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Search Query Sunday, 15th Edition

June 1st, 2008

search-query-share.jpgIn spite of a recent power outage at Entrecard’s data centers due to an unexpected electrical fire, traffic from the search engines is holding up pretty well. Even with the removal of all traffic from Entrecard over the past 24 hours, I am still maintaining a traffic flow of over 320 unique visitors per day for Sunday, which is normally my lowest day of the week in terms of search traffic. This indicates that my overall SEO strategy is still humming along nicely, although I still need to get out there and drop some relevant comment links on other blogs in order to give us a more substantial boost in the rankings. I am hoping to eventually bring this site up to at least 1000 uniques per day, which would increase the potential for significant monetization and perhaps open the door for some private advertising deals.

maximum atm surcharge state of michigan — Although I was ranked #1 for the keyword at the time of my clickthrough, my article did not directly address this. I looked at some of the other results in an attempt to find a more direct answer to the query, and the closest thing I could find was an article referencing a General Accounting Office (GAO) study which found that the maximum ATM surcharge fee for Michigan at that time was $3.00. The average fee for all banks was $1.00, while the average was $1.27 if banks not charging ATM fees at all were excluded from the calculations. However, this data appeared to be several years old, so the maximum fee may be higher than $3 by now. If you happen to have more recent data on this, please let me know about it in the comment section so that it can be included in my article.

how to find good clickbank product bum marketing — According to the Affiliate Project X guide, Clickbank products with a gravity between 10 and 70 are generally good targets to use in articles for bum marketing purposes. It is still possible to use products with a gravity greater than 70, but you will likely face much steeper competition and need to target your keywords to more specific phrases. The standard “[product name here] review” types of posts will be difficult to obtain good rankings for at this level.

Choosing products with a gravity below 10 can be more risky because they have not proven themselves yet and may not convert well for you. In all cases, it is a good idea to check out the product’s “pitch page” (that is, the long copy sales letter that attempts to sell the product) before promoting it. If the copy is poorly written or does not make the product look very enticing, you would probably be better off by choosing another product.

Most recent non leap year that is divisible by 4 — The most recent year in the past that meets this criterion would be 1900. Going forward, it’s 2100. For a more specific explanation, see my article on Leap Year Facts and Trivia.

clickbank check — A copy of my most recent Clickbank check can be found here. They’ve been around for about 10 years now and have proven themselves to be a reliable affiliate network that provides an excellent monetization option for websites, particularly when good SEO strategies are implemented by the site administrator.

reclaim bandwidth from XP — Yes, this is possible; by default Microsoft operating systems will reserve about 20% of the bandwidth for themselves, which is usually more than is necessary. You can reclaim this bandwidth by tweaking your Control Panel settings. This may result in faster Internet surfing and download speeds. The instructions for how to do this are explained in my Microsoft Sucks Bandwidth article (look below the video).

find recipe for pulled pork sandwiches — Here you go: Harley Hog Pulled Pork Sandwiches. I have made this one several times, and although it requires some time and preparation, the overall “yummy factor” is definitely worth it. I still need to take a good picture to include in the recipe post, however.

the process of making gasoline from crude oil is called? — In general, we just call it “refining”, or the “refining process”, but a more specific term would be “fractional distillation“. See the linked article for a more detailed explanation of this. Meanwhile, if you’re looking to save money because of those frustratingly high petrol prices, you can check out this new product I found that is supposed to provide information on adjusting your engine to use fuel more efficiently.

is clixsense a scam site — No. I have actually received a check from them, and so far they still seem to functioning well. Although I have not been as active with Clixsense as I was before, I have been bringing in some small earnings from them through referrals. If you can manage to attract some referrals who upgrade to the Premium account and will stay fairly active, you can receive a nice boost to your affiliate income.

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