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Sunday Search Queries, Fourth Edition

March 16th, 2008

search-engine-logo.jpgThis week I will continue with some leftover queries from last week, plus a few additional keywords that were not covered in previous posts. Other queries that you would like me to address can be posted in the comment section below. If I know the answers, I will either respond in the comments or add them to the queue for next week’s list.

  1. what does atm stand for bank - ATM, when referring to banks or cash, stands for Automated Teller Machine or Automatic Teller Machine, depending on which version you prefer. Note that the phrase “ATM machine” is actually redundant but has become so commonly used that I wound up targeting it as a keyword.
  2. who retains rights to freelance article - The answer to this one varies according the terms under which a freelance writer’s article is sold or used. When an article is first written, it is assumed to be subject to standard copyright protection and the author retains all rights. If the article is sold to another party, however, the author may relinquish some or all of his or her rights depending upon the terms of the agreement.

    For example, for articles sold through Constant Content, there are three categories of licenses under which an article may be purchased. “Full rights” means that the author gives up all rights to the buyer once it is sold; the buyer can do whatever he/she wants with the article, including even taking credit for it.

    On the other hand, articles sold under a “Usage” license may be used by the buyer on a website or for personal projects, but the author retains all other rights. Under these terms, the author must be given credit in the form of a byline or other attribution when the article is used by the other party.

    Finally, “Unique rights” purchases work similarly to usage terms (the author must be given credit), but in this case the article is removed from the Constant-Content website so that others cannot come along later and purchase the same article. This helps webmasters avoid duplicate content issues on any articles that are purchased from the site and used for SEO purposes.

  3. what are NoNofollow/Dofollow Plugins - These are extensions to the WordPress blogging platform that will automatically remove the rel=’nofollow’ attribute from links placed through the URL field of the comment section. Removing the nofollow tag allows Google to count the commentators’ links for ranking purposes in the search results. Blogs that choose to remove the default nofollow tags are known as DoFollow or NoNoFollow blogs. Karlonia.com is an example of a DoFollow blog, although I tend to remove URLs that link to obvious spammers or dubious sites.
  4. how gasoline is made - Gasoline is made from crude oil, usually at a location called a refinery. For details of the actual refining process, see the linked article.
  5. how do you get rid of ants in your house - It is possible to get rid of ants through a variety of methods, including some environmentally friendly ones that you may not have thought of or used yet. For more information, see my relatively popular article on How to Get Rid of Ants in Your House.
  6. how to write a job rejection letter - This one seems to have become a surprisingly popular topic this past week. You can find a few clues on writing rejection letters from my other article, although many people have been requesting actual sample letters or templates. I’m planning on eventually putting something together for this and adding it as an update to the previous article as soon as I have some extra time.
  7. example “deceptive advertising” ingredient - A good example of this can be found at my article on Theraflu ingredient product labeling, in which we actually examined two different varieties of Theraflu that appeared to have different labels and were different products, but which were proven to have exactly the same ingredients. Some people have considered this a case of deceptive advertising, while others have shrugged it off as “just marketing”.
  8. does bleach get rid of ants - Yes, it is possible for bleach to get rid of ants depending on how you use it. Most people seem to use it as a repellent by wiping their counter tops or floors with a diluted solution of bleach and water. Meanwhile, I have read a few passages where people have put bleach into a spray bottle (again, usually diluted with water) and used it directly on the ants to eliminate them. It should be noted that bleach can remove desirable colors from clothes and carpets if it is spilled in the wrong places, however, so one should be careful about handling this particular substance.

3 Responses to “Sunday Search Queries, Fourth Edition”

  1. comment number 1 by: Caren

    That’s awfully nice of you to answer people’s search queries. That means next time someone queries it, you’ll actually have an answer ^^.

  2. comment number 2 by: Anonymous

    I like this….maybe people could even start submitting questions to you on your site. Any way to set that up?

  3. comment number 3 by: Karlonia


    Yes, that is part of the idea - if other searchers come along and type in a query that matches or is very similar to the ones that I have addressed in the post, they are more likely to find the answer.

    The other benefit is that this gives me the opportunity to include links to older posts that may not have received much attention from the search engines when they were first published. I have noticed that placing links to internal pages of the site near the top of the home page gets the search engine crawlers to index or re-index them more quickly, often resulting in better rankings and search engine penetration.


    Yes, I seriously need to get my contact page set up so that people who do not want to post comments have a way of communicating with me. My original idea for this was to allow people to submit articles to the site for publication (and a free backlink if desired), but submitting questions could work also. This would give me a starting point for creating additional content and allow me to serve the interests of the readers.

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