Falls, NJ
12/12 *, Brooklyn, NY
12/13 *, New York, NY
12/14 Candice S, San Diego, CA
12/15 Pam V, Johnstown, PA
12/16 *, Manitowoc, WI
12/17 Barbara W, Cleveland, OH
12/18 Joan W, Torrance, CA
12/19 Emily L, York, PA
12/20 *, Waterford, MI
12/21 Melissa C, Hattiesburg, MS
12/22 *, Orlando, FL
12/23 *, Phoenix, AZ
12/24 Lilly B, Cape Elizabeth, ME
12/25 *, Toledo, OH
12/26 Melissa C, Saint Johnsville, NY
12/27 Alan G, Tahoe City, CA
12/28 Tammy B, Philadelphia, PA
12/29 Cristina B, Pittsburgh, PA
12/30 Jeremiah R, Coos Bay, OR
12/31 Katie J, Maumee, OH

*Name withheld at request of winner.

To see more winners login to MySurvey.com, click Rewards on the top menu and Winners Circle on the left menu.


Featured Reward Redemption Options for February:

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  2. Skagen Watch: Fine craftsmanship. Clean styling. The classic looks known worldwide as signature Skagen. Available in men’s and ladies sizes. Requires 5500 Points.
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Survey Results - Customer Service

Recently we asked some of our members about their experiences in general with customer service. 45% of respondents said that quality of customer service is more important with company/product choice than a lower price; 49% of respondents said that quality of customer services is important, unless there is a significant price difference – lower price company/product will prevail and 5% said quality of customer service is not important in company/product choice.

Below is a list of customer service aspects and the importance of each of those to our respondents.

Very Important
Somewhat Important
Not Important
Prompt attention (not having to wait long)
Availability of a human representative to answer questions in real time
Answers provided resolve issues the first time
Attitude of the customer service representative conveys that he/she wants to help
Availability of email to send in questions and receive answers
Customer service representatives who are knowledgeable

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