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TIB Website Gets New Design and Features

April 4th, 2008

The website development and advertising company known as Take the Internet Back has updated their site with a fresh new look and has added some useful features, such as allowing advertisers to have a better view of their statistics and allowing regular members to see how much money they have earned and the exact sources of their revenue. TIB is also running another promotional campaign where they are hoping to entice marketers to purchase some advertising in exchange for free additional ad packages at the new WorldAdGroup.com site. As usual, the actual text of the latest update is posted below:


As promised a month ago, we have finished the new TIB website! It has a whole new graphical design and lots more new features for all users - Members, Advertisers and Affiliates. Please read below for more details about what’s new on the TIB website:

General Improvements:

  1. New graphical design - more compact and user-friendly
  2. The 3 user categories are now more in focus with the website i.e. Member, Advertiser and Affiliate. We needed to create the Advertiser category on TIB, as it was the only way to offer real-time statistics in regards to ads, banners and other advertisement methods. Joining TIB as an Advertiser is extremely simple and also totally FREE. For sending ads or to post a banner on TIB, you will need to have an Advertiser account and be logged in. Also, the new TIB has more accurate and real-time statistics for all users.

For you to better understand the upgrades and improvements, we will highlight them here for each user type:

Member upgrades:

  1. Real-time statistics in your Member’s Home page i.e. points from reading mails, points from TIB Specials, etc.
  2. Payout list to see how much money you earned

Advertiser upgrades:

  1. Real-time statistics regarding ad progress i.e. ability to see how many e-mails were sent on a particular ad, how many members have read that ad, ability to change the subject and content of the ad (only if the ad has not already been sent), and more.
  2. Real-time statistics regarding banners i.e. expiration date, number of clickthrus, ability to change the banner at any time, etc.
  3. Delayed Confirmation Link for reading Members i.e. members that are reading emails from their Inbox get the Confirmation Link for the message after a period of time. This will ensure an even better response rate for Advertiser’s ads.
  4. Advertisers can now choose the Sending Date for their Ad, and also the period of time that passes between the emails ( Only for larger email ads). We have introduced this since we had so many requests from our Advertisers to be given the possibility to choose the Sending Date for each Ad.

Due to the latest developments, we have an important update concerning all our Members that posted links to TIB site. A newer linking system is being developed with more appealing banners and an automatic validation system. Until the new system is implemented, we have disabled the old one. We will update all members when the system is ready to be used.

And last but not least, we will launch a new promotional campaign for all TIB Members and Advertisers, which is effective immediately and will last until the 1st of May:

  1. Buy $100 or more and get a free Standard Marketer Package on www.WorldAdGroup.com (WAG)
  2. Buy $200 or more and get a free Super Marketer Package on www.WorldAdGroup.com (WAG)
  3. Buy $400 or more and get 2 free Super Marketer Packages on www.WorldAdGroup.com (WAG)

We only ask that you help us promote WAG just a bit. It is also a solid advertising program that pays out very generous commissions. Please be sure that you register at www.WorldAdGroup.com - and we will add the bonus packages to your account.

If you haven’t had the chance to go to TIB and see what we have done there, please do so now and let us know what you think? Better, huh? Also - please do not hesitate to report any errors that you may find there as this would help us improve TIB even more.

Thanks and together: “Let’s Take the Internet Back!”

TIB admin

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