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Search Query Sunday, 10th Edition

April 27th, 2008

search-query-share.jpgSearch engine traffic here at Karlonia continues to move along nicely, with queries related to rejection letters and flash flash revolution topping the list. The topics of “Fair Tax”, cell phones, theraflu, funny quotes, and crude oil have also done quite well this week. Regarding the surge in traffic to the rejection letter page, I am looking for some samples of actual rejection letters that can be used as templates for other people to use. Specifically, most of the searchers are looking for ways to reject job applicants in a positive or neutral way that “buffers the bad news” so as not to alienate future clients or employees. If any of you happen to have something that fits this description, please send it to me through the contact page. If the content looks usable, I will give you credit for the submission when I publish it in the relevant section. Now for some of the other queries:

causes of technophobia — There are various reasons for technophobia, a condition that generally encompasses the fear of computers and technology. They range from simple skepticism and resistance to change all the way to extreme environmentalism or political motives. One thing that remains constant is that technophobia must be overcome at some point if one is to make money from blogging or other online endeavors.

funny words of wisdom — Back in November I finally put together some of my favorite quotes into a post and even included a funny video of classic “Bushisms”. The page is finally starting to pick up some significant traffic, although I really need to aim a few more backlinks at it to keep its position consistent in the rankings.

history of scurvy — This is another topic that has been surprisingly popular recently. A few days ago, there was a small rush of people searching on keywords specifically related to scurvy cures in 1600. I am also still receiving queries suggesting that there are many people who need a significant amount of education about this classic disease.

how to rank well on ask.com — To some extent, ranking on Ask is pretty much the same as ranking for the other search engines; most of the standard SEO conventions still apply. However, Ask does have a few peculiarities that you can read about in my article on How to Optimize Your Site for Ask.com. The two “biggies” to remember are to use a sitemap (Ask’s crawler tends to be slow, so this will usually get more of your pages indexed) and not to worry about nofollow links. Fortunately, Ask does not recognize the rel=’nofollow’ attribute, so all of those links from nofollow blogs should still count.

preparation of thyme infusion — I’m glad that someone finally searched on this one. My short, outsourced article on thyme preparation and usage could really use a fresh crawling and probably some additional content as well.

reason for leap year 29 feb — This is another one that has been receiving a surprising number of searches lately, especially considering that this year’s leap day occurred almost two months ago. Nevertheless, if you want to read up on the actual reasons for leap year, my article contains some interesting facts and trivia on this particular topic.

how should i start off a argumentative paper — There are some tips for writing argumentative papers here. I might as well point out that it should be an (not a) argumentative paper because the article is being placed before a word that begins with a vowel sound. Come to think of it, this would be another good topic for an English usage post.

google simple explanation of oil refinery — I have a fairly simple explanation of the refining process at my article on How Gasoline is Made from Crude Oil. Interestingly, this query was made on MSN, not Google.

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