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Sunday Search Queries, Fifth Edition

March 23rd, 2008

search-engine-logo.jpgEarlier tonight I finished “mining” another group of interesting search queries from my FireStats report. Some of you may be able to answer these better than I can; if this is the case, please don’t be shy about using the comment section to provide additional information for our visitors.

  1. how do the scammers get away with egold fraud — While there are many ways in which scammers can initiate fraud through e-gold or other payment systems, one of the more dangerous methods is through the use of Trojan horse malware programs such as the infamous Maxiptrader HYIP scam that caught many e-gold users off guard last year. In this type of scam, users are prompted (usually through spam emails) to download “free software” that masquerades as something useful and beneficial but is actually a Trojan. After the malware is installed on a user’s system, it will automatically make spends from the user’s account to the scammer’s account whenever the user logs into the e-gold interface. This kind of fraud can be avoided by being more skeptical of email spam offers and running anti-virus scans to keep your system free of dangerous malware applications.
  2. importance of alexa ranking — This is a somewhat controversial topic, as many webmasters have doubted the usefulness of Alexa as a reliable metric of site performance just as they have with the Google PageRank system. For a more thorough explanation of the issue including tips on how to actually increase your ranking, see my article on 10 Methods for Increasing Your Alexa Rank. I should also point out that Entrecard is another excellent way to increase Alexa rank, although this particular method did not make it into the above article because Entrecard did not yet exist at the time of its writing.
  3. increase global reach and alexa — see the answer above
  4. does sendearnings pay — Currently yes, according to the payment reports that I have read from other members. Meanwhile, I have reached the $30 minimum payout threshold and am currently awaiting a check from them, which is due to arrive in about two weeks. When I receive the check, I will get it scanned and posted so that it can be added to my own payment proof posts. I will also update the SendEarnings review page.
  5. stupid americans — You’re in luck; there are plenty of examples of both ignorant and stupid Americans. Some of them can be found at my two previous posts, Are Americans Stupid? and Stupid in America. Eventually, I’m hoping to find some entertaining examples of stupid people from other countries as well.
  6. how do you see what programs are currently running on your computer — If you’re using a Windows-based system, hold down the Ctrl and Alt buttons simultaneously and then press the Del key. I would need to do some further research to find out exactly what the relevant commands are for Linux or Mac systems. Perhaps some of our visitors who are more familiar with these platforms can provide relevant information on this in the comment section.
  7. Just like Dance Dance Revolution, except with your arrow keys ONLINE — You’re probably looking for Flash Flash Revolution.
  8. how long should your phone be in rice if got wet — It is difficult to give a precise answer for this one because it depends on how wet your phone is when you put it in the rice and on how easily the rice is able to absorb moisture from the phone. Overall, the estimates range from about 24 hours up to 7 days. Some people have even recommended using a hair dryer or other heat-emitting device to speed up the drying process. For more information, see How Can I Fix My Cell Phone - It Got Wet.

3 Responses to “Sunday Search Queries, Fifth Edition”

  1. comment number 1 by: Mani

    I’ve lost $700+ in my egold account from this virus.. I received some links from email, then clicked it and log in as usual. But, unable to do so. After that, I can’t log in anymore. Asked to e-gold, they have sent the egold password by air-mail (i think it is sea-mail) took more than 2 weeks. Reset the password, and notice my account balance is zero. Egold says sorry and unable to do anything.. too bad

  2. comment number 2 by: The Wealthy Blogger

    Pleased to meet another libertarian :)

    “relevant commands are for Linux or Mac systems. Perhaps some of our visitors who are more familiar with these platforms”

    In Linux, open up a console window. Command is ‘top’.

  3. comment number 3 by: Karlonia


    What you’ve described looks more like a standard phishing email than the Maxiptrader Trojan. With the Trojan, you would still be able to log in but the malware would drain your account when you go to different pages such as Spend or Balance. In your case, it looks like the scammers simply set up a fake e-gold website, collected your username and password, and then just hijacked and plundered your account. Regardless of the method, however, this is still an unfortunate occurrence, especially considering the recent rise in gold prices.

    @Wealthy Blogger:

    Thank you for that extra tidbit of info. Although I have not yet ventured into the Linux world, I know that I have a fair number of visitors who have been seeking information on how to run various applications with this particular operating system. Interestingly, Linux seems to be relatively popular with libertarians, so I always try to keep this in mind when posting about computer-related topics.

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