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MSN Live Search Indexes Referral Links, Likes Blog Comments

June 4th, 2008

msn-livesearch-logo.jpgAs I was looking through my traffic statistics yesterday, I clicked through on a visitor’s MSN Live search query for “karlonia” and discovered something interesting. Included in the first page of results at #6 was my Adbux referral link! Here is a screen capture that I took earlier today of the results page (click on the thumbnail to enlarge the picture and see the full image). I have drawn a little arrow to the left of the position where my referral link is displayed.


It is also rather odd that MSN is ranking my About page at #1 and my main URL at #2 even though my About page has very little content. Meanwhile, sitting at #4 is a snippet from a comment I had made on another blog a few months ago in a mostly successful effort to get my post on gasoline and crude oil ranked highly enough to bring in traffic.

Perhaps more significantly, I noticed that my overall search traffic volume for yesterday had sharply increased from the previous levels. At the time I checked the stats, there were 86 hits coming from search.live.com within the last 24 hours compared with an observed average of 25-30 hits per day since February. It just so happens that on the day before yesterday I had embarked on a blog commenting spree and dropped comments on about 30 other blogs and linked these with my most recent post on the Entrecard outage. Since this was the first time since January that I had made any significant effort to gain more backlinks through blog comments, there is some anecdotal evidence that these links may have served as tasty food for the MSNbot spiders, leading to more of my pages being indexed and perhaps higher rankings as well.

I have already observed a similar pattern with MSN back in January when I had made a similarly concerted effort towards blog comment linkage and noticed an increase in Live Search queries from about 7 per day up to the average of 25-30 per day as mentioned above over a two-day period after making the comments. There was also a very favorable but delayed response from Yahoo and Google in terms of the number of pages indexed and the overall search traffic volume. The increase in traffic from Yahoo was more pronounced and occurred about two weeks after the comment links were placed; it took Google about one month to fully credit the links but the results were still noticeable.

These observations may have notable implications for beginner or intermediate bloggers who are looking to increase their all-important targeted search engine traffic. Commenting on other blogs with well-placed links to the internal pages of your site can give you a significant boost with MSN and eventually the other search engines as well. Since Microsoft’s notoriously sucky search engine (did you know that only 28.8% of MSN searchers actually click on an organic result while the other 71.2% of them are going for the sponsored links?) is actually indexing referral links amongst their other oddly placed results, it is theoretically possible to make some extra affiliate sales by matching up chosen usernames with whatever keywords you think might draw traffic from MSN searches.

4 Responses to “MSN Live Search Indexes Referral Links, Likes Blog Comments”

  1. comment number 1 by: MILF

    I haven’t noticed that commenting has worked terribly well for me yet. Most of my traffic is still coming from Google with a little bit from Yahoo. Interesting that you’ve noticed your profile page has been indexed, I might have to sign up for a couple of programs and see if I can get them indexed. Thanks for the heads up

  2. comment number 2 by: Lsvak

    Commenting may not work out terribly but it is certainly ‘very good’.
    BTW good post.

  3. comment number 3 by: Marketing sussex

    Interesting subject

  4. comment number 4 by: ameo

    yup i’ve noticed that while ago .
    i also find msn bot is doing much crawling to my posts and pages more than other search spiders

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