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Karlonia Approved for Barnes & Noble Affiliate Program

May 16th, 2008

Logo 234x60Some encouraging news arrived in my email this afternoon when I received two approval notifications from affiliate programs that I applied for almost two weeks ago. One was from Barnes & Noble, the bookstore that I had mentioned briefly in yesterday’s post about shopping for books online. The other was from DoubleClick Performics, an affiliate network that includes the Barnes & Noble program along with many other advertisers. Here is the approval letter from B&N:

Dear Karlonia,

Congratulations and welcome to the Barnes & Noble.com Program. Your application has been approved.

BN.com will be using house links, for more information please click here:

How to get banners & links:

1) Click here to get creative assets: http://www.connectcommerce.com

2) Once you find the advertiser, select Available Links from the Action menu, and click the Go button. The system takes you to the All Available Links page.

3) You can refine the list of links you would like to view by selecting advanced search and selecting links that meet your needs. You can search by link category, size, type and duration.

4) Once you have found a link, select the checkbox next to the desired link and click the Generate and Add to My Links button. You may select multiple links if you wish.

5) For each link, copy and paste the HTML code into your site to begin tracking. Do not click Duplicate Link unless you want to create a second instance of the link.

Should you have any questions, please take the time to review the online FAQ at http://www.barnesandnoble.com/affiliate/faq.asp . If your question is not answered in our FAQ, contact us at BarnesandNoble(at)publisher.performics.com for further assistance.

We are pleased to have Karlonia as part of the Affiliate Network and look forward to building a lasting and profitable relationship. As a Barnes&Noble.com Affiliate, you’ll enjoy the benefits of partnering with the world’s premier bookseller and a recognized leader in e-commerce.


DoubleClick Performics Affiliate Program
Powered by ConnectCommerce…www.performics.com

B&N pays 5% commissions on most categories of items including books, textbooks, memberships, gift cards, music, DVD/Videos, calendars, and toys. For PC and video games the commission rate is 2%. They also offer the possibility of collecting a bonus commission of 1%-3.5% per calendar quarter (3 months) if the total sales volume generated exceeds $5,000. While this seems like a pretty high figure, at the rate my mother (and many others, judging by the crowds that I have seen at our local B&N store) buys books from these guys, it may not be too far out of reach. Meanwhile, here is the approval letter from DoubleClick Performics:

Dear Karlonia,

Welcome to the DoubleClick Performics Affiliate Network! We are a leading provider of affiliate marketing services and technologies and are committed to helping you establish productive relationships. Your network application has been reviewed and approved. You are now ready to join Advertiser programs, get links and start earning commissions.

Getting Started:

To login: http://www.connectcommerce.com

Click on ’setup’ in the upper right-hand corner and then click ‘personal.’ Here you can change your password to something that is secure, but easy to remember. You should also review your ‘communications preferences’ for email communications and opt-in for ‘Non Joined Advertiser Opportunities.’ This feature will enable Advertisers to contact you directly about new affiliate marketing relationships.

If you would like to change the address for future email communication, please visit setup > profile.

You can visit or download the Publisher User Guide for product documentation and specific instructions here:

Join Programs:

Navigate to the ‘Advertisers’ tab in ConnectCommerce. Simply click any and all Advertiser affiliate programs you want to join. Within this section you can learn about Advertiser programs, review terms, and view payout rankings. You will be notified via email when Advertiser-specific program applications have been reviewed.

You can view the status of an Advertiser application here:
/view_related_clients.html?reltype=P&primary=advertisers. If the Advertiser does not appear in the ‘Pending’ list, select either ‘Approved’ or ‘Declined’ to see if the Advertiser recently approved or declined your application.

How to Get Links:

Get Links - allows you to search and filter on links from Advertisers with whom you have a relationship. Navigate to Advertisers > Approved, and then select Get Links [Beta] from the Action Drop Down menu.

