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Karlonia Rated at Blogged.com

March 20th, 2008

Today I received my first contact form submission, which confirmed that the system works and is sending messages to my email address. The message content is not exactly what I was looking for; instead of an article or advertising offer, I discovered that this site was reviewed and rated by a directory called Blogged.com:

Dear Karlonia.com author,

Our editors recently reviewed your blog and have given it an 8.2 score out of 10 in the Business category of Blogged.com. This is quite an achievement!

We evaluated your blog based on the following criteria: Frequency of Updates, Relevance of Content, Site Design, and Writing Style. After carefully reviewing each of these criteria, your site was given its 8.2 score.

We’ve also created Blogged.com score badges with your score prominently displayed. Simply visit your website’s summary page on Blogged.com.

Click on the “Show this rating on your blog!” link underneath the score and follow the instructions provided.

Please accept my congratulations on a blog well-done!!

Amy Liu

I suppose that this is still a good thing overall since it will count as a directory submission and backlink, although my listing is buried pretty far down and is unlikely to receive much exposure.

Unfortnately, I could not find any kind of “eclectic” or “mixed bag” category at the directory, which would probably be a better fit for this blog’s content and might also result in a higher listing. The closest thing I could find was “Miscellaneous”, but this section contained no listings at all, so it is possible that they are still rearranging their categories and trying to decide on what the final names and qualifications will be. Therefore, I might check back with them in a few days and see if it is possible to have my site recategorized. If this is successful, I can then point a few backlinks at whatever page my listing settles on and increase the value of my own link indirectly.

One Response to “Karlonia Rated at Blogged.com”

  1. comment number 1 by: Caren

    So..you got a free review without even asking for it? Lucky dog!

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