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Sometimes Keyword Stuffing Actually Works

May 2nd, 2008

keyword-stuffing-wtf-cat.jpgEarlier this morning as I was commenting on a post related to keyword stuffing on another blog, I had a major “WTF moment” when I followed up on some research from my earlier article on Google returning sexist search results. While it seems that Google and Yahoo are no longer returning statements such as “did you mean he led” and “did you mean shelled” for the “she led” (broad match) query respectively, MSN is still ranking the page “Where She Led Me” at #2. In case you’re curious, are reading this at later date, and cannot turn up the result in the search engines, the aforementioned page can be found at http://www.necessaryprose.com/whereshe.htm.

After looking at the page again, I also realized that this is a classic example of keyword stuffing - EVERY sentence in that run-on paragraph begins with “she led”. As I was typing out my comment on the other blog, I was essentially agreeing with the conventional SEO advice that we should not try to use a high keyword density because it could be flagged as spam and will not make a noticeable difference anyway. When I noticed the “she led” result, I had to amend my comment somewhat and provide a caveat example of how keyword density can still have an effect with “non-Google search engines”.

But then came the real kicker - I looked up at my FireFox Search Status display and noticed that the page actually has a Google PageRank of 3! It is also ranked #47 in the Google results for the “she led” query, which may not seem terribly high, but considering the fact that there are 12.4 million total results, it seems that Google thinks that this page still holds some importance. Go figure…

So apparently in their infinite wisdom, the almighty Google gods have seen fit to “spank” my entire blog from a PR 3 back to zero (for reasons I have yet to determine) even though it has 399 articles that are supposed to have solid, informative content, yet this little keyword-stuffed page gets rewarded with a PR 3?! Sorry Google, but this time I’ll have to score one for the “PageRank is useless” camp!

3 Responses to “Sometimes Keyword Stuffing Actually Works”

  1. comment number 1 by: ireland5

    Wow! This is really interesting. Something is slipping through the cracks. Would be curious to hear if others have stories along the same lines…Also think you need to make an ‘inquiry’ to Google on the page rank drop. People deserve an explanation and Google should have a way of correcting its mistakes! Good grief!

  2. comment number 2 by: Beyond The Rave Reality

    Interesting picture you got there. Hi you’re my blog for the day on my entrecard…God Bless

  3. comment number 3 by: nicole

    Love the cat, lol! :)

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