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Three Forums You Should Have Bookmarked

February 28th, 2008

forum-marketing.jpgForums, or more specifically forum signatures, can be an effective method of bringing fresh traffic to your website from interested visitors. Admittedly, this is a method that I have underutilized for the most part, but I have enough experience with it to know that it works if implemented consistently. However, forums can also be a valuable source of information, especially for those of us who are just getting started on the path of online money making. In this brief post, I will provide links and short descriptions for three forums that I have had bookmarked for a long time and have proven to be good sources of both information and useful services for webmasters.

DigitalPoint.com - This popular forum primarily deals with search engine optimization and Internet marketing issues, including many topics about the search engines themselves and what is going on with them. For example, there are currently several active threads that are discussing a possible Google PageRank update that may have started a few days ago. Although such threads often contain more speculation than actual facts, if you read through them carefully they are still a good way to get feedback and confirmation from other webmasters.

In addition to keeping up with the latest search engine news, Digital Point also has an active marketplace section where you can buy, sell, or trade many different kinds of webmaster-related products or services, such as domain names, text link advertising, content creation, or even entire websites. Although it has come under some criticism from more seasoned Internet marketers for being a “newbie forum”, it can still serve as a useful venue for outsourcing certain services and obtaining them at relatively low prices. And of course if you actually ARE a newbie, it is a good place to get a general idea of what kinds of things work and what doesn’t when trying to make money from your websites.

NamePros.com - This forum was established primarily for discussion and trade of domain names, but also covers topics related to website design and development as well as online money making tips. They have an internal currency that can be purchased or sold for PayPal funds and then traded with other forum members for services. It is possible to trade for Stumbles, Diggs, or other types of traffic generating possibilities here. Once you have been registered for at least 30 days, you can even make a little extra money through their AdSense revenue sharing program that allows you to earn 50% of the revenues coming from any posts that you make. My previous post on NamePros.com discusses this forum in more detail.

WarriorForum.com - This one has long been a haven for more experienced and intermediate level Internet marketers. Serious discussion of marketing topics can be found here, including ad copy writing, SEO, PPC, product reviews, how-to guides, and even self-improvement advice that can motivate you to make more money. In fact, it is possible to obtain information here for free or at a very low cost that would otherwise be purchased as a mid-priced (or higher) ebook by those who are relatively unaware. If you already know the basics of how to do Internet marketing, this can be a place to draw fresh ideas from and interact with others who are already having success in this particular arena.

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  1. comment number 1 by: Wakish

    Thanks for the info.. I thought only DP was at that level.. I will head for the two others now ;)
    See you around soon :)


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