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TIB Expands Program to Include Paid Offers, Surveys

March 24th, 2008

The program called Take the Internet Back (TIB) is expanding beyond its usual email routine to include paid offers and surveys similar to sites such as SendEarnings and Treasure Trooper. As a paid email site, TIB has been one of the easiest of this genre of programs for me to accommodate. All of the mails that are sent have a nice, conspicuous confirmation link at the bottom that can be clicked on for immediate credit. There is no timer, nor is it necessary to log into the account to receive the mails, so the time cost is practically negligible.


The program is free to join and is open to all registrants. Points are earned for each mail that is credited, after which the points are converted to cash earnings based on the company’s advertising revenue. Extra points are awarded for referrals; surprisingly, I have not collected any of these yet, perhaps because too many visitors have already signed up. Nevertheless, the latest admin update that arrived over the weekend explains the new features and is posted after the jump.

We have some very important updates that concern all TIB members. Please read the below very carefully! We are going to help you earn more money!! Lots more money!!!

As stated in our last update, we have spent a lot of time and effort to find additional ways for all TIB members to make more points and therefore more money. We are proud to now officially introduce “The TIB Specials” - new ways for our members to make points. We have found new clients who will need various actions performed on their websites/offerings and have begun a collaboration with them. This will entail various things e.g. visiting their website, registering, taking polls, etc.

What is a TIB Special?

The TIB Special is an opportunity for members to earn more points after they have completed their daily e-mail reading. Each TIB Special will have it’s own requirements and therefore, depending on the complexity of the task itself, different number of points to be earned. YES, there will be more points to earn…a lot more! And this means that you can reach your $20 payout limit faster than ever before.

How does a TIB Special work?

Depending on our advertisers requirements, and based on previous TIB activity by each member, we will only let qualified members take part in this new program. To explain it further - It means that if an advertiser wants only US (or UK, or Canada, or China) people to perform the action defined in the TIB Special, then only those users who qualify will see it in their members area. And this is the important part that you must remember - if you still have at least 1 e-mail unread in your inbox then you are NOT qualified for TIB Specials! You MUST read all e-mails in your inbox first. After you do that, and if there is a TIB Special available for you, then you will automatically see it in your members area.

This is extremely simple and just take it as a quick way to make more points than just by reading mails. In order to avoid unread emails left in your inbox, we needed to apply this measure. Many of you that finished reading your emails contacted us and asked for more point (and cash) earning options. These are now going to be available to you!!

How will you know what action each TIB Special requires? Each TIB Special will have a detailed explanatory text of what you will have to do to earn the points involved. Also, you will see how many points you will earn for each TIB Special. In essence, these will be very simple actions, like visiting one site, filling out a poll or a survey, etc. IMPORTANT - we do have statistics that will allow us to see exactly who really performed the desired action and who did not. Each and every action will be validated to us by the advertiser itself, so please allow us an interval of 2 to 7 days until the points will be awarded to your TIB account.

OK, how many points does a TIB Special can bring you? As I said above - this will vary depending on each TIB Special. We will review all TIB Specials before we present them to you, and evaluate the time and effort you have to invest for completion. We can assure you that we will compensate you very well and points will total at least 3, 4, or even 15 times more than just reading an e-mail. You will see that for each TIB Special that will be available to you.

We are still setting up for this and will start with a few TIB Specials only. But as we get more advertisers we expect the numbers to grow significantly. This is a huge opportunity for you to quickly get to your $20 payout limit and not only once, but many times over! So please be patient and do not ask us why you do NOT see a TIB Special in your member area as we are still at beginning of this and we are working full time on getting more and more TIB Specials for you.

Please be sure to read this announcement several times, as there are many new things involved. Also, read all your Inbox e-mails and watch our for the TIB Specials that will appear in your member area.

Thank you and once again…together, let’s Take the Internet Back!

PS: We are open to collaborating with any of our valued members. If you are in need of the above services for your business then please contact us for further details.

TIB Admin

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