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March 7th, 2008

Earlier today I ran across a video that deals with an aspect of blogging that I have been thinking about a lot lately: monetization. Although I seem to be doing well on the content creation and SEO side of things by bringing in an increasing amount of organic search engine traffic through on-page optimization, backlinks to internal pages, and bum marketing methods, actually monetizing this blog is an area where I have lagged behind. I have managed to pick up a few affiliate sales of Clickbank products and a few signups to the free-to-join programs, but there are still many areas of monetization that I have not explored, including the ever-popular AdSense.

After watching the video from SEOmoz.org, it turns out that I may be on the right track somewhat by using affiliate links instead of starting off with AdSense. However, Jeremy Schoemaker (the interviewee in this particular segment) also mentions the use of direct ad sales through 125X125 pixel squares similar to those have become popular for advertising through Entrecard and Project Wonderful. With regard to pricing, Schoemaker suggests that we allow the advertising market to determine this based on the level of pricing that can be sustained while keeping the available ad slots full. I may try this later if I can overcome the technical hurdles involved with the ad placement and payment processing.

The video itself is about 11 minutes long and consists of an interview between Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz.org and Jeremy Schoemaker, a professional blogger known as “Shoemoney”. I have placed it after the jump for your viewing pleasure:

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