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AdBux Celebrates First Year, Rolls Out Improvements

April 10th, 2008

AdBux, the popular GPT (Get-Paid-To) program that appeared to be heading into recession and slow payouts back in February has released a relatively long newsletter today in celebration of its first anniversary since the initial launch. In addition to touting its continued presence and success among a plethora of copycats and clone sites, AdBux has also announced several significant changes to its business model that are designed to improve the program’s sustainability and provide members with more earning opportunities.

The most important of these changes is the move toward a revenue sharing model similar to what has been implemented by Take the Internet Back. Instead of promising to pay X amount per click (or offer, survey, etc.), members earn shares for each action, and the tally of these shares can be converted to cash at a rate that is determined by the actual revenues of the company. This model is more sustainable because the administrators can vary the amount paid per share according to real current profits as opposed to promising fixed payments to members at some future date and risking the possibility that actual revenues will be insufficient to make the promised payments.


AdBux is also planning to add a few other interesting features to the program, such as a question-and-answer section similar to Yahoo Answers that will allow members to earn shares for providing information to other users. Also in the works is an in-house search engine that will attempt to generate revenues from advertisers based on a PPC (pay-per-click) model. Games, charity donations, and the possibility of new payment processors are other ideas that are scheduled for future implementation. For the full details on the upcoming changes, you can read the actual text of the latest AdBux update below.

Updates and Announcements

On this day, AdBux celebrates its 1 year birthday. In one year we have surpassed everyone’s expectations and we plan to be here for years and years to come. Our last newsletter that we sent out back in February discussed our plans for a future re-launch and a pause on payments. That re-launch was originally planned for today but because of certain specifics regarding the new incentives and changes coming, we decided to postpone the launch until May and payments will be restarted (or just starting for some) in June.

In the past year we have gone through many trials, troubles, and issues. We’ve been accused of scamming people, other sites infringed on our copyrights (*cough* Bux.to *cough*), multiple server issues, payment processor problems, security issues, cheaters, and more. But everything that we have been through only made us stronger.

AdBux will continually be the forefront of everything it creates. WE created what you see all over the net, the assortment of PTC sites, the copy cats and the clones. We were the first of our kind. The upcoming incentives and changes you will see take place over the next quarter will be originated by us and guaranteed to be copied by others. But, that’s the way business is. We have to try to keep a competitive edge or else!

Just to give you a taste of what you can expect:

Revenue Share System

Instead of earning USD for everything you do, you will instead earn shares of our revenue. 70% of all funds we earn through our various advertising programs will be split with you based on the amount of shares that you earn. Shares will be earned the same way that you currently earn USD… by clicking ads, completing offers, and whatever else we come out with over the next quarter. These shares can then be sold back to us a full price and we pay you! The shares can also be invested back into AdBux for account enhancers like upgrades, autolines, referrals, etc. Furthermore, shares can be exchanged for advertising. Every week you will be notified of the current share value. Our target share value is approx $1 per share but it could be more! Anything less than the share value is considered to be ‘points’. Points become shares and shares become dollars!As our share value goes up, you can decide on whether you want to sell it back to us or wait to see if the share value gets higher… it’s all about strategy and methodoligy for getting the most money for your work.

Get Paid for Knowledge

Like the popular Yahoo! Answers, we are creating a service called ‘AdBux Ask’. The users who give the best answers to the questions that other AdBux users ask, will earn the most points/shares!

Get Paid to Search the Net

Unlike failed services in the past, we are committed to make this unique idea work. Users will be able to search the net using our own search engine. Our own advertisers will bid on keywords (cheaper than anything out there) and the searchees (the users) will get a portion of the clicks generated. Much like how you get paid for clicking ads now, only this will be more targeted by interest because the users will be searching for something they want/need.

Get Paid to Play Games

This is something we planned on starting last year but it never came about. Users will be able to play popular flash games within AdBux and earn points/shares for their time and scores.

AdBux Charity

We are determined to give to those who are in need. So, 5% of all revenue that we generate will be given to several well known and respected charities. There will also be the option for AdBux users to donate some of their earnings to one of our partnered charities. Incentives for donating will include things like free upgrades and autoline memberships!

New Payment Processors

Things are great with AlertPay. The only problem is that they don’t accept all countries and AdBux is a worldwide service! After much thought, we have decided to add on a couple more payment processors, one of them being a reloadable debit card.

Multiple Levels

We will be adding another level of referral earnings sometime during the next quarter. What’s this mean for you? More money! Instead of just earning from your direct referrals, you will soon be able to earn from your referrals’ referrals!

Language Support

We’ve already converted AdBux into 3 new languages (not up yet) and plan to add on several more. The more languages, the more global we get.

Daily Payouts

Premium users will be able to receive daily payouts.

Forums & Live Support

We will be bringing back the forums but it will not be connected to the AdBux database. It will be standalone and part of our AdBux Support system. It will be a place where AdBux users can talk about AdBux related issues and support. We will also be starting a live support program where you will be able to talk to one of our support agents (in English) in real time!

The above upcoming changes are real and will be happening throughout the entire next quarter. We look forward to serving you and creating a network of services that you will get paid to use! AdBux is growing by leaps and bounds every day. By the middle of the summer we should have over 1 million members and our payouts will be getting closer and closer to nearly half-a-million dollars!

Stay active and keep referring users. Your work will pay off in the long run and will help pave the way for future users!

Thank you,

AdBux Team

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