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Share Ad Space Cleans Out Garbage Sites

March 12th, 2008

share-ad-space.gifRod Baker of Share Ad Space and Million Hits Lotto fame is getting ready to take out the virtual trash, according to a new program update released yesterday. Earnings rates and advertising revenues in the traffic exchange and PTR industries have been declining over the past two years, at least in part because of too many junk paid-to-promote (PTP) types of sites infiltrating the traffic exchanges and diluting the value of credits and purchases for serious advertisers. Such sites are typically littered with banner ads, popups, and sometimes downloader Trojans or other nasties that irritate and annoy surfers to the point of boycotting the programs altogether.

The SAS owner, along with webmasters of related programs, are hoping to clean up their respective niche industries by implementing stricter requirements on what types of sites are allowed to be displayed to the viewers. Hopefully this will result in a smoother surfing experience and better conversion rates for advertisers, which will in turn increase earnings possibilities for the members.

I have had generally favorable experiences with SAS during the three years that I have been a member there. Although not always active with the surfing, I have purchased advertising credits for low rates in the past and have been gradually distributing these among various affiliate pages. The results are nothing spectacular, but I have made enough in commissions through sales of Clickbank products to offset the cost of advertising purchases and still have a small profit left over. After the proposed changes go into effect on April 1, I might start building up more credits at SAS and the newer Million Hits Lotto site so that I can increase the possibilities of making future sales. Meanwhile, here is the full text of the latest update:

Hello members,

As many of you know, the current state of the industry is pretty rough. Sites going broke, disappearing with your earnings, falling grossly behind on payouts, 3rd party affiliate companies terminating program owner accounts across the board, Paypal going on its monthly tirade of deeming one site unfit while another skates on by.

Add to this, the constant downward spiral of earnings a typical member can make while surfing their favorite sites.

Want more fuel for the fire? How about the constant bombardment of pages FILLED with nasty viruses, trojans, heavy flash banners that lock up your computer … oh … and lets not forget … PORN!!!! (whether its full nudity or scantilly clad women that leave little to the imagination, makes no difference).

And, last but not least, all of those lovely PTP/affiliate pages that have so many banners, popups, layer ads, and the like that they can’t possibly all fit on one screen (and typically, stack on top of each other 2, 3 or more layers deep).

Does any of this sound familiar?

How many of you are growing tired of this?

How many don’t care as long as they make as much as they possibly can?

Want to make a difference?

If you say YES, please read on:

ShareAdSpace.com and MillionHitsLotto.net along with a growing legion of other webmasters, are beginning a grassroots effort to try and clean up the industry of the current state that it is in.

For starters, SAS and MHL will soon display ONLY approved PTP and Affiliate pages that meet some strict requirements. If all goes as planned we hope to have this new system in place by April 1st (no, this is NOT an April Fools Joke!)

More details will be forthcoming as we iron out all of the details.

There will be a DETAILED list of requirements for public viewing so that members AND program owners can view to see if their program(s) are up to standards.

There will also be a list of APPROVED SITES that, through a team effort of thorough research, have deemed these pages have met these new standards.

While many of you will not like these changes, many of you will most likely embrace it. Once this occurs, you will be able to surf knowing that we have taken every precaution to ensure your smooth and most importantly SAFE surfing/clicking experience.

Will these changes happen overnight? No…I will give advance notice to all members to either switch their campaigns, run a few more credits through their current campaigns and most importantly, give them a heads up on the SAFE sites among us so you can possibly join them. Let’s give those safe sites the credit they deserve and support them.

Some of you may ask, “But won’t this hurt our current earning potential?” Honestly, in the short term, I would have to say yes, quite possibly, BUT … let’s be frank here, earnings are already in the gutter; it can’t really get much worse. Well, it CAN if we let it continue on its normal path.

So, what I propose is that we all take a stand, say NO MORE to the bombardment of pages that literally destroy your computer, lock it up or even embarrass you when you have guest in your home and they think you are surfing internet porn!

Once the dust settles and the bad pages are cleared out of the system, many members have already said they will come back and surf again. It appears that there is a group of members that have no problem promoting the garbage pages but don’t like to surf them personally. Sort of not fair to the members that DO surf and have to endure this onslaught of nasty pages. I feel that SAS and MHL will take a short term hit, both financially and with overall traffic but after a few months, will rise up again and even become more active than before. True affiliate advertisers (you know, the members who advertise Ebay pages, ClickBank pages, etc) will come back, pay even more for their page hits (since they won’t have to compete with the thousand+ nasty pages) and our surfers may have a more keen interest in what they have to offer.

In other words, bring our sites back to what they were originally intended for: bringing advertisers and viewers together in an enjoyable atmosphere.

We have GOT to start somewhere before it’s too late.

Thanks everyone for listening. Feel free to post your thoughts on this subject in our forum.

Rod Baker, admin
ShareAdSpace.com and MillionHitsLotto.net

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