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WritersShare Claims to Pay for Commenting

May 6th, 2008

writers-share.jpgEarlier this morning, I discovered a new site called Writers:Share (apparently the colon is supposed to be part of the name) that claims to pay writers for making comments on topics that are posted by the site. Currently their topics are leaning toward workplace clothing, fashion accessories, credit cards, debt management, and home furnishings. The four main categories listed in the sidebar include fashion, homes, money, and food.

After making a comment that gets approved, they will pay £1 (currently worth about 2 USD) each for up to 50 comments. After that, the rate increases to £1.50 per comment with a £50 bonus being paid after your 500th comment. Payments are processed via PayPal every Friday.

Regarding length, the site owners are looking for something in between the typical blog comment and a full-length article. According to their examples, it seems that they are seeking informative blocks of writing that read more like short blog posts that are three or four paragraphs long and fall within the 200-400 word range. They do point out that our writing should be unique (no duplicate content), so we will not be able to get away with copying and pasting text from other sources.

The company appears to be based in the UK (United Kingdom) and has established an active community on Facebook. Writers:Share states that they donate 25p for every comment to their favorite charity organizations. Currently these include WWF (World Wildlife Fund), Red Cross, Garden Africa, and Shelter. As of this writing, the site is reporting total charitable donations of £185.24.

WritersShare is registered under the domain writersshare.co.uk and is using the WordPress blogging format to post its comment topics and program updates. According to the archives, the site has existed since March 16, 2008, making it slightly less than two months old.

At this point, my information on this program is still rather sketchy because it is so new and I do not yet have any direct personal experiences with the company to report. If the site turns out be legitimate, it might be a good way of making some extra money while practicing my article writing and commenting skills. Meanwhile, if any of you happen to have some experience with WritersShare, please let me know about this in the comment section. If I can gather enough reliable information on this program and perhaps even receive some payments from it, I can write up a full review article so that our readers and search visitors will have the chance to check out another work-from-home opportunity.

4 Responses to “WritersShare Claims to Pay for Commenting”

  1. comment number 1 by: April

    This looks interesting. Will you update and let us know if it is legit? Thanks for sharing.

  2. comment number 2 by: Carl

    Yeah definitely looks interesting, probably a lot better than sites like helium.com which promise a share of the revenue they generate but don’t give specific numbers.

  3. comment number 3 by: David

    I have used Writers:share and have received payments two weeks in a row. However the site has been more popular than they imagined, which caused problems with their reviewing of comments and with Paypal payments. Therefore the site was temporary closed while they established a new reviewing and payment system, and moved to new servers and hosts.

    The site came back up about three weeks ago, but only lasted a week before they realised they still had problems. This time the site has again been closed, and Writers:share have said they won’t be back until the system has been properly tested and any bugs ironed out.

    As such, I, along with many others, are still awaiting payment, however Writers:share have kept communications ongoing in other forums and have said they are working on an account system, so that instead of payments being made every Friday, your account will be credited and then you can request payment when you want.

    At the moment they have also put a ’stats’ function onto their homepage, which will email you details of your approved comments, comments awaiting approval, rejected commments, and amount to be paid.

    Writers:share is definetely legit, just hopefully they will be able to cope with the number of comments they receive.

    p.s. Comments should be about 150 words, not the 200 - 400 quoted above - see http://www.writersshare.co.uk/about/faqs/ section titled ‘Are there rules for writing comments?’

  4. comment number 4 by: Ramalingam

    On reading your experience, though you claim it legitimate, write:share is a half baked, ill thought out system besides lacking in technical support.Until these things are addressed properly, I don’t believe that it is a genuine site.

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