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Clickbank Rolls Out Spanish Language Platform

March 13th, 2008

clickbank-logo.gifToday I received a newsletter from Dush Ramachandran, Vice President of Business Development at Clickbank, a well-known affiliate network for selling information products. The company is getting ready to launch Spanish language versions of their sales forms and order processing pages, making it possible for affiliates and product vendors (publishers) to target their marketing campaigns toward Spanish-speaking regions of the world. They are also introducing the ability for customers to purchase Clickbank products in other currencies besides the U.S. dollar. French and German language capabilities are set to be implemented shortly after the Spanish language platforms are in place.

This is good news for me and other Clickbank affiliates because it opens up the possibility of geo-targeting advertising campaigns outside of the usual “first tier” countries (US, UK, Canada, Australia) without having to worry as much about language difficulties. For things to become fully globalized, the product publishers will still need to create versions of their products and sales pages in other languages, but I expect this to happen fairly soon for most of the popular and well-converting products. Meanwhile, you can read about the details of Clickbank’s latest announcement in the newsletter below.

Exciting things are happening at ClickBank! This spring we are launching Platform Globalization – a new ClickBank initiative that allows the sale of products in languages other than English, and for customers buying products, to do so in currencies other than U.S. dollars. Platform Globalization is a major step for ClickBank, which has until now been focused almost exclusively on products created in the English language, and denominated in U.S. dollars.

Why is this a big deal? When we look at both where our sales originate, and where our publishers and affiliates are located, we find that publishers and affiliates that live outside North America are selling more products in North America than in their own countries. Obviously, this is because the ClickBank order form is currently available only in English and the only currency we accept is the U.S. dollar. Wouldn’t it be exciting if, in addition to selling in North America, we provided the opportunity to sell and promote products in languages other than English and currencies other than the U.S. dollar?

When we examine which language groups represent the largest users of the Internet, Spanish, German, and French stand out as the next largest language groups after English. The included chart shows Internet users by language, and as you can see, Spanish, German, and French (along with English) serve over 50% of the world’s Internet users or 585 million people. That’s almost twice the population of the U.S.

While the case for expanding the ClickBank network to other languages and other currencies seems clear, we are proceeding in a phased manner to be safe. The first phase, rolling out later this month, introduces Spanish language capabilities and currency conversion. Spanish language capabilities allow interaction between the customer and ClickBank to be “localized” in Spanish, including offering a Spanish language order form and customer service support. We will also add a currency converter to the order form that will allow the customer to see what the product will cost in his or her own currency, while still settling the transaction in U.S. dollars. The next phase will involve extending this to full foreign currency acceptance of select currencies, like the Pound Sterling and the Euro, while launching German and French language capabilities.

Preliminary conversations with our larger publishers suggest that many of them either already have their products localized in other languages, or have active plans to do so in the near future. So, we expect to launch Spanish with a few well qualified products ready to go and a first-rate group of affiliates to promote them. Of course, participation in ClickBank’s Platform Globalization initiative is open to all publishers and affiliates.

Now is the time to secure an early mover advantage by either creating a Spanish version of your product or by choosing a Spanish product to promote!

Be sure to monitor your ClickBank “Account Home” page for more information about the release of the first phase of Platform Globalization. If you would like information on translation and localization resources, send an email to bus.dev(at)clickbank.com with “Spanish Language” in the subject line.

Dush Ramachandran

3 Responses to “Clickbank Rolls Out Spanish Language Platform”

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  2. comment number 2 by: Click Bank

    Thats really nice. Now i wont need to use any translator
    Yippy..!! Just hope its free of charge..!! Looking forward

  3. comment number 3 by: bootleg movie

    Clickbank is working hard to become a very large and very successful online enterprise. Good luck to them.

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