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USB Flash Drive Review: Sandisk Cruzer Titanium 4GB, 8GB

May 8th, 2008

sandisk-cruzer-titanium-flash-drive-review.jpgToday’s review focuses on the topic of USB flash drives, specifically the Sandisk Cruzer Titanium models. Kudos go to Lynn Sullivan, who was nice enough to write this article for me and recommend one of her favorite products. I have also created a new Product Reviews category for these kinds of articles to distinguish them from reviews of other websites. If you have any favorite products that you would like to recommend OR you have experience with a certain product that does not work as advertised, you may submit relevant articles for inclusion in this category through the Contact page.

USB flash drives are a very crowded market segment. Nearly every company that makes some kind of memory for computers makes at least one of these drives.[1] They are so common, yet most people only shop for price and storage capacity. This is a huge mistake. I have talked to numerous people who have bragged about the cheap flash drive they bought on sale. Surprise! Their computer failed to recognize it or it quit working after a few months. If you’re serious about your data, buy a flash drive with a good reputation and the features you want. One flash drive I can recommend is the Sandisk Cruzer Titanium. It comes in 4GB and 8GB sizes. The new model, Sandisk Cruzer Titanium Plus, comes in 4GB only. Both have U3 technology.

USB flash drives adhering to the U3 specification are termed “U3 smart drives”. Flash drives with U3 software allow you to run specially optimized applications from the USB drive itself. You can run special versions of Firefox, Skype, and dozens of other programs, keeping all your history and data on the USB drive without leaving any trace of your activity on the host computer.[2] This is a incredibly useful feature for going from home to work! You can carry your files AND your software with you.

The bookmark sync for Firefox comes in handy. You take the flash drive to work, plug it in, and have all your favorite bookmarks at your fingertips — just like at home. You can go to the website at U3.com and download an enormous number of programs to run on your Sandisk. Many are free, and more are being added all the time. Categories of downloads include audio-video, business, designs and photos, education, email, games, Internet, security, utilities, and web browsers.

Sandisk does offer a utility to remove the U3 functionality from your Cruzer, turning it into a standard USB flash drive. SanDisk claims that the Cruzer Titanium 8GB is capable of lightning fast performance: 9MB/s write speed and 15MB/s read speed. It also has a very nice distinctive Blue LED. Either model has a retractable port so you don’t have to worry about those stupid caps that fall off or are forgotten on the desk.

This flash drive is an exceptionally stylish, extremely rugged, and incredibly fast USB 2.0 High Speed flash drive, designed to withstand harsh working environments and operating conditions, as well as physically protect the valuable data of business and power users. According to Sandisk, the drive is practically indestructible, featuring a titanium coated metal casing for astonishing durability. It is built with Liquidmetal casing that is crush resistant to over 2,000 lbs. Cruzer Titanium is manufactured using an advanced titanium alloy from Liquidmetal Technologies, commonly used for aerospace, medical devices, sporting goods, and other applications that require lightweight strength and the ability to withstand extremes of temperature. This unique alloy is approximately 2.5 times the strength of titanium.[3] Cruzer Titanium is a very smart USB flash drive that’s almost unbreakable.

Cruzer Titanium Plus, a new model in the titanium series, announced on Jan. 2, 2008, even helps protect the user against accidentally deleting important files. Files deleted from the drive can be easily recovered by signing into the online backup account. It is designed to be a true ’set it and forget it’ type of data protection.[4] This newer model comes in the 4GB size and is packaged in a rugged, crush resistant metal case as is the regular model. BeInSync provides the online data backup. Amazon Web Services, the technology arm of Amazon.com, stores the online data for BeInSync. However, although this service is free for six months, you may incur renewal costs after the trial has expired. Sandisk Titanium also claims it has enhanced Windows ReadyBoost, unlike many of the other flash drives on the market. When you plug in any “Enhanced for ReadyBoost” flash drive, Windows Vista gives you the option of using the drive to speed up your system by using the drive as additional memory.

SanDisk offers a lifetime warranty in addition to a lost and found service. They improve the deal with a collection of applications for password-based encryption, data backup, and synchronization of both My Documents and Outlook data using 128-bit AES encryption. Users can effortlessly store their crucial documents, pictures, video, and music clips and later transfer them to another computer with a USB port. Small, compact size fits on any keychain or lanyard.[5] This is the gold standard of flash drives.

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One Response to “USB Flash Drive Review: Sandisk Cruzer Titanium 4GB, 8GB”

  1. comment number 1 by: Joy

    Being a ‘techie’ in my group of friends and in the family, I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve never owned a Flash drive and I’ve never felt the need for it until I needed something printed at Kinko’s and they wanted a file, and I didn’t want to burn a small file in one CD. Hah.

    I love the bookmark feature and the ability to use it as additional memory (but it won’t be of use to my Mac in that aspect. Good to know these are possible. I never would have known. Thanks for the great article!

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