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Search Query Sunday, Eighth Edition

April 13th, 2008

search-query-share.jpgSearch traffic is continuing to hold steady this week, as the increasing longevity of the site coupled with a growing amount of content is beginning to draw traffic from several second tier search engines and aggregators. Interestingly, the post from last November on how to write a job applicant rejection letter is currently my top performing page, now totaling over 1100 visits during the last 30 days. Also doing well are the articles on getting rid of ants and fair tax pros and cons. Now we will address some of the other pages and their related queries.

will the atm eat my card after 15 seconds — Sometimes yes; this depends upon the location of the ATM. Apparently some of them are programmed to “eat” cards after 15 seconds if they are not removed from the machine’s slot after completing a transaction. This was probably implemented as some sort of security measure so that if you forgot to retrieve your card, another person that came behind you would not be able to easily steal it.

planet hollywood pulled pork recipe — I actually have a recipe for pulled pork sandwiches that I have tried several times and found to be very good, although it does take a significant amount of time to do the cooking and preparation. It is a slightly modified version of the original recipe from the Harley Davidson cafes, one of which happens to be located near the Planet Hollywood in New York.

what was the civil war fought for — Once again, the query does not specify which civil war we are talking about here, but if we go on the assumption that this is related to the American civil war, the reasons varied according to who was being asked. Each side had different reasons for fighting the war, many of which are summarized in my civil war essay, which was also a review of the book What They Fought For by James McPherson.

canned fruits and vegetables prevent scurvy? — Yes, as long as said fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C (most of them do). This is the “magic ingredient” when it comes to preventing and curing scurvy.

cantaloupes in HEB stores with salmonella — This comes from an incident last June where cantaloupes along with a few other items were temporarily removed from HEB store shelves as part of a recall when a few of the fruits tested positive for salmonella. I posted about the related news story not so much because of the recall but because of the incredibly sloppy (or nonexistent) proofreading efforts of our local KRIS-TV news reporter, who managed to publish the report while it still contained six noticeable English usage errors.

libertarian coffee mug
— These are being sold (along with other libertarian-themed merchandise) by the LPStuff.com site, which has significantly improved its item selection and marketing efforts over the past several months.

is beef tongue fattening — This depends on what you would call “fattening” and how much fat you manage to cook out of the meat before consumption. For reference, raw beef tongue contains 18.2 grams of fat per 4-ounce serving according to CalorieKing.com.

how relevant are public request on constant content 6 months old — The relevancy of public requests on Constant Content depends upon the specific needs of the customers making the requests and what they are planning to do with the content after a successful purchase. In general, if the request is already six months old, then I would not expect it to have much relevance (chances are that the customer has already acquired the content from another source), but it never hurts to write an article for the request anyway. Even if the original requester does not purchase it, there is a good chance that someone else who desires articles on the same kinds of topics will come along later and generate some sales for you.

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