Newest Links - allows you to search and filter on ALL links within the past 7 days across ALL Advertisers. This shows you the newest links from ALL Advertisers regardless of your relationship status. Navigate to Get Links > newest links.

Orangelinks - is a link delivery service that sends you the type of links you want via email or FTP. Sign up to receive orangelinks by promotion, size, and banner/text in one online form. Navigate to Get Links > orangelinks.


You can access real-time sales data, run performance reports and build and save new reports in ConnectCommerce. Once you login you can view each report option under the ‘Reports’ tab.

Welcome to DoubleClick Performics! We look forward to the start of a long and productive relationship.

You can contact Affiliate Customer Support with questions by clicking the ‘contact us’ link located at the bottom of every page in ConnectCommerce, or by emailing affiliate(at)performics.com.


DoubleClick Performics Team

After logging into my account with DoubleClick, I noticed that this network has a pretty impressive array of affiliate programs and merchants under its umbrella. Among the major retailers that I recognize are Target, Circuit City, Sears, Kohl’s, Verizon Wireless, Vonage, FTD (flowers), GNC (nutritional supplements), and Blockbuster. In all, I counted a total of 332 merchants and advertisers, many of which I have never heard of but may offer interesting possibilities for monetization options.

I will still have to apply and get my site approved with the other merchants before I can use their affiliate links and creatives, but the DoubleClick network seems to make this process easier by grouping them all together under one account and allowing us to check off the relevant boxes so that we can apply to several programs at once. We can also see the commission structure, profile, program terms, and overall payout rank of each company before applying.

Overall, I am hoping that the discovery of these new affiliate programs will allow me to more effectively monetize this site without having to clutter it up with too many widgets or AdSense ads. It could even be a more effective (and probably more ethical) alternative to paid posting. Instead of being paid a one-time fee from mostly unknown companies for what is effectively a paid link, I could write honest review posts about products and services that I have experience with, include the relevant affiliate links, and collect small but steady commissions over time.

This seems like a better long-term business model because I can deal with companies that are already well known and have a built-in trust factor with the general public. Now I just need to select some good products, create the relevant page content, and do the SEO so that the pages can receive sufficient traffic. As usual, it seems that a webmaster’s work is never done…

8 Responses to “Karlonia Approved for Barnes & Noble Affiliate Program”

  1. comment number 1 by: Kim

    Congrats on your acceptance! Here’s to making loads of money. lol

  2. comment number 2 by: luxemom

    Good Job! I hope you make tons of cash!

  3. comment number 3 by: soge shirts

    Nice Karlonia. Way to go. I hope you do well. I guess there are tons of those affiliate programs. You just got to find them.

  4. comment number 4 by: janese

    Congrats on your acceptance! How i wish i will have that also because my husband love so much that bookshop. I remembered when we went to USA we visited 4 times to this boutique to buy some books.:-)

    happy weekend

  5. comment number 5 by: Discount Party Supplies Guru

    Oh wow, I never knew Barnes and Noble had an affiliate program. I need to go ahead and signup and begin tinkering with it. Congrats on your approval and I wish you luck with the program!

  6. comment number 6 by: KCee

    Congratulations! :)

  7. comment number 7 by: Norhafidz

    Congrats on your approval! can’t wait to see you earn more money with this affiliate program :)

  8. comment number 8 by: Karlonia


    Thank you for your encouraging comments. I’m somewhat surprised that this article wound up attracting so many readers! Apparently it is not yet common knowledge that most of the major retailers now have their own affiliate programs. For those of you who are looking to sign up with the Barnes & Noble program and find out more information about it, you can go directly to this page:

    Barnes & Noble affiliate program

    When you get to the application form, you will also be signing up with the DoubleClick Performics network that is partnered with B&N. If you can manage to get approved with DoubleClick, you will then be able to log in to your account there and have easy access to all of the other programs that are partnered with the same network. You can apply for any them that interest you and will be able to track statistics and perform general management operations for all programs from within the same account interface, which is very convenient.

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