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Search Query Sunday, 14th Edition

May 25th, 2008

search-market-share-graph.jpgFor this week, current events have caused searches related to gasoline and crude oil to increase, while my previously popular Flash Flash revolution page continues to be mired in Google’s supplemental index. Overall, the pages on rejection letters and ants continue to be the top performers in terms of traffic, with my cell phone and Fair Tax pages also continuing to do well. Meanwhile, here are the next eight queries from my “interesting long tails” list:

which is correct english? May 26th 2008 or 26th May 2008 — In the USA, the first date format is correct if you include a comma after the day of the month and write it as May 26, 2008. As far as I know, it is not necessary to put the “th” after the number, although this blog’s theme creator seems to have included it for some reason. The second format, written without the “th” or the comma as 26 May 2008, is also correct and is commonly used throughout Europe. This is an important distinction to remember when looking at dates that have been abbreviated to purely numerical forms and separated by hyphens or slashes.

For example, in America this date would be written as 5/26/08, but in Europe it would be 26/05/08 or 26-05-08. This can be quite confusing if the day of the month is 12 or less, so if you are at a website and are unsure about how to read the date, it’s a good idea to look at other dates on the page for clues. If you see one that has a value greater than 12 as the first number, this refers to the day of the month, not the month itself.

Lunar eclipse and its consequences for Women — This particular query brought the visitor to my ignorance vs. stupidity page, where I recalled a very interesting passage from a medieval history book that I had read several years ago. It referred to an old superstition from the early Middle Ages in which women were believed to derive their female powers from the moon, so whenever there was a lunar eclipse, these powers were thought to be temporarily reduced. The actual text of the passage is quoted on the linked page and still ranks today as one of the most humorous things that I have ever read.

does leap year keep the calendar accurate — Yes, the idea of a “leap year” was introduced in order to make the calendar more accurate by keeping it in alignment with the astronomical solar years. Although the system’s accuracy is still not perfect, it is a much closer estimation of actual solar years than the previous system was. For a more detailed explanation, see my Leap Year Facts and Trivia article.

real data entry not advertisingKeyForCash is one of the few programs I have encountered that offers real data entry jobs as opposed to doing advertising for products or affiliate programs. If you happen to run across any other sites that offer real data entry opportunities, please let me know so that I can properly review them.

homemade coke blak — This query came through from Dogpile and indicates that there are still some people searching for the infamous Coca-Cola Blak. The Coca-Cola company has stopped selling this particular beverage in the United States due to lower than expected sales, although I have read that it is still being marketed in a few other countries. Fortunately, it is still possible to create a homemade version that tastes nearly identical to the actual product. The linked article provides the instructions for how to make it.

WHICH IS CORRECT LIE DOWN OR LAY DOWN– If you are referring to doing it yourself, it’s “lie down”. If you’re doing it to something else, it’s “lay (the object) down”. For the full explanation, see Correct Use of Lie and Lay.

is it important to peel the skin off zuchhini? — From a purely clinical standpoint, there is no significant danger in eating the skin, so whether or not you use the peeler in this case is not really important. It comes down to matter of personal taste and preference. In general, I have not found it necessary to remove the skin, especially if I am planning on cooking the zucchini as part of a recipe.

hillbilly vs. redneck what is the difference — Although both hillbillies and rednecks are stereotyped as being simple, economically poor, and relatively uneducated folk, the hillbillies are generally found in rural, mountainous areas such as the Appalachian mountains, while the rednecks inhabit the lowland areas of the southeastern United States. There are other differences also; this forum post at Fredericksburg.com does a pretty good job of explaining the basic characteristics of rednecks, hillbillies, and few other related groups.

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