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Search Query Sunday, 13th Edition

May 18th, 2008

search-query-share.jpgOnce again it is time to review some of the search queries from the previous week and answer the top questions for which I have the relevant information conveniently stored in my brain’s database. Before I get into the actual keywords, let me take this time to thank all of you who have commented on my posts for the past few weeks. I have been pleasantly surprised with the popularity of my English usage series of posts as they seem to have struck a nerve with some pet peeves of many people, while others are finding them useful because they are learning English as a second language and are able to benefit from having a definitive usage guide for certain groups of words.

Meanwhile, the payment reports and GPT-related posts also seem to be attracting some favorable attention; my last posts on SendEarnings and Treasure Trooper even received a few unexpected Stumbles. They are usually able to draw a fair amount of search traffic also because I can target the names of the programs or websites as keywords. Often these types of keywords have little competition, making it relatively easy to rank for them and attract clicks from people who are searching for information on whether or not a certain program is legitimate or has actually paid anyone. As a nice bonus, they also help with monetization because I can include my referral links and receive commissions as passive income, which helps to pay for ongoing site maintenance expenses as well as compensate me for the time it takes for me to do the necessary research and write the articles.

Now we can look at this week’s most interesting queries:

english lesson use of has and have — Although this one really deserves a separate article, the important thing to remember with these two words is that has is singular and have is plural. It is important to use the right one so that there is proper subject-verb agreement. For instance, you would say that one person (singular) has an object but many people (plural) have the object.

is creationsrewards legit? — Yes - I have been a member since 2004 and have already been paid several times from them. You can see one of my Creations Rewards payment reports here. They are a relatively easy-to-use GPT program, pay by PayPal or check, and have a $10 minimum payment threshold.

www.mysurvey.com/ is it real — Yes, MySurvey.com is certainly real. Not only that, but they are also legitimate, non-scamming, free to join, and actually pay! Their surveys are relatively short, and you can earn extra points by opting in to take surveys by regular postal (snail) mail. They also pay $1.50 per verified referral if you join their affiliate program.

what’s the difference between stupid and ignorance — One very noticeable difference is that stupid is an adjective while ignorance is a noun. If you are looking for the difference between the overall concepts of ignorance and stupidity, you can read my essay on this particular topic that I published here last year. Fortunately, it is finally starting to pick up some attention from Google’s index again.

will ron paul stay on ballot — Yes, believe it or not Ron Paul is still officially in the race for the Republican presidential nomination and should stay on the ballot for any primary elections that have not yet been held. As a practical matter, however, the nomination has already been decided in favor of John McCain. It is highly unlikely that the Republicans would ever allow somebody with Ron Paul’s mostly libertarian views to hold any important position within their party or receive more than a trickle of favorable attention from their preferred media outlets. Personally, I wish that Ron Paul would leave the hopelessly corrupt GOP behind and put his considerable financial and volunteer resources behind us Libertarians, who are a much better fit for his overall political philosophy.

whole whear brownies — You’re probably looking for my recipe on whole wheat fudge brownies. I still need a picture to put with that post, however.

garbage sites — Interestingly, I have actually managed to rank #7 in Google for this rather dubious keyword. This was triggered by a post that I published back in March about Share Ad Space cleaning out garbage sites. Fortunately, I am also ranked #7 in Google for “relevant sources“, so these two rankings should cancel each other out.

% of americans cannot locate england on a map — According to a 2002 survey by the National Geographic Education Foundation, only 37% of American young adults (ages 18-34) could find England on a map, which means that 63% could not. This survey has plenty of other interesting tidbits, too. For instance, only 16% of Americans could find Sweden, yet 93% of Swedes could find the United States. Perhaps even more embarrassing for Americans is that 29% could not even locate the Pacific Ocean! I can give them a hint - just go to the west coast of California and keep going to the west until you see a very large body of water. But of course, this assumes that they can find California…

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