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March 2nd, 2008

relevant-search-queries.JPGAs a follow-up to last week’s post on my designated search query awards, I have looked through my statistics for the past week and selected the queries where searchers were asking specific questions. In the remainder of the post below, I will answer these questions and include links to my previous posts in cases where I have an article with relevant information.

After receiving a positive response on last week’s post from another blogger through the Entrecard system, I am considering the idea of making this a “Sunday newspaper column” type of feature where I will compile the search queries from the previous week, answer the most interesting questions from the list, and comment on any significantly humorous or unique queries. By studying my own traffic patterns and reading comments from other webmasters, I have determined that there is a general tendency to have relatively low traffic on the weekends. Perhaps for this reason, many bloggers do not post on weekends or will at least take Sundays off.

In my case, I do not really want to stop posting on weekends because it would break the one post per day pattern that I have established since the beginning. However, doing a Sunday recap of the searches might be a good compromise. These types of posts would be relatively easy for me to do because there would be no extra research required other than looking at my stats, and writing the content would be easier and more enjoyable than it is for the typical information-packed, educational keyword-researched article. Therefore, without further rambling, here is this week’s search query and answer session:

  1. what is the difference between federal and state minimum wage - Assuming that you are talking about the USA, some states have mandatory minimum wages that are higher than the federal levels. In all cases, employees must be paid at the higher wage rate regardless of whether that is state or federal. For a more detailed explanation of minimum wage law complications, see my previously published minimum wage essay; near the bottom of the article I have included an additional update that addressed these types of issues.
  2. globaltestmarket scam? - No, Global Test Market is not a scam. They are actually one of the better paid survey companies out there, and I have confirmed payment from them. I even managed to post a screenshot of the check in my GlobalTestMarket payment report back in November.
  3. What is the difference between ignorance and stupidity? - I wrote an essay on the ignorance vs. stupidity issue a few years ago and published it here at Karlonia back in April. In a nutshell, ignorance denotes a simple lack of knowledge about something, while stupidity occurs when a person has sufficient knowledge but persists in illogical behaviors that are contrary to that person’s own interests. Alternatively, others view stupidity as the incapacity to learn or retain knowledge, possibly due to brain damage or genetic factors. Both definitions could be considered valid according to most dictionary definitions.
  4. how to cut julienne style - See my article on how to make julienned zucchini pasta.
  5. how does usaa rebate atm fees? - I happen to know this one because I am a USAA customer. ATM fees are rebated at the end of each month and will show up on your bank statements as a deposit. There is a limit on such rebates of 10 withdrawals per month or $15 per month in total surcharges.
  6. globaltestmarket, get more surveys - To get more surveys through GlobalTestMarket (and most other companies), be sure to fully complete your profile information and take any introductory surveys that allow you to list your interests and shopping preferences. If you have other household members besides yourself, it helps to include their information also whenever you’re prompted for it (the other household members do not actually have to take the surveys). This will increase the chances that your profile and interests will match up with what the market research companies are looking for, thus resulting in you receiving more surveys and making more money.
  7. how much money can be made with bum marketing - Actually, there is no limit to how much money can be made through bum marketing, which is why it is such a good skill to learn! The exact amount that you will make depends on how many articles you write or publish, how many links you have going to your websites or affiliate programs, your overall SEO skills (determines how much traffic you will get for each article), the quality of sales copy and conversions for your chosen products, and several other factors that are difficult to precisely predict. In general, the more articles that you can keyword target and publish (with appropriate affiliate links or landing pages included), the more money you will make, but there is no exact formula.
  8. how to bum market - See my article on how to do bum marketing (caution - it’s rather long, so get your favorite beverages ready). I have included a step-by-step explanation of the process, complete with helpful and motivational emails from the “gurus”.
  9. how to dry out a cell phone in rice - In my article on how to fix a wet cell phone, I have included a short video that addresses this exact topic. Basically you just need to wrap up the phone, put it in a bowl of dry rice, and let it stay there long enough to absorb all of the moisture before attempting to reconnect the phone to a power source.
  10. how to prevent ants naturally - This has been a surprisingly popular topic, probably because of the trend toward environmentally friendly “green” solutions. In my article on how to get rid of ants in your house, I have included below the original author’s article several natural, “organic” methods for preventing, repelling, or eliminating ants that do not involve the use of standard pesticides.
  11. does theraflu prevent the flu - Unfortunately no, TheraFlu and other such pharmaceutical mixtures only help in suppressing the symptoms of colds and flu, not the actual flu virus itself. This is one of those great medical quandaries that has frustrated me greatly, presumably along with rest of humanity - how is it that we have such advanced medical technology that can work wonders in saving human lives in certain instances, yet in all of these thousands of years, we still cannot reliably prevent or cure the common cold or flu? All I can say for sure is that whoever does manage to come up with a cure for these annoying illnesses (or even a reliably effective preventive measure) will stand to make more money than I will ever need in my lifetime. Unless, perhaps, I can substantially increase my life span, but that is a whole other issue.

    Okay, I actually have a few more queries in the queue, but this post is already over 1000 words (supposedly the optimum posting length is 500-900 words because people get tired of reading if it’s much longer than that), so I suppose I’ll wrap it up for now and carry the others over to next week. Meanwhile, if you have any favorite keyword questions that you would like to have answered, you can always mention these in the comment section below. If the topic is anything within my area of knowledge or research, I’ll answer it or maybe even write up an article on it if you have a sufficiently juicy keyword.

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