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Site Updates: Email RSS Subscriptions, Contact Page Added

March 18th, 2008

stampoutignorance.jpgToday I finally spent some time implementing two long overdue site features, the ability to subscribe to the Karlonia.com RSS feed by email and a functional contact page that can be used for submitting articles or sending me other messages. On a somewhat related note, I also managed to have my brother design a new widget graphic for advertising this site at Entrecard or other venues that use similar banner images. The new image is located in the upper left corner of this post.

Although all of these new improvements should be helpful, the contact page feature is probably the most important. Not only do I need a way for people to contact me without having to use the public comment section, but I am also hoping that some of you would like to have your articles published here in exchange for increased name recognition and a free link back to your site. If I could receive enough submissions, this will free up some much-needed time for me to promote the site and explore monetization options, which could generate enough long term income to make things like contests or revenue sharing programs economically viable.

Meanwhile, the new banner image has allowed to me advertise more aggressively through Entrecard without having to worry as much about being rejected for “design clash” problems or because the image is “not appropriate” for some silly reason. I am still getting a few “not relevant” rejections, but these are to be expected for a site that tries to advertise everywhere, including categories that are outside of my usual range of topics. The increased advertising efforts should eventually draw in more visitors and help to push the proverbial snowball closer to the top of the hill.

Finally, those of you who prefer to subscribe to RSS feeds by email will now have this option, paving the way for a steady increase in the subscriber count. While I have not really made much of a push for RSS subscribers, this has become an important metric by which sites are being evaluated for advertising value, and as such it would seem foolish for me to ignore it. I have even managed to strategically place the RSS chicklets so that they flank the Entrecard widget on either side. This will make it very easy for card droppers to subscribe via RSS if they want to keep up with the latest posts.

3 Responses to “Site Updates: Email RSS Subscriptions, Contact Page Added”

  1. comment number 1 by: Carol

    How do you add a contact page to a blogspot blog or can you?

  2. comment number 2 by: Karlonia


    This is a good question - I had to do some research on this one because I have never really used Blogspot before. The short version of what I found out is this: you cannot add a contact form to Blogspot blogs directly because the free-hosted platform does not support email scripting. However, it is still possible to add a contact form by using a third party service such as EmailMeForm.com to create the necessary HTML code and then copy/paste this into your site in the desired location.

    I found some posts such as this one from Jammedph.com that mention some of these contact form services and what kinds of options they have. You can find some other articles on this topic by using the query:

    how to add contact form blogspot

    in your favorite search engine and scanning the results. If you want to get a little fancier, you can also add use the inurl parameter like this:

    how to add contact form inurl:blogspot

    This will bring up relevant results from only other blogspot blogs, which will allow you to see actual examples of their contact forms, including in some cases posts from the site owners that explain how they managed to implement this feature.

  3. comment number 3 by: Hugo Santos

    well, without any dout, the best thing you could have done is making a contact page.
    since i put the contact me form on my blog, it was pretty useful in having some interaction with blog readers and potential advertisers :) although i have the advertising deals automated now :)

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