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Search Query Sunday, Ninth Edition

April 20th, 2008

search-query-share.jpgNow that the infamous tax date of April 15 has passed, search traffic to my national sales tax page has leveled off, but it looks like various food-related queries are on the rise. Meanwhile, there has been a significant increase in the number of people who are trying to get rid of ants, and many of you are still dropping your cell phones in the water and wondering if rice or cat litter will fix it. Strangely, my article on how to write an argumentative paper does not seem to be receiving much traffic anymore; perhaps a well-placed internal link will prompt the search engine spiders to re-crawl it and restore its rightful place in the rankings.

firefox alexa rank extension — You’re looking for the Search Status extension, which will display a site’s Alexa rank and provide lots of other useful information. You can find a link to it on my useful Firefox extensions page.

19th century sailors ate this to prevent scurvy — Sailors mostly ate citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, or limes to prevent scurvy once they found out that these actually had an effect, although any food that contains vitamin C will do the trick.

can i put my cell phone in rice if it gets wet — Yes, you certainly can, and if you look at my article on how to fix your cell phone, there is even a short video demonstration of how to place the phone in the rice and dry it out properly. I have also included some product suggestions under the “Cell Phone Accessories” subheading.

there’s a difference between ignorance and stupidity — Yes, this is correct! Check out my article on ignorance vs. stupidity to find out exactly what those differences are.

can you make vinegar? — Yes, it is pretty easy actually, especially if you already have some vinegar to use as a starter culture. Probably the most difficult part is the waiting time required to complete the fermentation process. See the how to make vinegar article for details.

can cayenne pepper be used for ants — Yes, it can be used as a repellent for ants, along with other strong or aromatic spices and plants. My page on how to get rid of ants describes some other methods that will work as well.

what to do when your computer slows down — This is usually a matter of routine computer maintenance; things like running antivirus scans, disk defragmentation, and cleaning out your registry will often fix most slowdown problems. Detailed suggestions can be found at Fix the Computer CPU Speed.

does Globaltestmarket have something on their website to check to see if your check has been sent — Although I could not find a “Payment History” page from my account area, I did notice that GlobalTestMarket now has a blog where they often mention sending out checks, including the relevant geographical region and redemption periods.

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