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EasyHits4U Launches New Toolbar

June 12th, 2008

easy-hits-4u.gifThe popular traffic exchange EasyHits4U has launched its own toolbar today, hoping to provide members a convenient way to access the site’s surfbar along with many other options. Recognizing that some of my search engine visitors have been looking for information on this particular program, I have posted their latest news update below. Meanwhile, if you already have too many toolbars and are looking to remove some, you can look at my posts on uninstalling the Yahoo toolbar from Internet Explorer and Firefox.

To bring your EasyHits4U traffic exchange to the next level, we have created a special toolbar which is full of handy features and absolutely free for all our members. It has absolutely no spyware or adware. This toolbar platform is used by Greenpeace, Discovery Networks, Answers.com, Lufthansa and many other respective companies.

Preview of EasyHits4U toolbar — in reality it has way more features than above and highly interactive:


Here are some of the main reasons to use it:

  1. Direct surfing links and complete EasyHits4U site navigation;
  2. Highly customizable — if you don’t need some of its components, just choose “Toolbar Options” in the system menu between the EasyHits4U logo and the search box to remove those unneeded items. You can always put them back later if you change your mind.
  3. Email Notifier (get notified of new messages in your mailboxes), Messages Center, Community Chat, Web Radio, Weather, Google Search, and cool Gadgets (you can switch off any of these options any time);
  4. Optional popup blocker, cache/history/cookies cleaner;
  5. And of course, some special bonuses/contests will be available to our toolbar users only (as soon as our toolbar community gets enough members, which we hope will be very shortly :-)

Try It Now!

Fully compatible with both Firefox & Internet Explorer. Installation takes about 15-20 secs.

Even if you were not going to use any kind of toolbar, just give it a try — simply install and use it. We really hope that you will like it and it will become your everyday tool with all those handy features inside.

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