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AdBux Revamps, Launches New Business Model

May 28th, 2008

After celebrating its first year in operation last month, the AdBux GPT program has finally unveiled the promised changes to its business model and is scheduled to begin making regular payments again soon. Upon receiving the update posted below by email, I logged into my account and confirmed that the changeover to the revenue share model has been implemented.

So far the new system seems to be working in my favor; my total account earnings are actually higher than they were before. I am showing a balance of 5.71125 “Click Shares” based on a total number of 542 clicks. The share value is listed as an even $1 per share, giving me an effective rate of a little more than 1 cent per click. I have a similarly favorable ratio with the completed offers, giving me a total account balance of $12.76.


May 28th 2008 Updates & Announcements
We’ve finally launched the latest version of AdBux with a ton of changes and with changes still in development. Here are the latest updates:

Revenue Share
The revenue share program is a system we developed to give AdBux users the majority of the entire AdBux monthly revenue divided amongst the given shares. This revenue doesn’t just account for clicks and completed offers but all income including premium account purchases, autoline subscriptions, purchased leads, purchased referrals, 3rd party advertising and more. To learn more about the revenue share program, check out http://adbux.org/support.php.

New Ad System
Users who purchase advertising now have a range of new options including setting the amount of visits they want, up to 1 minute session verified timers, optional geo-targeting, ability to pause ads, add daily limits/caps, ability to renew expired ads with 1 click, ability to advertise ADULT content (users can’t view adult content without verifying age and selecting the “Adult” interest option)

New Payment Structure
We will now process payments on a daily basis. Premium users have to wait up to 72 hours from their time of cashout and regular users will have to wait up to 30 days. Over the next couple of months we will be waiting for the share value to mature before we start the payment process and after this time, we will allow cashouts.

Jackpot Changes

The jackpot has been modified for one single grand prize and 75% of the jackpot. Check out the jackpot page (http://adbux.org/jackpot.php) for more information.

Profile Changes
The profile has changed a bit to allow room for Age & Gender for future targeting purposes and to verify ages for users who are interested in viewing Adult ads.

Messenger Changes
You can now include links in messages sent to your downline. This is beneficial to users who want to advertise their own programs and advertise certain AdBux pages. Purchasing leads from AdBux will give you genuine, e-mail verified users in your downline that you will be able to message/e-mail. This is not to be used for spam purposes. Asking your downline if they would like to know more information about your opportunity or website and only advertising to those who want to know more, is the best way to avoid spam and abuse.

Leads Changes
Leads are now $0.25 per lead because of the increased messenger functions.

Help & Support
Along with a total re-format of the Support page (http://adbux.org/support.php) we have also introduced LIVE support via AIM. The AIM username is “AdBuxSupport”. We should also be introducing a support forum later this week.

We will also be sending out news & updates more frequently as we evolve and add new incentives and features.

AdBux Team

Incentrum, LLC
665 East Main Street
Lake Butler, Florida 32054

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