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ShareAdSpace Lowers Advertising, Upgrade Prices

April 25th, 2008

share-ad-space.gif For the first time in approximately two months, ShareAdSpace.com has released an important program update. Probably the most significant news is that advertising credit and upgrade prices have been reduced by 20 percent, bringing the cost of 100,000 credits down to $16. Although manual traffic exchange hits are usually not considered particularly high quality, this still looks like a pretty good deal for those of us who have affiliate or lead capture pages to promote.

In the past, I have usually been able to make one sale at Clickbank for every 10,000 to 12,000 credits. This actually represents a favorable conversion rate in this scenario considering the fact that an average sale for me nets $23.50, which is more than the cost of the entire 100,000 credit package. Therefore, the risks with this program are still relatively low even though the traffic does not convert as well as the visitors coming from search engines. Here is the actual text of the latest update:

Hello members,

I know it has been awhile since you’ve had an update from ShareAdSpace but I am going to try and make it up all in one email!

1. Surf Bonus in effect!
2. 20% discount on ad credits and upgrade purchases!
3. The SAFE surf feature is now operational!

1. I have added $1,000 to the CASH POOL! This time, it is played a little differently. There is no time limit. Instead, with each page that everyone surfs, 5 credits are deducted from the cashpool. As of this email, $1,105 is in the cashpool but is ticking away quickly…Hurry and get your share! Remember, if we can get 40 USA/CAN members surfing at once, the cashpool will DOUBLE during that time!

2. There is a 20% discount on ALL purchases! That’s right, you can now purchase 100,000 credits for $16 (regularly $20). Upgrade prices have similar 20% discount. I am not sure how long I will keep this going but I am sure it will be less than a week. OR … If I get too many purchases, I will stop it prematurely (hopefully you will be one of those to act quickly on this great deal).

3. Here is the meat of this email. An important feature has been created and the reason I even offered the surf bonus and discount above is that I need everyone’s help with this new feature of the site. I have listened to everyone’s input with the controversy on adult banners (suggestive females in provocative poses), multipopups, etc.

I have devised a way that should get everyone’s approval. While surfing, you will now see a SAFE link at the top of each surfer. This link will either be the color RED or GREEN. When it is RED, you are surfing UNSAFE. Don’t let that word scare you. We will ALWAYS pause system wide any pages that may infect you with a virus, break frames, run 0 frames etc. However, you have OPTED IN to also view these sites that have been bordering on objectionable/offensive.

On the other hand, while surfing in the GREEN mode, you should feel fairly confident that you won’t view these pages. This should prove very handy for those members who can surf either way. Example, surf in GREEN mode when your children are awake and running around. Surf in RED mode when they are fast asleep (this way, you will have more pages to surf as well). You see, this version is the best of BOTH worlds. Always surf RED or always surf GREEN or … switch back and forth at your leisure!

Now this is the part where I need everyone’s help. I am sure many of you are familiar with the way Craigslist.org operates with their FLAG system. Basically, it is all of YOU that determine what should be flagged as UNSAFE or should be outright PAUSED. While surfing in either version (RED or GREEN) please help out the rest of the community by properly categorizing all of our pages. Even if you are not offended by an adult banner, please report that page and select the ADULT CONTENT flag. This page will not get paused, it will just get recategorized to the UNSAFE side of the site.

Of the 11 report options, 5 will simply flag to the UNSAFE category, 5 will outright pause and 1 (the OTHER option) will just notify our staff of the issue.

Don’t worry, my guess is more people will still surf in UNSAFE mode so that they have more pages to surf (which means your promotion of these pages will still get adequate views). Its just that now we have the other half of members who are offended coming back to surf the SAFE pages as well!

Pages won’t get flagged immediately. It takes 10 to 15 members to flag a page. You don’t have to flag each and every page from a website. Take DonkeyMails for example. They have almost 2,000 pages in our database! You only have to report one. If you see: http://donkeymails.com/pages/ptp.php?id=1 and flag it, the system will strip the URL down to its basic form, in this case: donkeymails.com/pages/ptp.php. The flag system will only accept ONE report from each member. The rest will be ignored.

I hope that all of you will take the time to help this initial recategorizing of all pages so that the SAFE/UNSAFE modes serve their purpose accurately. As a token of my appreciation, enjoy the bonus and discounts while they last.

Thank you everyone for your continued support in SAS. This new feature brings the power of the community to each and everyone of you.

Rod Baker, admin

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