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Software Product Review: SnagIt for Screenshots

June 18th, 2008

This article by Shane Dayton is a review of a TechSmith product called SnagIt, a software program that is able to capture and edit professional quality screenshots. Clicking on the image will take you to the Amazon page for the latest version of the product, which is currently SnagIt 9.0.

snagit-review.jpgLooking for a better way to grab a screenshot than sitting in front of your computer with a camera? The good news is that there are various software products that are designed to be able to run and take a picture of anything taking place on your computer screen. SnagIt is one of these software bundles, and is a favorite among freelance writers and other professionals who need to be able to take pictures of what is happening on their computer screens.

SnagIt is downloadable from its web site, which can be found easily with any search engine. The cost is approximately $40, with another $6 to get sent a back up CD version through the mail. This CD is often sent the same day as the download, and is a very good deal considering future upgrades to SnagIt are downloadable for free. Like many other software types, SnagIt searches its own web site to find out whether upgrades are available or not, and then asks you if you want to add them. This feature makes keeping current fast and easy, two words that professionals love to hear.

The software is easy to use, and the help section comes with instructional videos for those who need to know every in and out of the program. It is also easy to figure out and offers several features that enable you to take pictures. The software can be set to capture a region that you outline manually, a window, the full screen, a scrolling window (handy for an extra long web page or paper) or a web page (keeping links active). You can also switch between these manually, and the software is designed in a very simple manner to make this as user friendly as possible.

The one drawback to SnagIt is that once an image is snapped, you are brought immediately into edit mode. This means that if you have an assignment requiring several successive shots (such as an online poker table, for example) this may not be the best software since every picture takes you away from that table until you confirm you’re done with the one image. However, this seems to be the only drawback to a software package that is an excellent and well-priced option for professionals.

One Response to “Software Product Review: SnagIt for Screenshots”

  1. comment number 1 by: ireland5

    You know I thought my son may have this program. Checked with him and he says it’s a very good program. Capture pics and video- easy edit - easy share. Recommended.

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