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Libertarian Party Website Redesigned

June 10th, 2008

libertarian-pary-logo.jpgUnless you’re a libertarian political junkie, you may not have noticed that the Libertarian Party’s website was redesigned over this past weekend. The new facelift comes at an opportune time, as the LP has recently nominated former Republican Congresscritter Bob Barr as their Presidential candidate for the 2008 election cycle. Although somewhat dependent on the outcome of upcoming ballot access drives, Bob Barr is slated to achieve record-setting vote totals for the Libertarian Party this year. Here is the official announcement from the LP on the new site design:

If you haven’t looked at the LP in a while, you might want to take a look again. We have given the old LP.org Web site a facelift, and are proud to announce our new look for 2008!

The new LP Web site provides the functionality, utility and information needed to make the Libertarian Party even more successful in 2008, and the years thereafter. By existing as a portal to volunteer activities, information distribution and member resources, the new LP Web site will engage visitors in a way that was never possible before.

One of the most noticeable additions to the Web site is a live donation bar that currently is set to track ballot access for the LP. The interactive view, which allows visitors to see their name pop up on the front page of the Web site, makes donating to the Libertarian Party exciting. I personally took a screen capture of my donation to proudly display!

The Web site also makes volunteering easier to do with a simpler way to sign up with our volunteer coordinator. Additionally, it is easier to become a member of the Libertarian Party, or to renew your membership.

You may notice that the new LP Web site looks familiar, especially if you’re coming from the Ron Paul Revolution. That’s because the Libertarian Party was fortunate to retain the services of the SAME PEOPLE who designed Congressman Paul’s presidential campaign Web site!

We’re very excited about our new look, and hope you are too. The praise has already been coming in from many of you, and the Independent Political Report noted that the LP now has, “quite easily, the most functional and best looking website of any third party in the United States.”

Please take some time to explore all the new features that the Web site offers, and while you’re at it, donate to the Party and watch your name come up (or not, there is that option too!) on the front page!

In Liberty,

Andrew Davis
National Media Coordinator
Libertarian Party

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